Fun Bets For Couples To Make

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In need of some fun bets for couples?

Relationships are hard. They take time, commitment, patience, and hard-work. If you don’t put the time into your relationship, excitement can quickly fade into a stale contentment.

Don’t let that happen to your relationship. There’s lots of things that you and your partner can do to spice things up. One fun thing? Placing a wager! 

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Why Place Wagers For Couples?

There’s nothing better to spice up a relationship than a little friendly competition. And the best part is – you can bet on pretty much anything.

You don’t have to go anywhere, pay for anything, or even put in too much effort – you just have to get your game face on!

Placing bets with your partner can make everyday tasks and events more exciting, and can give the winner something to look forward to.

Depending where you are in your relationship, sexy bets can be made too!

Bet Ideas For Couples

Truth is, you can bet on just about anything – that’s the best thing about it!

But we’ll start with the basics. Games. Games are the most obvious things to bet on. Whether you’re wagering on a video game, a sport, or a good ol’ game of strip poker, making the wagers real is the best way to amp up the competition. 

Of course, we shouldn’t be in business if games is the only thing we can come up with. So here are some other awesome wagers that you and your partner can place to give your relationship a little kick:

Event Challenges:

Okay, so this one’s pretty obvious too. You both love football, and your favorite teams are up against one another. Time to place a wager!

Of course, you don’t even have to like sports or understand them to place a bet. Find a random game on tv, choose your teams, and get ready to rumble!

Physical Challenges:

Physical challenges are a great way to wager up while at the same time getting in a good workout.

-Who can run the farthest?

-Who can do the most push-ups?

-Who is more flexible?

-Who can do the most jumping jacks?

These are easy bets with a great payout – even if you lose you still win with a good workout!

Friends Challenges:

Who knows your friends better? It’s time to find out! Who will be the first to leave the party? Who will pass out by the end of the night? Will so-and-so pick up the phone? How long before they text back? Time to find out who knows your mutual friends the best!

Try these Who’s Most Likely To Questions for some ideas.

Get their Number Challenges:

Okay, so this one isn’t for every couple – but it’s a classic! If you have a great deal of trust in your relationship, see who can get someone else’s phone number first!

Again, don’t attempt this one unless you’re 100% secure in your relationship – we’re out to strengthen relationships here, not break them!

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Who’s Right Challenges:

Having an argument over who’s right? Place a wager! Google the answer and the winner takes it all!

Diet Challenges:

If you’re both looking to do a diet together, placing bets is a good way to keep each other motivated. If losing weight or getting healthy isn’t enough to keep you away from junk food, maybe a little friendly competition is. After all, whoever touches the Twinkie first has to take the garbage out for the week!

No Complaining Challenges:

Are you starting to see some negativity sweep into your relationship? Negativity is a relationship killer – even if it’s not about your relationship.

If you’re starting to notice negative comments or thoughts popping up, motivate yourself or your partner to change them with a competition. First person to complain does dishes for the month. You’ll be amazed how quickly the positivity starts to flow!

Social Media:

Partner spending too much time on social media? Or maybe it’s you who can’t take the phone away from their fingers?

Whoever spends the least amount of time on social media this week is the winner! Who knows – you might even both win by spending some more quality time away from the phone and with each other.

Silly Challenges:

If you’re looking for a good laugh, place a wager on some silly challenges with your partner.

Who can balance the most books on their head? Who knows the lyrics best? Who can give the best blindfolded makeover? And a pie eating contest? Yes please!

Who Knows The Other Best?:

Think you know your partner better than they know you? Place a bet on it. Try these how well do you know me questions and see who comes out on top!

Couples Challenges:

We love a good ol’ couples challenge. Whether you try a thrift store challenge, library date challenge, or our favorite…Target challenge, you can decide who wins, and loser has to do a consequence.

Scavenger Hunt:

Make a date of it and do a couples scavenger hunt challenge together. Winner gets a prize!

Flirty Bet Ideas To Make On A Date

  1. Bet on who can come up with the cheesiest pick-up line and see if it can work on someone.
  2. Bet on who can plan the most creative and unforgettable date night.
  3. Who can write the most passionate and steamy love letter? (or text) (How to write a love letter)
  4. Bet on who can prepare the most seductive and enticing candlelit dinner.
  5. Who can make the other person blush the most with a sweet and flirty compliment?
  6. Which of you knows how to make the other blush by sharing a memory?
  7. Who can give the best passionate and memorable kiss?
  8. Bet on who can make the other person laugh the hardest with a silly and flirtatious joke.
  9. Who can be the most romantic?
  10. Bet on who can come up with the most creative and flirtatious nickname for the other person.
  11. Who can send the most romantic and adorable text messages throughout the day?
  12. Bet on who can give the best foot massage, with the loser getting pampered by the winner.
  13. Who can make the other person swoon with a perfectly executed dance move?
  14. Who can make the other person’s heart race with a passionate and unexpected surprise?
  15. Bet on who can write the most captivating and romantic love poem.
  16. Who can plan the most enchanting and memorable surprise date?
  17. Bet on who can make the other person’s knees weak with a soul-stirring serenade.
  18. Who can create the most magical and unforgettable moment for the other one?
  19. Bet on who can come up with the most creative and playful bedroom surprise.
  20. Who can make the other swoon without any physical touch?
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Good Bets For Couples

You can make anything a bet! Take your date night as an example…whatever you are doing, make a wager together and see who can do it better…

