Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

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Married and in need of some ideas to spice your date nights up? Here are some fun Date Night Ideas for Married Couples.

“Oh, they’re just a boring old married couple.” Sure, maybe this is true for some couples, but don’t let it be true for you! Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you have to be boring.

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In fact, let’s leave the boring for the new couples! Movies, bowling, Netflix and Chill – it’s all been done! Here are some exciting date night ideas for married couples that will have newer couples swooning with jealousy.

Relive your Wedding Day

You don’t have to leave your house to have a great time with your spouse – that’s part of the reason you married them! So curl up in your comfiest clothes, pop in your wedding day video, and relive one of the happiest days of your life.

If you want to go all out, you could even dress up in your wedding day clothes and host your own in-home ceremony with a mini vow-renewal. Re-write your vows to each other and reclaim your love for one another to make for a special night of confessing your forever feelings. 

Amusement Park

Remember when you first fell in love? Your palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy (forgive us for the Eminem pun). The point is, your adrenaline was pumping each and every time you saw each other. 

As we spend more and more time together, our feelings grow stronger in different ways, but the adrenaline rush from seeing each other fades – so we need to create our own adrenaline. And what better place to do that than the amusement park? 

Adrenaline from roller coasters can not only make you feel like a young couple again, but can actually increase the attraction between the two of you (says research). 

So if you’re looking to bring back that first time feeling – head to an amusement park for date night!

Go to a Concert

Similar interests are extremely valuable in holding a relationship together. The more things you and your partner have in common, the more things you can do together, and the closer you will become.

Bonding over a concert is the perfect way to remember why you two are together in the first place. Plus, it can help to solidify your bond and create more lasting memories. 

Hot Date Ideas For Married Couples

Wedding Theme Date Night

Recreate elements of your own wedding. Make the same meal (or better yet, order the same meal), play the same music, dance to your First Dance Song, have some dessert that reminds you of your wedding, and recreate your wedding night…tell me a more sexy date than that!

Wedding Night Date

Did you “hear” that? Recreate your wedding NIGHT! Everyone talks about trying to remember your wedding day, and recreating things, but what about your super hot wedding night?!

Or for those couples who just passed out right after your reception, you can recreate your honeymoon nights!

I don’t think we really have to explain this one more… 😉

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Taking a trip down memory lane can be a great way for married couples to reconnect and reminisce about their past together.

This could involve visiting places that are meaningful to your relationship, like where you first met or where you had your first date or first kiss.

Or look through old photos or videos together and reminisce about the past. This can be such a great way to reignite the spark in your relationship and remind you of why you fell in love in the first place!

Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember what your first date was? Well, it’s time to relive it! Perhaps you went to the movies, maybe you took a midnight stroll – whatever you did, it’s time to relive history and take a walk down memory lane.

Recall as many details as you can from your first date and head out on the town for a second take.

Go Mountain Climbing

Research has shown that hard work and dedication that lead to accomplishments can increase feelings of happiness and positivity. And when it comes to accomplishing new things, the best person to do it with is your spouse!

There’s no doubt that mountain climbing is an accomplishment. It takes hard work, dedication, and persistence.

And in some cases, it can even mean conquering a fear. So why not do it together and head out mountain climbing for an outdoor date night?

The teamwork that it takes to reach the top of that mountain will help create lasting bonds and will promote feelings of positivity within your relationship. 

Of course, if you’ve never climbed a mountain before, we don’t recommend attempting this alone. There’s lots of rock climbing guides out there that can help first time climbers. Alternatively, you could start off on a smaller scale at an indoor rock climbing course!

Romantic Evening Ideas For Married Couples

Plan A Second Honeymoon

How long has it been since you’ve been on your honeymoon? Spend the night and plan another! We recommend heading to different places, (because we’re all about traveling the world and trying new experiences), but you can always plan to go back to where you honeymooned.

Put on some themed music, pour some drinks and get out the computers to start planning your next romantic vacation.


Ok, before you call us crazy, hear us out! (And if this date isn’t for you, that’s ok!…that’s why this is a list! 😉

If you don’t have kids of your own, and are planning to have kids in the future, offer to babysit for your friends or family members.

First off, they’ll love you for it, so they can go on their own date night…but also, it can be a fun way to see your partner interact with kids and imagine having some of your own.

