Best Couple Camping Ideas For A Romantic Adventure

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Want some fun and romantic couple camping ideas?

Do you and your partner enjoy spending quality time in nature? Have you considered taking a romantic couple camping trip? I see you wondering…

What exactly can be romantic about camping?

Read on to discover the best camping ideas for couples, for you, lovebirds!

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Whatever experience you wish to share with your significant other, you can do it while camping.

There is no need for luxurious hotels and retreats! You can go as far as your imagination can carry you, but you must prepare. 

Camping Ideas For Couples

This article will give you some great inspo to plan the most memorable romantic camping experience of your life!

Find the right (and idyllic) spot for your tent 

Couple camping with your significant other requires extra effort to find the right spot for your tent. It needs to offer privacy, so you can enjoy some quiet together. And also, to be close to civilization to handle any possible emergency. 

Make sure that the place you have chosen is immersed in scenic nature. At the same time, it needs to be protected from the wind, running waters, or other inconveniences that might spoil the romantic atmosphere.

Chase the stunning natural landscape

You can go a little further to add to the romance factor. Search for camping sites near breathtaking wonders of nature, such as hot springs, waterfalls, or flower fields.

You can live your fantasy of a romantic fairytale and snap fascinating couple photos. It will also add more activities to your list, like bathing in the hot springs or picking flowers together.

Set up the perfect love nest 

When going couple camping is not a good time to pack light. You need to put comfort first and also bring the bit of equipment that will add that romantic twist.

Start with a roomy camping tent that will ensure a good night’s sleep (and more!). 

Bring lots of blankets and pillows to keep your lover warm and cozy. Make sure to pack camping chairs and a folding table for your meals.

If you want to go all out with romantic extras you can invest in lanterns, candles, fairy lights, a loveseat camping chair, or even a hammock.

Not a big adventurer? Check out alternative camping options!

While you might want to try camping, you or your partner may not be big fans of untamed wilderness. You can play it safe, opting for a more inclusive and luxurious alternative.

Try glamping or even renting unique Airbnb lodging. Offered with many intriguing options, you can make your camping vacation a fantasy trip.

Why not go boat camping or sleep in a treehouse?

Rent an RV and stay at some awesome places with this guide to boondocking.

Fun Camping Activities For Couples

Make hiking a romantic activity

Rise early to see the sunrise together and venture off to a hiking trail. Pick one with a low or moderate difficulty level, so it is more like a stroll than an exercise.

You can also pack a blanket and some snacks and set up a picnic at a spot that has caught your attention. 

You can take your phone and speaker and listen to music while you walk and talk. Pick some flowers to make a bouquet for your partner. Make sure to decorate them on your dining table afterward.

Go for a dive (or skinny dip…)

If you plan on camping near water, be it a lake, river, or by the sea, you can pack your swimsuit and sneak for an adventure.

There is always the option to get closer to nature (and each other!) by forgetting the swimwear in the tent (if you are alone in the vicinity).

Plan a romantic dinner experience for two!

You can make it as simple or luxurious as you want. You can easily pack some bubbly wine and delicacies for a cheese plateau.

Or, if you are a pro camper, you can fix your own drinks, prepare your meals from scratch, and even hold a cook-off challenge.

Just make sure to light up some candles or use fairy lights and put some lo-fi in the background to create a romantic ambiance. 

Light a fire and grab the snacks

This is and always will be a classic. This won’t make snuggling under a blanket by the fire any less romantic, though.

Grab your marshmallows and your s’mores and put those sticks over the fire.

You might think that telling scary stories for unfortunate souls in the wilderness is not the best romantic camping idea. But the fright might make your hearts race and bring you closer.

You definitely don’t want to get caught in the dark, so check out these cheap brightest headlamps so you can see around the campground.

Put those dance moves (and your speaker) to good use

Make a playlist of slow dance songs, use the campfire or romantic lights as a font, and take your partner for a twirl. You can exchange love words in each other’s ear or silently enjoy the sweet moment. Don’t let it stop there, though! Add your and your partner’s favorite songs and have a dance party or upgrade your camping date with a dance contest. Don’t be shy, display your silly dance moves, and have a good laugh!

Snuggle under the stars with some couple-talk

This might be the most romantic camping idea in this post. Take your sleeping bags and blankets outside and lie under the shawl of the starry night. Hold each other and have a romantic heart-to-heart. Talk about what you like most about each other, how you see yourselves in several years, what feature you find most attractive about the other person, etc.

Entertain your partner with some camping games

Bring your favorite board games with you, and definitely a card deck. Getting playful is good for stress relief and fostering more intimate connections. Camping games will immediately put both of you in high moods. Give yourselves an extra treat with saucy game extensions for adults like stripping.

Pro tip: Leave the city life behind (both literally and figuratively)

Out in nature, it is just you, your partner, and the moments you create together. Don’t spend your precious time talking about your worries and the hustle and bustle routine of your everyday life. Instead, shift your focus to each other, and nourish your relationship with some love talk. 

This wraps up the 12 romantic camping ideas… But keep in mind!

A romantic camping trip is more than an alternative couple vacation idea. While couple camping, you and your partner won’t have to keep up appearances. Your efforts to create an unforgettable romantic experience will help you strengthen your bond. You will see each other in a different light and fall in love all over again!

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