Fun Double Date Ideas Every Couple Will Love

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Double dates allow you to spend time with your partner and get to know them better, alongside having fun with family or friends. If you’re looking for fun double date ideas, read on to see what you can do with other couples on date night!

The Best Double Date Ideas for Couples -beach date sitting around campfire

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Reasons why Double Dates are a great idea:

  • If you are in a long-term relationship or married, double dates are a nice way of switching up your routine. Being around newer couples can remind you of the excitement of when you were first dating and reignit old passions.
  • If you are a new couple, double dates can help take the pressure off and avoid any awkward silences! Many people feel more comfortable in a friendly group rather than one-on-one.
  • Get to know new people- A double date lets you get to know new people better and can even be the start of a lasting friendship.
  • Get to know your partner better- If you are double dating with friends or family from your partner’s side, talking to them can help you gain useful insights. This also allows you to hear stories from their past and ask any questions you may have about them.
  • Get Advice- Going on a double date is like having an ally with you, which can be reassuring, particularly if you don’t feel your date is going that well! Getting an outsider’s perspective can be invaluable to your relationship.

Here are some unique ideas for your next double date:

At-Home Double Dates

At home double dates have a more personal feel and allow you to have the privacy to get to know each better. Dates at home are also a great way to save money.


Have an evening at home where each couple cooks a course of a meal. If you all know each other well, you could have a cook-off and rate each other’s dishes. The losers do the washing up! Alternatively, you could have a special themed dinner together, such as breakfast in the evening or an indoor picnic. 

wine glasses clinking over a table of food

Cocktail Night

An at-home cocktail night is an ideal way of combining the glamour of bar drinks with the comfort of your own home! Each dater could create their own unique cocktail recipe or re-create a classic favorite. Ask everyone to get dressed up still, to keep some of the excitement of a cocktail bar.

Double Date Game Night

Ask each person to bring a board game and have a mini-tournament. Team tasks help you bond with your partner, and a bit of friendly competition leads to everyone getting to know each other quicker. Board games such as Mr + Mrs are ideal for double date game nights. If you are in a group where you all feel entirely comfortable with each other, How Well Do You Know Your Partner is a great game designed for two couples or more. Available from Amazon. For a more adult-themed ice breaker, you can’t beat Cards of Humanity for hilarious results. Also available from Amazon. If poker is more your thing, you could even host a casino night. 

Couples Game Night

2-Player Games For Couples

Online Games For Couples

Quiz Night

Get creative and ask each attendee to write a round of the quiz each. For a hassle-free option, look for an online quiz or a mobile app. Make it extra exciting by arranging a prize for the winner! If you are struggling for inspiration, there’s a great range of printables online, which are often free. We love this selection from Party Current, which has unique quiz categories such as chocolate, geography, or love songs if you want to up the romance!

DIY Paint & Sip Date

Feeling a bit creative? We dare you to try this awesome DIY Couples Paint & Sip Date. Make it a competition to see which couple can come up with the best painting. We have a whole list of Couples Paintings you can choose from for this fun and unique date.

Outdoor Double Dates

Outdoor activities can speed up the bonding process. Spending time outdoors is also healthy for you and can improve your mood.


Take a blanket and some traditional picnic foods, and have a group lunch outdoors. This can make for a really romantic double date. Wine or champagne is a nice extra touch!


If you are lucky enough to live near the coast, a day at the beach is a relaxing way to spend a double date. Or turn it into a date night at the beach and enjoy a campfire, s’mores, and a night under the stars.

You could also try a car date and use your tailgate at the beach.

group of friends sitting on a beach next to a fire and playing a guitar in front of a tent

Sports Game

Sports games are a good idea for double daters who are just getting to know each other. The event provides plenty of topics for conversation and gives you the sense of all being on the ‘same team’. 


A trip to the zoo had a sense of nostalgia and can create a day out filled with future memories. Remember to take lots of photos!


Camping is another great outdoor bonding activity. A sense of isolation will bring you all close together much more quickly. Camping classics such as s’mores and a bonfire are a must! If you all know each other well, you could even arrange a full weekend of camping.

Late Night Double Dates

Late night dates can be exciting events to look forward to. Late-night dates also give you a chance to dress up and look your best!

Comedy Night

If you are a foursome who doesn’t know each other well, a live comedy show can be an excellent way to break the ice. Everyone loves to laugh, so a comedy night will put everyone in a good mood. 

Movie Theater

A classic for a reason! Going to the movie theatre is one of the most popular double date ideas. Make sure you pick a film which everyone in the group will like. The only problem with a movie night is you don’t get much of an opportunity for conversation. For an all-around winner, arrange to have a drink or dinner afterwards, so you can all discuss the film!

Or mix up your typical movie nights and try these movie night dates!

Bars or Clubs

A night of dancing and drinking can one of the most fun ways to spend a double date. Be wary not to drink too much, especially if you are with people you don’t know that well!


A nice meal out provides a relaxing atmosphere in which conversation can flourish. 

Magic Show

A magic show is a truly unique double date idea that you can reminisce about in the future. 

Laser Tag

Re-visit your childhood with a game of laser tag. Let your hair down and allow yourself to truly have fun with your partner and your friends. 

three hands holding laser tag guns on a double date

The best double dates are active ones…dates that are really fun that you want to include your friends. So grab a couple, or a couple of couples and enjoy a fun date night together!

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