Car Date Ideas: 15 Dates You Can Do in Your Vehicle

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Want to do some fun car date ideas? Did you know your car can be a great place for a date? With recent times, people had to get a little creative with their date ideas.

All the restaurants and stores closed their doors and social distancing was enforced, so their options were limited. Car dates had always been a thing, but it was a more low-key and casual idea.

text reads "Car Dates to enjoy together when you are tired of staying at home" with couple sitting in a trunk with lights.

It has now become a fun date to try and is rising in popularity for date ideas.

Stay At Home Dates may be getting a bit old, so why not head out together in your own private space outside of the house?

If you are going on a date and are struggling to decide what to do, we are here to help!

We can’t leave out the truck owners, so try these fun truck dates too!

Car Dates

Here are our favorite date ideas you can do in your car: 

Around The World in 80 Minutes

You’ve heard of “Around the World in 80 Days”, so we’ve adapted this date to a fun car date, we’re calling “Around the World in 80 minutes”!

For this date, you get to choose a international food or restaurant for each course of your meal.

A fancy French bread from a French bakery to start. Chinese Food for dinner? Finished up with Italian gelato for dessert!

Get creative with this one, and find different types of foods, drinks, appetizers, and desserts from different countries!

Drive-in Show/Movie

The quintessential car date is going on a drive-in show date. There are not that many drive-in theaters left, but if you have one around you it is a great place to visit.

You should watch a drive-in movie at least once in your life!

Drive-ins have actually been on the uprise! It is a great way to go out and do something different but also enjoy a movie date like you love.

You can see much more than a movie nowadays—comedy shows started to be held outdoors where you watch from your car, and there have even been a couple concerts!

You can turn a fun event into a private showing by sitting in your car.

couple sitting on hood of car watching the sunset.

Private Dinner & A Show

If there are no open theaters near you then you can just watch your own movie while you are in the car.

Bring your laptop or tablet, pop some popcorn, and bring your favorite movie theater candy. You can have the theater all on your own.

Pack up a nice dinner and enjoy while watching a new flick.
Bonus points if you park somewhere the scenery is beautiful.

Journey to Nowhere

Have you heard of the heads/tails car game? This one is where you have no agenda and no idea where you are going.

You start with a coin and flip each time you get to a fork in the road. Heads for turning right, and tails for turning left.

Pick a number at the beginning of the trip, and wherever you land is where you set up your car date!

Rent a New Car

Pretend you’re someone else and rent a super fancy sports car, an old classic car, or a car that you have always wanted to drive.

Spend the day in the car, stopping for food, finding outdoor entertainment, and enjoying the scenery around you.

This is also a fun date on our list of 101 Date Ideas!

City Tour

Spend the day acting like a tourist in your own city.

Create a list of must-see places and drive around to visit them.

There might actually be a lot of things that you have never even done yourself. Try the top-rated restaurants and visit the most popular stores.

You can buy a disposable camera to take fun pictures at each location. You can get them developed later to always have memories of a fun date.

couple sitting on hood of car in the forest with cups of coffee.

Sexy Time Date

Remember when you first started dating and you couldn’t get enough of each other. You made out in the car, sat there for hours and just spent time together.

Bring back the excitement of a new relationship together and sneak away in your car to have some sexy alone time!

Star Gazing

One of the most classic car dates of all time is to go star gazing. There is just something so romantic about looking up at the universe while you sit together.

If you have a big enough car you can lay a blanket down on the roof or truck so you can lie down while you stargaze.

Try and see if you can find and identify any constellations.

Bring some snacks and hot cocoa and just enjoy the peaceful night together while you talk.

You’ll find that time goes by so quickly and it might be very late by the time you decide to go home! It’s easy to get lost in the stars. 

Karaoke Session

Blast a playlist of all your favorite songs and sing your heart out to them! You can even buy those fun microphones to use as a prop. Singing songs badly just has a way of bringing people together.

It’s a way to let loose and enjoy yourself without any judgement. You can also get to know each other better based on your music taste.

Music always helps break the ice and let the conversation flow.

Also a great date idea for a Rainy Day!

Car Date Scavenger Hunt

Put together a fun scavenger hunt date you can do from the car together! Make a checklist of things you have to find, like a certain type of car, a restaurant with an animal logo, etc.

Or, turn it into a picture scavenger hunt and find things you have to take photos of from the car. (Obviously the passenger will be the photographer!)

Road Trip

This one might seem the most obvious, but a long road trip date is the perfect way to spend time together in your own little space.

Check out some fun road trip questions for couples, couples road trip games, couples quizzes, and relationship questions you can ask each other.

Then have a full on concert of your own blasting the music with your windows rolled down.

2 pair of legs laying in the back of the car looking out over a flower field.

Food Stops

A great car date idea is to embark on a food stop—you have to select different establishments to visit for every meal.

Play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to choose the restaurant each time. Visit somewhere different for appetizers, entrees, and dessert.

You might end up driving all over town just to try the best cake in town.

Either visit the drive-thru or order takeout to eat in your car. You can go to a different scenic outlook for each meal so you have a nice backdrop while you eat.


Car camping has been surging in popularity over the years since people love the ease of it. Why not try an overnight date this time on a romantic couples camping trip?

You can drive out to national or state parks and have an amazing adventure.

If you sleep in your car then you don’t have to bring a tent and have an uncomfortable night’s sleep on the floor.

Decorate the car with some twinkly lights to make you happy and create a comfy bed in the back for the two of you.

Don’t forget your car camping essentials!

Car Picnic

A really cute date idea to do in your car is to do a picnic date!

If you have an SUV or truck you can sit in the trunk where there’s more room.

Spread out a blanket, bring a basket full of snacks and goodies, and have some sparkling drinks (make sure they’re alcohol-free!).

It’s a fun way to hang out—you can even bring little activities to do like card games or watercolor painting.

This is a great option for when the weather isn’t nice enough to sit outside. Rain will never bother your picnic again!

couple sitting in the back of the car with lift gate open, smiling at each other.

Go for A Drive

Pack your stuff and just head out. No destination. No GPS. Just pick a direction and drive together.

You might find fun sightseeing stops along the way or cool little roadside shops.

Make it a spontaneous date and don’t plan it at all!

You’ll be able to have an adventurous date that you’ll remember forever because something odd or unique happened. The unplanned things always end up being the best!

Sunrise Drive For A Car Date Idea

There’s something so cozy and intimate about a sunrise. The entire world is quiet and it’s just you two.

Wake up early to take a drive along a scenic route and stop at a vista point to watch the sunrise.

Try and be quiet and enjoy the silence—be in the moment. You don’t have to talk for it to be romantic.

As all the birds and people start to wake up head back for a cup of coffee and enjoy a delicious breakfast date together.

Live in the Car For The Day

Spend the entire day doing these car date ideas! Start with a sunrise drive, grab some breakfast, head to the nearest beach or water for some beautiful views.

Play some games, sing karaoke, and try out the Around the World in 80 minutes dinner idea.

End the night with a drive in show, and some intimate time together!

You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant or have an entire schedule planned in order to have a great date. Sometimes casual and comfortable is best!

Try out any of these car date ideas the next time you go out and you’ll definitely have a great time.  

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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