This or That Questions For Couples

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Couples are constantly looking for games and activities that they can play together at home or on a date night. This or That questions for couples is one of the coolest dating game ideas out there, because it’s simple and straightforward, but still leaves room for couples to be creative and show off their personality in their answers. Couple up for this game by deciding who will go first-and then ask your partner these questions.

This or that questions for couples is a great way to get to know your partner better and learn more about their personality, as well as have some fun together. 

It’s the perfect game to play when you’re bored and looking for something new to do on a date night. 

This game is really easy – all you need is a list of the two options available in each question (This OR That) and your partner will answer by picking which option they prefer more.

It’s perfect for couple’s of all ages – anyone can play this game and it’s a great learning experience, too. It’s not just a fun date activity to do at home but also good when played on a date night so you can create some laughter over appetizers or cocktails (try this out with your partner) and break the ice by getting to know each other better.

All these questions are customizable and you can make this your own by adding more choices of this or that after some of the ones on this list have been asked. 

The questions do not always have to involve “weird” things like eating bugs or jumping off a bridge (although it may seem strange at first) – sometimes this OR That will simply ask questions about your life or preferences.

Choose some questions that are not just playful but also can lead to some serious discussions about important topics such as your beliefs on politics, religion and current events as well if you’re getting to know someone. 

This or that questions for couples demonstrates what someone values by asking each question- this is why it’s fun to play as a couple because you’re able to see how different each of your opinions are, too!

Quick This or That Questions

  1. Netflix or Hulu?
  2. Sushi or pizza?
  3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Seinfeld?
  4. Outdoor grilling meal or indoor BBQ?
  5. In-n-Out Burger or Shake Shack?
  6. Long hair, natural curls, or all straight?
  7. Coffee or tea?
  8. Clean the kitchen in the morning or at night?
  9. Sweet or savory?
  10. Movie or TV Show?
  11. Beach or mountains?
  12. Laptop or Desktop?
  13. Slot machines or lotto ticket?
  14. Baseball or football?
  15. Grocery pickup or shop in store?
  16. Date night in or out on the town?
  17. One long vacation or a bunch of weekend getaways?
  18. Tacos or burritos?
  19. Lake or ocean?
  20. 3 day weekend every weekend or one full week off a month?
  21. Cash or card?
  22. Dress up or dress down?
  23. Facebook or Instagram?
  24. Dog or cat?
  25. Shopping spree or road trip?
  26. Fries or chips?
  27. Wine or beer?
  28. Marvel or DC?
  29. Early morning or late night?
  30. Brunch or dessert?
  31. Cake or ice cream?
  32. Hire a chef or house cleaner?
  33. Drama or Comedy movie?

Relationship This or That Questions 

If you’re looking for a fun way to get to know your partner better, then this section is perfect for you! This section includes relationship “this or that” questions. It’s time to break out the sexy voice and have some real fun with these questions! 

Let’s get started…are you ready?

  1. Candle lit dinner or dancing?
  2. Netflix & Chill or Movie Theater Date?
  3. Stay at home or go out?
  4. Cook a meal or delivery?
  5. Massage or cuddle time?
  6. Text or phone call?
  7. Hugs or kisses?
  8. Gifts or quality time?
  9. Eyes or smile?
  10. Romance or fun?
  11. Board game or video game?
  12. Pizza and beer or seafood and wine?
  13. Flowers or chocolates?
  14. Coffee date or ice cream date?
  15. One person pays or split the check?
  16. Action or Comedy?
  17. Planned date or spontaneous?
  18. Double date with friends or just the two of you?
  19. Love or money?
  20. Laser tag or mini golf?
  21. Sense of humor or street smart?
  22. Long distance or break up?
  23. Flavor of the week or stuck on one person?
  24. Get married after 15 weeks or wait 15 years?
  25. Give gifts or receive gifts?
  26. Dishes or Laundry?

Travel This or That Questions

  1. Road Trip or fly somewhere?
  2. Chill vacay or full of activities?
  3. Beach or mountains?
  4. All inclusive or diy?
  5. Water activities or land?
  6. Hotel or airbnb?
  7. Famous restaurant or hole in the wall?
  8. Stay in and order room service or explore the town?
  9. Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  10. Shark cage diving or sailing?
  11. Winter or Summer?
  12. Vacation or staycation?
  13. Country or city?
  14. Travel agent or book yourself?
  15. Two weeks or weekend trip?
  16. Slow travel or fast travel?
  17. Europe or South America?

This or That Questions Dirty & Flirty

You might be wondering what “flirty This or That Questions” are. Well, they’re a fun way to get to know your partner in a sexy way! Check out some examples below.

Whether it’s for fun, curiosity, or because you think something might be wrong in your relationship and want to address it head-on, these flirty this or that questions will give us all a little insight into what is going on in our heads when it comes to relationships.

  1. Commando or supported?
  2. Skinny dipping or streaking?
  3. Bedroom light on or off?
  4. Adult time in the shower or jacuzzi?
  5. Mile high club or middle of the ocean?
  6. Kisses on the neck or forehead?
  7. Hook up with your ex or never hook up again?
  8. Couples photoshoot or solo shoot?
  9. Sexy music or candlelit?
  10. Lingerie or nothing?
  11. More communication or more physical touch?
  12. Do an adult video or be an escort?
  13. Get a lap dance or strip yourself?

Funny This or That Questions

There are so many things that make a relationship work. It takes communication, understanding, and compromise. But sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself and your partner too! Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or arguing over who has the most clothes in the closet, there’s no better way to get through life than by having some laughs with each other. Check out these funny “This or That” questions for couples of all ages! 

  1. Toilet paper belongs over or under?
  2. Zombie apocalypse or The Purge?
  3. Have triplets 2 years in a row or have 1 baby per year for 6 years?
  4. Star in a horror movie or reality TV show?
  5. Have dial up internet or a flip phone?
  6. Batman or Superman?
  7. TikTok or YouTube?
  8. Truth or Dare?
  9. Right or Left side of the bed?
  10. Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Big Brother?
  11. Stand up comedy or poetry slam?

This Or That Questions To Ask A Girl

You want a girl who laughs with you, not at you. And when it comes to this kind of humor, she should be laughing with you more than she is laughing at you! So take this opportunity to find out what makes her laugh by trying these this or that question ideas to ask a girl:

  1. Man bun or bald?
  2. Dad bod or 6 pack?
  3. Career or dreams?
  4. Kiss or hug?
  5. Baseball player or CEO?
  6. Braless or commando?
  7. Smart or rich?
  8. No make up or hair not done?
  9. Career or retire?
  10. Christmas or Thanksgiving?
  11. Dinner and a Movie or Netflix and Chill?

This or That Questions To Ask A Guy

  1. Pretty or funny?
  2. Taller or shorter?
  3. Shave your legs or arms?
  4. Career or family?
  5. Never wear deodorant or never shave?
  6. Romantic dinner or adventurous date?
  7. Never get married or marry your ex?
  8. Boxers or briefs?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the This or That questions for couples. If you and your partner are looking to have some fun together, this is a great game to play that will get you talking more about what’s important in life as well as how each of you react differently- not just on things like food preferences but also when it comes to work ethic, family dynamics and other aspects of life. It’s easy enough for anyone who wants to give it a try, so go ahead and start playing now with these questions.

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