101 Words of Affirmation For Men : Make Him Feel Loved

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We all love hearing nice things from our loved ones, and men are no exception. If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, you might not be too sure what to say to help fill up his “love tank”. We’re here to help you get started and brainstorm some great words of affirmation for men.

What Are Words Of Affirmation?

Words of affirmation are words that communicate love, appreciation, and respect. Words like “I love you” may fall in this category, but words like “thank you,” “you’re wonderful,” or “being with you makes me happy” can also be words of affirmation. If you want to fill up your partner’s ‘love tank,’ words of affirmation are an important component in the process when this is their main love language.

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What Types Of Categories Can You Use For Words Of Affirmation?

Words of affirmation don’t have to just be “I love you”. They can be good things about your relationship, words of encouragement, words about physical appearance, words of appreciation for your partner and his interests, etc.

You can affirm him in front of other people. We HIGHLY recommend public affirmation as this is an excellent way to make someone extra loved.

You might not think words are important, but words of affirmation can be a key component in your relationship when it’s one partner’s main love language.

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What Can You Say To Your Partner?

Here’s what you need to know: words like “I love you” and “thank you,” and words that communicate respect and admiration will go the furthest with men who have this language as their dominant or only love language.

You might feel like words are cheap, but they can be an important way to show your affection and make your partner feel loved!

When it comes to words of affirmation for men, there’s no shortage of things you could say. After all, everyone has different interests and different things they like hearing.

What If You Are Married To A Man With Words Of Affirmation As His Love Language?

You can probably guess that words of affirmation are really important to him, and words will be the way he feels most loved. Make sure you’re speaking words into his life!

– I know words aren’t your thing–but can you try to say something nice to me when we get in the car together every morning? It’ll help me feel loved even if words don’t come naturally for you.

– Let’s write each other notes before bed so that we can be reminded how much we appreciate each other.

– Make words a priority in your relationship by speaking words of affirmation to him every day

How To Use Words Of Affirmation For Him : Words for Your Husband, Boyfriend, Partner

– Keep him motivated and on track by reminding him of his goals. “You’re so good at what you do, I know we’ll get there soon!” is a great encouragement for men to hear.

– Compliment something he’s wearing or the way he looks – this works wonders! Just make sure not to compliment him on something that you don’t like about him, or the words will just feel awkward and empty.

– Tell your man how much he means to you. If his love language is words of affirmation be sure to always let him know that you cherish and appreciate the impact he has in your life.

– Make words of affirmation for men a habit in your relationship by including meaningful words regularly when you talk to each other. We all need words of encouragement every now and then, so why not start practicing it daily?

Words Of Affirmation For Men

Using this love language for your husband can take your relationship to a new level by expressing unconditional love, encouragement and words of kindness.

You can use words of affirmation for your husband by making them a habit when talking to each other. This will make it easier for him to receive words of encouragement and love from you because he’ll be used to hearing words that build him up, not tear down his ego or self-esteem.

Here are some examples you can use today…

1) I love the way you always take care of me.

2) I appreciate that you never push and always allow me to be myself.

3) I love our relationship because we can talk about anything together, no judgments!

4) You’re such a great listener, the best companion anyone could ever ask for!

5) Thank you so much baby, you are the most amazing husband in the world!

6) I’m so grateful to have you in my life and be by my side!

7) I love you so much!

8) I am the luckiest woman to have married you!

9) Dang, you’re so sexy!

10) You are the best husband ever!

11) Thank you for always being there for me, baby. I love you so much!

12) You make my heart melt with a single smile…I’m the luckiest woman alive to have someone like you in my life.

13) Sweetheart, words can’t describe how wonderful of a husband and father that you are.

14) I’m so blessed to have you in my life…thank you for being a wonderful husband and father!

15) Thank you honey, words can’t describe how thankful I am to have someone as amazing as you by my side!

16) There is no one else on the planet that could make me feel the way you do.

17) I love our life together, words can’t express how much joy and happiness that your presence brings into my world.

18) You are always so understanding when I need to talk about things…I’m blessed to have someone like you by my side!

19) Words can not describe how much I love you.

20) I love coming home after a long day knowing that we can talk about anything…I feel so safe with you by my side!

21) You’re such an amazing dad, I can’t even tell you how much joy it brings into my world having someone like you in the lives.

22) I appreciate you!

23) Thank you for doing such a great job with dinner/cleaning up/helping out around the house.

24) I’m so glad you’re my partner/boyfriend/husband!

25) You make me so happy!

26) Thank you for working hard to provide for our family. It means a lot to me and the kids.

27) We can always count on your words of encouragement when we need them most.

28) Your words are words of love to me. You make my day when you tell me I look good!

29) We all have days when we feel discouraged or down on ourselves about something, but you always remind me that there’s always something to be grateful for.

30) You make me happy every day when I wake up and see you next to me in bed

31) We wanted to tell you how much we love your thoughtfulness!

32) I love you so much–thank you for working hard around the house today!

33) You’re such a good dad, and it means so much to me when we get home from work and see our kids playing with joy on their faces because they saw you.

34) I love you–you are the best husband in the whole world!

35) Thank you for taking care of me today when things were tough at work.

36) Thank you for working so hard on the house, it makes me feel loved when things around our home are clean.

37) I love words–thank you for speaking encouraging words into my life.

38) I appreciate all you do for our family!

39) I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying when you’re looking like that!

40) Thank you for your encouragement, words of appreciation are always welcome in our home!

41) How did I get the most handsome husband?

