Romantic Stargazing Date Ideas

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Want to try some romantic stargazing date ideas? Stargazing may just be the perfect date. Nature. Romance. Relaxation. What more do you need? Plus, it’s completely free!

Stargazing always makes a great date idea and it doesn’t take a lot of preparation or planning.

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Of course, you can go as elaborate as you like, but even just laying out under the stars on the grass together is super romantic.

But in the case that you’d like to do some extra planning, we’re here to help!

When Is the Best Time to Go Stargazing?

To be honest, there’s never really a bad time to go stargazing (except maybe in a storm). In the summer months stargazing makes for a great date because you can lay out under the stars with just a blanket and each other.

So in terms of comfort, summer is probably the best month to go stargazing. But when it comes to seeing the stars, it’s actually the other three seasons that take the cake. 

Astronomers refer to Fall, Winter, and Spring as the “observing seasons”. Summer means long days and shorter nights, so the opportunity for stargazing is significantly reduced in the summer months.

But once the clocks go back in October, the skies are open for longer viewings. 

But regardless of what time of year you decide to go stargazing, the most important thing is to plan your date around the moon.

The brighter the moon, the less visible the stars will be. So ideally, you want to plan your date when the moon is at its dimmest.

This is the period during and after the new moon, when the moon isn’t visible at all. 

Where is the Best Place to Go Stargazing?

If you’re planning a stargazing date night, we don’t recommend you do it in the city. Cities (especially big cities) are filled with fog and pollution.

This can drastically reduce the visibility of the stars at night. For this reason, the best place to go stargazing is in the country. 

If you live in the country – great! – you have the perfect stargazing opportunity in your own backyard. But many people don’t live in the country, so where can you go stargazing instead?


This could be a great backyard date if you live in the countryside. If you don’t have a backyard in the country, you can always rent a campsite in the country! Campsites are the perfect place to get away from the lights and pollution of the city, and surround yourself with nature and stars.

Plus, you’ll have your own tent to stargaze from, so you can spend the entire night stargazing for as long as you want. 

Truck Bed

Here’s some awesome news – if you have a truck, you have a mobile stargazing bed! Drive your truck out to the remote countryside or down to the lake, set up a bed in the back, and stargaze the night away! 

This is one of our favorite truck bed date ideas.

Dark Sky Preserve

A Dark Sky Preserve is an area of land that is protected by the government to prevent all forms of pollution from hitting it.

Because there’s no pollution or light from the city, the skies are pristinely clear, and the dark sky preserves makes for one of the most magical star gazing opportunities of them all. 


Observatories are buildings that are built with equipment that is specifically designed for the study of astronomy (space).

Observatories are most often equipped with powerful telescopes that give you the opportunity to see space close up.

They’re also a great place to learn more about the stars, the constellations, and the skies. Just be sure that you check the booking schedule with the observatory, as many do require reservations first. 

Bubble Hotel

If you’re looking for a romantic overnight stargazing opportunity, book yourself a bubble hotel! Bubble hotels are giant inflatable spheres that are transparent – and perfect for laying in bed and viewing the stars.

Just be sure the bubble you book is in the country (but not in the forest) for the best star viewing opportunity. 

Stargazing Activities 

To be honest, you don’t really need to plan any activities to go stargazing – it’s romantic enough on its own. But if you do want to add a little extra romance or flare to your date, here are some activities you can do:

  1. Picnic

We’ve heard of picnics at the park, but picnics under the stars? Now that’s romantic! Buy yourself a picnic basket beforehand and fill it with all your favorite treats for this picnic date.

Or, if you prefer, make up a nice charcuterie board to bring along with you. Pack your favorite wine and drinks, grab a blanket and some pillows, and graze and gaze the night away!

  1. Dance under the skies

“Everybody was dancing in the moonlight” – did you sing that? Because we did! But whether you sang it or read it, you can’t deny that dancing under the moonlight sounds like the perfect opportunity for romance. Find your viewing spot, put on some tunes, and dance the night away under the stars!

  1. Bring a telescope

It’s one thing to see the stars from our own perspective, but seeing them up-close and personal through a telescope is an entirely other experience. Bring your own telescope, set it up, and spend a night researching the stars. 

  1. Name a Star

Really want to impress your date? Name a star after them. There’s lots of star registries out there that will assign you a star and let you give it its own name!

Just Google “star registries” and surprise your date with a star of their own. You won’t find a gift more heartwarming than that!

  1. Follow the Constellations

Constellations are a group of stars that look like a specific shape. A ram, a crab, a lion, a swan, a bear – these are all shapes that can be seen in our stars. Of course, these are just a few of the many.

There are currently 88 different constellations that are recognized by the International Astronomical Union. 

As a date idea, you could spend the night trying to find these constellations. Research the origins, discover what to look for, and see who can find them first! You can use a constellation app to help if you have a phone with you. 

If you’re in the mood for romance, you can’t go wrong with stargazing. Whether you lay under the stars in your own backyard or head to your local observatory to get a closer look, there’s no way you can mess up a stargazing date!

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