Good Night Message For Him

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If you’re looking for a sweet good night message for him, you’ve come to the right place. For most people, good night texts are a way to express affection and good wishes for the person you care about before they go to bed.

They’re also a good reminder that they’re loved and thought of even when you can’t be there with them in person. 

It’s an especially nice gesture if you live far away from your significant other or if they have trouble sleeping or had a long day.

A goodnight text will help ensure that their worries will lessen as sleep takes over because someone who cares is thinking about them. 

If it’s been awhile since you’ve sent one, consider this article your personal invitation!

It has five easy steps on how to craft the perfect goodnight text message for him or her so that everyone feels loved tonight!

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Step One: Make It Specific

Choose good night messages that show your significant other how much you care about them and if possible, make it specific to their situation.  If your good night messages are meaningful, they’ll really appreciate the gesture. While goodnight texts may seem like a small thing, it’s actually one of the sweetest ways to let them know how much you care. 

Step Two: Make It Personal

Sending good night messages of any kind is a good way to show your partner that you’re thinking about them before bed, but it’s even more special if you can find ways to personalize this goodnight wish. 

Make good night messages for him or her unique to what they’re going through. This is a special way show that you know them well and care about the challenges in their life.

Here are some ideas:

– If they had a long day at work or school, remind them that when morning comes, good things will happen.

– If they’re having trouble sleeping, wish them sweet dreams and tell them you’ll be thinking of good thoughts for their sleep to come easily.

– You can also send good night messages with a specific wish like: “I hope tomorrow is even better than today was.” Or: “Hope you have the best sleep ever!”

Step Three: Send It At The Right Time

After choosing goodnight text messages for him, it’s time to choose an appropriate time to send good night messages. Most people tend to do this right before they go to bed because it’s a good way for them to remember that you’re thinking of them as their day ends. 

Step Four: Keep It Flirty …And Sweet

The good night messages you send should be sweet, but flirty. Why? Because this is a perfect way to remind them that they’re your number one and give them something nice to think about before bed! 

If goodnight text messages for him are funny or cute, it’s even better because laughter helps people unwind at the end of a good day. Here are some good examples:

– “Hope you have sweet dreams, good night handsome!” 

– “Goodnight sunshine, I hope tomorrow is as perfect as today was with you in it — and even better if possible.” 

Step Five: Add A Cute Emoji or Photo/Meme

Finally, good night texts should always have a goodnight emoji. This is an easy way to add the perfect touch of cuteness and say what you want without being too forward or overly affectionate! 

Some good options are: 🌙, ⭐️💫✨ , ☀️☁️🌦 .

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Good Night Message For Him Examples:

-“Good night, handsome!”

-“Hey good night! I hope you sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. 🤣🤣😴”

-“Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight my love.. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.”

-“Can’t wait until I don’t have to text you goodnight anymore!”

-“Goodnight good looking!”

-“I hope you have a good night and dream of me.”

-“Hey goodnight, I hope you have sweet dreams. Sweetest dreams baby boo bear. Love ya 💋🙌”

-“Sending good thoughts your way as the sun sets on another beautiful day with my favorite person in the world ❤️ “

-“This is going to be one of those texts that will keep you up all night thinking about me! (insert picture)” 

-Good thing there’s no such thing as sleep texting like drunk texting, cause I’d probably be texting you all night long! 😉😴 ♥️” 

-“Wishing goodnight to the love of my life…”

-“Words cannot describe how much I miss you already!” 

-“Time for me to hit snooze on all these feelings until we see each other again..goodnight handsome!”

-“I wanted you to know before I got tired, good night handsome.” 

-“Good Night… May your dreams be as sweet and peaceful!💤😴”

-“Hey goodnight my man. Can’t wait till we can cuddle again soon 🙏❤️👄”

-“Can’t stop thinking about you… Good night!” 

-“The best part of going to sleep is dreaming about me in your bed 😉💋 goodnight sweets ✨ “

-“I hope this message makes it into your dreams tonight…” 🌟☁️✨🔮 . …and wakes you up tomorrow with a smile.”

-“I’m laying here thinking of all the good times we’ve had and I just wanted to wish you a good night before I drift off into dreamland 💤🌙” 

-“Goodnight handsome. Thank you for being so sweet tonight. ” 

-“Night time is bedtime, goodnight hot stuff!”

-“Love sending good thoughts your way as the sun sets on yet another beautiful day with my favorite person in this world…YOU! 😍😘❤️ ” 

-“Thank goodness it’s Friday because now I get to text you nonstop until Sunday!” 

-“I’ll be counting down the minutes until tomorrow so I can finally see you!”

-“Good night my dearest love.” 💕🌙 

-“Can’t wait for this week to be over so we can cuddle all weekend long… Goodnight boo bear ☺️” 

-“I’m laying here thinking of how good it feels when our lips touch. 😘😋 goodnight kisses!” (insert picture) ” .

-“Hey goodnight, thank God it’s the end of the day! So happy tomorrow is Friday and that means more time with you 😉 ♥️🍻☀️⛅️✨” 

-“Wishing good thoughts your way before bed tonight handsome..”

-“Hope all is well with you!! Good Night to you!”

-“Night handsome, have good dreams tonight 😉 xoxo 😘”

-“Goodnight honey…I will be thinking about everything that happened today when I should probably go to sleep!” 

-“You are an angel who makes me believe in magic again. My days are brighter because of our love for each other. So thank you baby. Goodnight.” 

-“Good night to the one who makes me feel good about myself and never lets me down. I love you with all my heart, good night handsome” 

-“Don’t forget that before bedtime there is always a good book waiting for you in your little library of dreams…” 📚💕 

-“I hope tonight brings sweet memories and beautiful dreams! Sweetest goodnight wishes.”

– “Hope this message reaches you right when it’s time to sleep so that its words can be straight from my lips into your ears… good night!”

– “You are such an inspiration for everything I do!! How amazing are you? Goodnight 😘😉”

– “Goodnight sleep tight.”

-“Sending you a good night wish to make sure you have beautiful thoughts in your head before going to dreamland!” 

-“I hope this message finds its way into your heart so I can say goodnight. Sweetest good night wishes” 

-“Hey there handsome! You are always on my mind.. Goodnight 😘😉” 

-“Good night handsome 💕 thank God it’s Friday so I can see your beautiful face soon!” 

-“So glad our days are getting longer, love of mine… So that means more time with YOU!! 😍😘❤️ goodnight my favorite human being.” 

-“Everyday is a blessing because it brings me closer to seeing your beautiful face again. Good night handsome 👌🏻”  

-“Can’t wait for the day when we’re together every single moment without ever having to say good night or goodbye.”

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Try goodnight quotes for him to show your sweet side and remind them that you’re thinking of them as they sleep. It’s a simple gesture, but it goes a long way! 

A good night message for him is a good way to remind someone that you care about them before bed. It’s always nice to hear from your love before heading to bed. So send a sweet message before his head hits the pillow, and let him know you’re thinking of him.

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