Same goes for dogs. You’ll get a small little taste of what it would be like to have your own.

If you do have your own kids, then maybe swap babysitting with another couple.

Wedding Movie Date

Grab some champagne and cupcakes and sit down to watch your wedding video/wedding footage. It’ll help bring you both back to that day, and you can discuss how you were feeling in the moment, what you remember best, and fun stories the other might not have been there for during the reception.

Spa Date

You and your spouse work hard and you deserve some quality TLC. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with a regular massage and spa, but we promised fun and unique dates.

So why not take a look at what’s around in your area? We’ve seen so many unique spas in and throughout the country. Check and see if any of these unique spas are near you:

  • Jimjibang (Bathhouses with hot and cold pools, and dry and heated rooms)
  • Beer spa (Beer baths)
  • Mud baths
  • Seaweed baths
  • Hammam spa
  • Salt Cave spas
  • Reflexology
  • Fish Spa
  • Reiki

Can’t find any of these unique experiences? Try a romantic at home spa date.

Date Ideas For Married Couples

Random Drive

Sometimes the best dates are the ones that aren’t planned. Pack an overnight bag, hop in the car, and see where you end up! You can randomly choose when and where to turn by playing the left, right, or straight game.

At every stop, choose if you want to go left, right, or straight. Give yourselves a time limit and spend some time wherever you are when the alarm goes off! Alternatively, don’t set an alarm and just drive until your heart’s content!

Renew Your Vows

We’re not talking a whole ceremony with family and friends, but go out and do it yourself. Read your vows from your wedding day to each other, or write new ones each year! (you don’t have to promise a bunch more stuff, but make it more of a love letter.)

Make this a romantic night, get dressed up, have a fancy dinner or dessert, and act like you did on your wedding day!

Visit a Psychic

Whether you believe in them or not, it can always be fun and interesting to see what a psychic has to say. Make sure to record what they say, then take the tape home and listen to it a year later to see how many predictions come true!

Make A Wedding Book

Do you still only have your wedding photos on the computer or a CD? Sit down together one night and put together a physical book of your wedding photos. (Or if you’re into it, scrapbook your own).

There are so many companies that make it easy to create and print your own book, and they’ll send it to you for you to cherish forever.

Late Night Picnic

In the mood for some romance? There are few things more romantic than a late night date picnic. Pack a little basket full of all your favorite foods and treats, grab some pillows and blankets, and head out for a night of cuddling under the stars.

The best part? You can picnic anywhere. Set up a picnic in your own backyard, head to the beach, or have a picnic date in the middle of the forest – the skies the limit!

Weekend Getaway

There’s nothing like a weekend getaway to break up the monotony of everyday life and give married couples a chance to reconnect.

If you’re tired of the same ‘ol every single day, plan a trip with your spouse.

Whether you’re looking to relax on a beach, explore a new city, or hit the slopes, a change of scenery can do wonders for your relationship.

Taking a break from the daily grind and focusing on each other can help you reconnect and rejuvenate.

Recreate Your Wedding Photos

When’s the last time you did a couples photo shoot? Head on out to do one where you recreate your wedding photos. And no, we don’t mean you have to try to squeeze into your tux and wedding dress.

Recreate poses, or go to the same location you had your photoshoot.

This would be a fun one to do every 5 or 10 years, and compare how much you have changed together.

Sample Strange Ice Creams

Okay, we’ve all heard of the regular ol’ ice cream date – traveling from shop to shop sampling all the best ice creams. But let’s put a little spin on this generic date idea and send you to sample some of the world’s most unique ice creams. 

Not all shops have strange ice cream flavors, so you’ll have to do some research to find the right place. But once you find it, sample a little taste of each together. If you want, you can even do it blindfolded! 

Here are some unique and strange ice cream flavors that we’ve heard rumor about:

  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Ice Cream
  • Dill Pickle Ice Cream
  • Lobster Ice Cream
  • Booger Ice Cream (Yes, this really exists in Delaware, USA) (spoiler – it’s not made from real boogers – thank goodness!)
  • Brussel Sprout Ice Cream

Okay, our stomachs are churning now – Time for us to go! Enjoy your ice cream and your date! 

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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