Fun & Romantic Backyard Date Night Ideas

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Tired of the typical dates? Time for a romantic backyard date night! Backyard date ideas are the perfect balance between staying in yet feeling like you are doing something a little bit different!

Staying at home for your date is not only more budget-friendly and convenient, it can also help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

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Taking your date outdoors adds a slightly different twist to your evening in together. It can make the night feel extra special and romantic.

Having the date outdoors eliminates the use of technology, which is a distraction for many couples and limits their communication.

Taking things back to basics helps you remember why you are together in the first place and truly reconnect.

It would be best if you both made a promise to leave your phones in the house for the night so you can entirely focus on each other. Being outside in nature is even proven to help couples bond.

Set the scene in advance of your special outdoor date night. Ensure your backyard is well maintained and tidy. You could even add candles, plants or fairy lights for some extra romantic touches.

Romantic Backyard Date Night Ideas

Here are our top ideas for a backyard date night:


Having a sleepover in your own backyard will add a real sense of nostalgia and excitement to your date night.

Bring your sleeping bags, build a tent and even create a campfire if possible. Snuggling up and getting cozy together can really encourage intimacy.

S’mores are a great extra if you want to add a sweet treat. Keep the authenticity of the real camping experience by packing everything you will need and avoid going back into the house (apart from going to the toilet!).

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are a great way for couples to bond and get to know each other better.

Encourage some friendly competition by setting up a mini tournament in your backyard with a variety of different outdoor games.

Croquet, ring toss and mini-golf all make good options. Active couples may wish to try a 2-player spin on their favorite sport.

You could even bring a selection of your favorite couples games outdoors if you aren’t into more physical games.

Call your closest couple friends and make it a cute double date!

Wine Tasting

There’s something about wine tasting in the backyard which has a real vacation feel!

If you and your partner are into wine, this could be the perfect backyard date for you. Simply bring a selection of wines each, along with a couple of glasses and discuss them.

Describe each detail of the wine- the look, the smell and the taste. For something a little more structured, why not try a wine-tasting kit. Etsy and Amazon have a wide range of options.

We love this one from Etsy which includes scorecards and a guide to wine tasting.

Star Gazing

There is something truly magical about stargazing with your significant other for those who are lucky enough to have views of a starry sky.

You could even try and spot some constellations! Add wine and cozy blanket to create the perfect evening.

Couple sitting on swing reading a book together.

Backyard Tent Date Night

There are several ways to do a backyard tent date.

  1. Set up the tent and have a slumber party! Pretend you’re camping, and do everything you would do while you’re camping.

    Make dinner on the campfire, roast marshmallows, gaze up at the stars, and snuggle up together in the tent and sleep outside.
  2. Build a tent and make it your own pillow fort. Bring all the pillow and blankets you have in the house and make it the most romantic tent you can.

    String up some lights, and talk to each other about your dreams and future.
  3. Make it a kid slumber party with all the junk food, music, and pillow fights!
  4. Have a day tent date. You don’t have to sleep in the tent to have a fun tent date. Enjoy fun games, cozying up together and spending time in the cool weather.

Watch The Sunset

If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space with a great view, simply watching the sunset with your partner in silence can be incredibly romantic.

Having your date during the day? A sunrise can be just as beautiful for early birds and set you up for a positive day ahead.

Cocktail Night

Bring the bar to your backyard with your own cocktail night. Challenge each other to create your own cocktail, or re-create your favorites.

You could even get a little dressed up to make it feel extra special.

Backyard Picnic Date

A picnic is a sweet date idea and having it in your own backyard adds that extra element of privacy.

Keep it traditional with a picnic rug and basket. Bring a couple of blankets if you leave in a cooler climate.

To up the romance, add strawberries, chocolate and champagne.

Start A Garden Together

Grow your own fruit and vegetables together. Whatever kind of garden you have, growing your own fruit and veggies together will be a great way to learn about each other’s interests as well as getting some fresh air.

If there isn’t enough space for a full garden, try planting in small pots. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with each other when it’s time!

couple kneeling down, gardening.

Backyard Barbecue

If you are having your date a little earlier in the evening, a barbecue can be a fun dinner idea.

Barbecue food is very versatile, allowing you to try cooking something completely new together or sticking to an old favorite.

Cooking together helps you bond and get a little creative.

Scavenger Hunt

For date nights where one of you is taking charge, a scavenger hunt is classic child-like fun and lets you show off your creative side.

It requires quite a lot of thought and planning, which your partner is sure to appreciate. Create clues to each spot for your partner to find, rhyming where you can.

Some good outdoor hiding places include under plant pots, tree branches, doormats, or patio furniture. If you are really looking to impress, you could include a gift with the final clue.

Want to make it extra romantic? Make your own Reasons Why I Love You Jar to be the prize!

We even have 365 Reasons I Love You List for you to get your ideas!

It doesn’t have to be anything lavish, something thoughtful like their favorite bottle of wine or a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

Need some inspiration? Try this pre-made scavenger hunt, available from Etsy, where each clue is a cute little poem.

Outside Movie Theater

Creating your own outside movie theater will take you right back to being a child building a fort!

The movies are a classic date night, and adding the backyard element can make it even more romantic. Think fairy lights, cushions, blankets and plenty of movie-style snacks.

As most of us don’t own an outdoors TV, try a projector or bring your laptop outdoors.

Couple laying on a blanket on the floor, with their faces pressed together.

Pool Party

A pool party for two is a super fun backyard date during the summer months. For those without a pool (most of us!), set up a portable, inflatable one.

This date also works well with hot tubs. Play some party music, make cocktails, and indulge in finger-style food. You could even have a water pistol fight!

Dance Party

Moving your date outdoors, create your own dance party. Throw on some of your favorite tunes and have a mini dance off or just bust out some moves together.

Even if you are not the most coordinated person in the world, dancing with your loved one is sure to put a smile on both of your faces. Who said it has to be good!

If you want to bring back some memories from childhood before moving inside, why not try an outdoor disco?

S’mores Date Night

S’mores night is always a favorite. Create your own unique flavor with different candies and toppings, and see who can come up with the best new recipe.

Make it even more romantic by adding some mulled wine or cider into the mix!

Bon Fire Night

Is there anything more romantic than being cuddled up next to the fire?

Start your fire pit, grab some blankets, and enjoy the outdoors while snuggled up to your love.

Grab some fun questions like:
-“Who’s Most Likely To…Questions For Couples
-“Funny Questions For Couples
-“Would You Rather Questions For Couples
-“This Or That Questions For Couples

…and have a wonderful night chatting and getting to know each other just a bit better.

Go Sun Tanning

Get outside with your love and get a bit of Vitamin D while you’re at it.

Pretend you’re on a beach date and lay down beach towels, grab some drinks, and enjoy the weather.

Play Catch

Get a good and fun workout in together and play catch in the backyard. Toss around a football, play catch with a baseball, or throw a frisbee.

This is a fun date idea to get outdoors, get some exercise and have some good time to talk.

Fondue Date

We love going to restaurants that have an outdoor seating area. Bring that home and enjoy a fondue date, where you get to dip all your favorite foods in cheeses, and chocolate.

Double Date Backyard Date

Make it a Double Date. Bring over some of your friends for double date games, and dinner.

You can even turn it into an event by renting out tents so you have more space. Make it a potluck where everyone brings their own dish!

As these date ideas prove, your backyard can be very romantic just heading out to your backyard. While some of these can be done just about any time of year, use the season to decide what type of date you want to try.

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