Fun Challenges For Couples

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Want something new in your relationship and looking for fun challenges for couples?

For many couples, it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut. Setting yourself a challenge can help you bond, spark meaningful change and achieve something productive.

You’ll probably even have some fun on the way!

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Setting a challenge gives you a shared goal.

You are committing to a future vision for yourselves as a couple, which can be a powerful thing.

Challenges give you an opportunity to learn more about each other, your strengths & weaknesses and how you can support your partner.

Couples Challenge Ideas

How to set your couples challenge:

  • Your goal should be something that both of you are passionate about or feel strongly that you want to change. Your challenge won’t succeed if it revolves around something only one of you cares about. Pick an area of your lives that you want to enhance and are both excited to improve on. 
  • Set a time frame- All good goals have a specified time frame which gives you something to work towards and look forward to. 
  • Be considerate- Challenges are meant to be fun and positive. Don’t criticise your partner if they fail or mess up, look for ways to be supportive. 
  • Future implications- Once you have completed your goal, make sure you celebrate your achievements! You should discuss what you have got out of the experience and what you would like to make a full-time part of your future. For example, if you enjoy the fitness challenge, why not commit to a couple of weekly workouts together for good. 

Here are some ideas for challenges to try as a couple:

Cooking Challenge

This challenge is ideal for couples who have got into bit of a rut with their mealtimes.

Perhaps you go to the same restaurant every week, make the exact same meals each day or order from your favorite take-out too often.

Cooking challenges can be completely unique and give you the chance to show off your creativity in the kitchen.

You could take turns to cook a special meal for each other, picking something that wouldn’t usually be on your menu.

Alternatively, for something a bit more fun, you could give your partner a number of ingredients and challenge them to create a dish including all of them! 

Date Night Challenges

Want to spend more quality time together and enhance your relationship?

The dating challenge might be for you!

Banish nights just sitting in front of Netflix and embrace new, fun experiences.

Set a night aside at least once a week and take turns to plan something unique to do together, without revealing any details in advance.

This will give you a chance to get creative and surprise each other.

A date challenge is bound to re-ignite your spark and bring back the excitement of your initial dating phase. 

Date Night Challenge Ideas

Fun ideas for date night challenges:

Date Night In A Jar

Start a date night jar, where each of you add ideas of dates to do, and on each date night, you draw a random date. The challenge is you have to do the date you pull, no matter what. Get through the whole jar of date ideas as the ultimate challenge!

101 Date Ideas

Make your own list of 101 date ideas you can do together. Start with our date ideas list for any help you need to get your own list started.

12 Months of Dates

An awesome gift to give your partner is this 12 months of dates gift. You plan one awesome date for each month, and head out to accomplish each date for 12 months of the year.

Fitness Challenge for Couples

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘couples who work out together stay together’?

Studies show this is partly true!

Research shows we naturally try to impress our partners while exercising with each other, so you’ll put in the extra effort.

Taking on this challenge means you are accountable to each other, which makes it much more likely that you’ll stay on track.

Pick something you both find enjoyable or you’ll find it difficult to stick to.

If you are looking for something more structured, there’s countless inspiration online such as the ’30 Day Ab Challenge’.

Browse for apps or on Youtube and pick something you are both equally excited to try.

10,000 steps a day is also a good choice for a couples fitness challenge if you own a pedometer or Fitbit type device.

Going on walks together will lead to plenty of quality alone time and encourage you to spend more time outdoors. 

Love Challenge For Couples

How about a romantic love challenge you can do together. Make it a challenge to see who can show the most love to the other.

Figure out your love language and do a love language challenge.

…psst, if your partner is a words of affirmation person, you’ll want to check out our words of affirmation for him and words of affirmation for her posts!

Start a love text challenge! Who can make the other blush or smile the most throughout each day?

Challenge yourself to send fun and flirty texts each day, or sweet good morning messages for him or good morning texts for her. End the day with these sweet goodnight texts.

Couples Challenge Questions

One of our favorite couples games is a relationship question game! Get to know each other better with any of these fun couples challenge questions game…

Who’s Most Likely To… Questions for Couples

Truth or Drink Questions For Couples

Funny Couples Questions

Would You Rather Questions For Couples

Yes or No Questions For Couples

Flirty Questions To Ask

Romantic Questions To Ask

Road Trip Questions For Couples

Give Something Up

Are you a couple that drinks too much together?

Perhaps you are always ordering take-out food or just spending too much money in general?

Once you are in a long-term relationship, it’s easy to get a bit too comfortable and develop some bad habits along the way.

Set yourself a challenge of giving up one of your shared vices for a set period of time.

Abstaining from something fun doesn’t have to be negative; focus on what you will achieve together, whether it’s saving more money or improved health.

Replace what you are giving up with something positive.

For example, instead of grabbing fast food, cook a meal together.

Or try a month of no spend challenge together and save some money.

Financial Challenge

Did you know money is the most common cause of arguments amongst couples and break-ups?

Avoid this by having an honest discussion of your finances and future goals.

Many people find talking about money uncomfortable but being upfront with your partner in this respect will enhance your bond and avoid any future disagreements.

Set a savings goal which you will achieve within one month, or agree to put a set amount of cash in a jar each day. Try some funny ways to save money to make it even more fun.

Plan what you will do with that money to keep you both motivated.

This could be a vacation or towards a deposit on a house. 

Try the 100 envelope challenge to save some money!

Bucket List Challenge

Make an evening of it, and sit down together and make a shared bucket list.

If you have a lot in common, you may have some joint ambitions already, or perhaps your partner has a suggestion that never occurred to you, but you actually find really exciting!

It could be an exotic location you want to visit, something wild you want to try like a skydive, or even a life goal like buying a house.

Big goals like these don’t just happen by accident, talk through a plan to complete your bucket list.

A shared passion and something thrilling to look forward to will bring you closer together in the long-term. 

Adventure Challenge For Couples

There’s a really cool book out there called “Adventure Challenge for Couples“. It has lots of really fun date ideas, that you pick at random, scratch it off in the book, and go do that date!

This book gives you lots of fun new memories to create with your partner.

They have an Adventure Challenge for Couples book, an Adventure Challenge…in bed book, and a new Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates book!

They are separated with pictures to give you hints about what you might need…free date, cheap date, expensive date…in the house, out on the town, etc.

Make sure you take a photo of each date to add to your book for a keepsake when you complete the entire challenge!

YouTube/ TikTok Couples Challenge

There are so many fun YouTube and TikTok Couples Challenges you can try!

We love the Shoe Game Questions Challenge, and you can make it fun by making your own TikTok or YouTube video of the questions you ask together.

Type in Couples Challenge on YouTube or TikTok and see what couples challenges you can come up with to do together.

Doing a couples challenge together can give you something new and exciting to work towards together.

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