42) You always make me feel that I am enough!

43) You make life so easy by carrying all the heavy bags/boxes/etc.

44) Your ability to put words into action is inspiring!

45) Look at those muscles!

46) You are so good at _________

47) Thank you for being there to listen and take care of things around the house while I was gone!

48) You make words unnecessary because your actions speak so loudly, thank you!

49) Thank you for setting a good example in front of our kids by working hard at _____.

50) You are always making me feel better when I get stressed.

51) I’m so glad I get to come home to you.

52) You are the hardest worker I know!

53) I’m always so excited when you come home.

54) I wish we could spend all day together–I love our time alone.

55) You are my rock!

56) I can’t wait to see what the future brings with you around–you always make it better.

57) Thank you for being there when no one else understands.

58) What words could ever explain how much joy and happiness you bring into my world?

59) Words cannot describe the feelings and gratitude that your presence brings to me.

60) You always make time for us no matter how busy or stressed life gets around here!

61) Thank you for putting yourself in others shoes–you’re such a good listener.

62) You always know what words to say!

63) You have the most sexy smile!

64) Thank you for being so hardworking and kind.

65) I’m so glad we get to spend time together today–I love our talks.

66) Our love is a perfect fit, like a puzzle piece that found its way to complete my heart.

67) My words are not enough to express how much you mean to me and our family!

68) Words cannot describe the impact that your presence makes on people around us–you’re such a good husband/brother/son/father, etc.!

69) I’m so grateful we found each other and got married.

70) You always know what words to say!

71) I love being right next to you–I feel so safe in your arms.

72) The words that come out of your mouth are words I live by, thank you for encouraging me when times get tough or discouraging.

73) You have the best words of wisdom, words I will always hold onto.

74) Thank you for supporting me and believing in my dreams.

75) You’re such a good example to our kids–I’m thankful that they get to see what it means to be loving and kind!

76) Your words make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world–thank you for noticing me.

77) You are always there when I need words of encouragement, thank you!

78) Thank you for being so patient with our kids and understanding their moods.

79) Your words make it seem like everything will be okay in tough times–I love that about you.

80) Thanks for taking care of things while I was gone today!

81) You are so good at words–I love talking to you.

82) Thank you for being there when no one else understands.

83) Loving you is my favorite hobby!

84) I feel bad for all the there women, because you chose me!

85) You are one of a kind!

86) I always look forward to the weekend with you!

87) You’re so cute when your serious–I could just eat you up sometimes.

88) You make it seem like everything will be okay in tough times–I love that about you.

89) You always make me feel appreciated!

90) You are the most thoughtful husband!

91) Can’t believe I married the hottest man in the world!

92) How do you always know exactly what to say?

93) You always know what to do!

94) You are the best _________

95) You are so wonderful to me and our family, words cannot express how grateful I am.

96) Thanks for being the best friend I’ve ever had!

97) Thank you for making our family your priority.

98) You are so thoughtful, words cannot express how much you mean to me!

99) Thank you for not giving up on us when times were tough.

100) I’m glad we got married–I’ve always loved our family time together.

101) Thanks for making this experience even better!

How To Get Better At Sharing Words Of Affirmation With Your Love When You’re Not Great With Words

The words we say to our spouse can change their whole day–and we all know words can be even more powerful in words of affirmation. If words aren’t your love language, it doesn’t mean that words are less important to you–they might just be more difficult and you might not be communicating words of affirmation as much as you could.

We all have days when words don’t come easily or naturally for us–but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Even words that come out a little awkwardly can be something they really love.

There are ways you can find out how to make your partner feel loved. Try using some of the below to understand what your partner needs to feel more loved.

– Are there words that I can speak into your life to feel more connected? I know words are important to you!

– You mean so much to me–but sometimes words are hard for me–can we find different ways to communicate how we care for each other when words don’t come easily?

– Words are easy for some people–but not everyone is great with them. That doesn’t mean words don’t matter to me–they do.

– I want words to be important in our relationship–how can we use them together to show affection and love?

How To Encourage Your Partner To Give You Words Of Affirmation

Sometimes, people don’t value words as much as you do–even when the words are positive and affirming! However, words can still communicate love and affection, even when your partner doesn’t think they’re important.

– I know words aren’t your thing–but they mean a lot to me! Taking the time to say things out loud will make my day much better.

– Even words that aren’t as easy for you to say will mean a lot to me and show how much you care.

– Even if words don’t come naturally for you, doing little things like saying “thank you” or “I appreciate you” will make me so happy.

– Sometimes words don’t come easily for us–but that doesn’t mean words aren’t important. Let’s find different ways to communicate love, even if words aren’t our primary way of doing so!

-You make my day brighter every time you say something nice about me out loud. It makes me feel loved and appreciated.

-Words are important to me, even when they’re written or drawn rather than spoken out loud.

– I know words aren’t your thing, but you’re really good at making me feel loved and appreciated with all the time we spend together.

– I know words aren’t the only way that we show we love someone, but words are important to me and they’re a way that I feel loved.

– Saying I love you is just one of the many ways words can communicate our affection for each other. It’s not as if words don’t matter at all–they do!

Exercise: What words of affirmation can you speak into your partner’s life today?

Try writing words down on post it notes, or saying them out loud! You’ll be surprised by how words can communicate love and increase intimacy in your relationship.

Don’t forget to give your partner words of affirmation today!

We hope these words of affirmation for men help fill up his “love tank”. You can even use them as a daily reminder he needs your words of love, encouragement and appreciation.

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