  1. Who can eat the spiciest dish without reaching for water?
  2. I bet you can’t complete a crossword puzzle faster than me.
  3. Let’s bet on who can make the best cocktail/mocktail.
  4. I bet you can’t guess the number of steps it takes to reach that specific landmark.
  5. Let’s challenge each other to see who can build the tallest card tower.
  6. I bet you can’t find the most creative item at a thrift store within a budget.
  7. Let’s bet on who can name the most states…MLB Teams…movie titles in a specific genre…songs by a certain artist…etc.
  8. I bet I can hit more bullseyes than you in a game of darts.
  9. Let’s challenge each other to see who can finish a puzzle faster.
  10. Who can come up with the most unique ice cream flavor combination on our ice cream date?
  11. Let’s bet on who can guess the correct score in a sports game.
  12. I bet you can’t create the best homemade pizza.
  13. Who can stay silent the longest during a movie without laughing?
  14. Who can guess the most celebrity baby names correctly?
  15. Let’s challenge each other to see who can navigate a corn maze the quickest.
  16. Who can name the most constellations in the night sky? Find the first shooting star?
  17. I bet you can’t fold a fitted sheet the neatest…or fold the most towels.
  18. Let’s bet on who can complete a DIY project with the fewest mistakes.
  19. Who can identify the most flavors in a blindfolded taste test?
  20. I bet you can’t find the most unique item at a farmer’s market.
  21. Let’s challenge each other to see who can build the most impressive sandcastle on our beach date.
  22. I bet you can’t hula hoop the longest.
  23. Who can come up with the funniest joke?
  24. Let’s bet on who can create the best piece of art using only household items.
  25. I bet I can bake the tastiest batch of cookies from scratch.

Okay, so now that we’ve come up with some good challenges, what should you wager?

Ideas For Good Bets For Couples

Whoever loses must:

  • Make the winner their favorite dinner
  • Give the winner a massage or a complete couples spa night
  • Do chores for a week – laundry, dishes, washing the floors, taking out the garbage. 
  • Become the winner’s butler for a full day
  • Make the winner breakfast in bed
  • Stay off of their phone for an entire day
  • Dance for the winner (funny or sexy, you choose!)
  • Grant the winner three wishes of their choice
  • Get a tattoo (for brave betters only!)

Whoever wins gets to:

  • Choose the next date night
  • Choose the next vacation
  • Choose the prize
  • Decide what goes on in the bedroom tonight 
  • Control the television all day
woman giving a man a shoulder massage.

Funny Bets For Couples

You could also place some funny bets for the loser.

For example, the loser has to serenade the winner at dinner.

Or the loser has to wear the winner’s clothes tomorrow.

Or the loser has to sing at the top of their lungs in the middle of the city.

Or has to dye their hair green.

You get the point – the skies are the limit!

Funny Couple Bet Consequences

  1. The loser has to wear a funny costume in public for an entire day.
  2. The loser has to do a stand-up comedy routine at a local open mic night.
  3. The loser has to sing a silly song in front of a group of friends or strangers.
  4. The loser has to do the winner’s chores for a week.
  5. The loser has to do a funny dance in a crowded place.
  6. The loser has to wear a “Loser” sign or T-shirt for a day.
  7. The loser has to eat a spoonful of a food they dislike.
  8. The loser has to post an embarrassing childhood photo on social media.
  9. The loser has to perform a karaoke rendition of a cheesy love song.
  10. The loser has to do a dare chosen by the winner, within reasonable limits.
  11. The loser has to do an impression of a famous celebrity for a day.
  12. The loser has to write and perform a funny rap about the winner.
  13. The loser has to wear their clothes backward for a day.
  14. The loser has to do a funny skit or improv performance with the winner.
  15. The loser has to do a funny dance routine in a public place, recorded on video.
  16. The loser has to wear mismatched socks for a week.
  17. The loser has to wear a funny hat or headgear for an entire day.
  18. The loser has to give the winner a foot massage or a pampering session.
  19. The loser has to do all the winner’s chores for a day.
  20. The loser has to speak in a silly accent for an entire day.

Or any of these dares for couples could work!

Bets to Make With Your Boyfriend

  • Loser has to plan the next date night
  • Winner gets to choose what to do for the next date night
  • Loser has to wash the winners car
  • Winner gets to pick the next TV show to binge watch together
  • Loser has to do the dishes
  • Winner gets to choose the next restaurant or take out
  • Loser has to give the winner a 20 minute foot massage
  • Winner gets a full body massage
  • Loser has to cook dinner for the winner for a week
  • Winner gets to choose the next vacation destination
  • Loser has to write a love letter to the winner

Sexy Bets For Couples

  • Loser has to give winner a strip-tease
  • Winner gets a sensual massage
  • Loser has to cook dinner for the winner in their birthday suit
  • Winner gets a relaxing bubble bath set up by the Loser
  • Loser has to read sexy literature out loud to the winner
  • Winner gets to choose the next sexy role-play scenario
  • Loser has to wear a sexy outfit chosen by the winner
  • Winner gets to choose the next sensual activity to try together
  • Loser has to give the winner a lap dance

As you can see, there’s lots of fun ways to spice up your relationship. Just how spicy you want to make your bets is completely up to you.

You can keep your bets PG 13 if you’re in a new relationship, or you can amp them up to XXX. The choice is yours but either way, placing some friendly wagers throughout your day can help to give you a good laugh and bring you closer together at the same time. 

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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