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Online games are not typically regarded as romantic, or as a couple’s activity. However, the pandemic has forced us to ‘think outside the box’ and develop new ideas for spending time with our loved one’s indoors. Couples Game Night is always a fun go to date idea, and now there are many apps and online games for couples, that are explicitly created with couples in mind. 

Online Games For Couples

The potential benefits of online games and apps:

  • Online games can help you bond through a shared goal.
  • Share in fun and laughter. 
  • Helps long-distance couples feel connected
  • Relax together. Many apps and games allow you to completely ‘switch off’ which can be beneficial for stress and anxiety.
  • Improve communication and find out more about each other
  • Provide a stimulus for a more in-depth conversation
  • Encourages honesty
  • Allow you to play all evening, or just take 10 minutes. Online games and apps can fit in around your schedule.

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Here are our top apps and online games for couples: 

Happy Couple

Happy couple is an ongoing game for couples available via mobile app. The app involves quiz-style games to learn more about your partner and the way they think.

Once you are signed up, you and your partner will answer five questions a day about each other.

There are six different topics-love, responsibilities, communication, recreation, emotional and information. The game gives you points for any matching answers.

The app even allows you to react to your matching answers with gifts or memes, and share your relationship score on social media!

Available to download for Apple and Android users here.


Kindu is a fun and flirty couple’s app which allows you to play even when you aren’t together. Once you have paired your accounts, you are sent a series of questions, date ideas, and activity suggestions.

You then give simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to each, and you are notified of any matches. The app’s goal is to ’empower couples to explore their desires’ and ‘inspire intimacy in a fun and flirty way’.

Available for free download from the Google and Apple app stores.

Words With Friends

Words with Friends isn’t usually a couples game, but it can be surprisingly good fun to play with your partner. This scrabble-inspired game can be played with friends, partners or even complete strangers.

Each player competes to form a word with their tiles to win points. You will be surprised at how competitive this can get! This game has the advantage of being able to play continuously, or taking your next go whenever is convenient.

Words with Friends is good for your mental cognition, as well as your relationship. Playing can improve your vocabulary as well as your strategising skills.

Available to download free here.

Couple Game

The goal of the Couple Game app is to get to know each other better. This game is perfect for married and new couples alike.

You are quizzed in a number of categories to determine how well you know each other. The broad selection of topics includes romance, food, films, holidays, hobbies and more.

Couple Game also features a chat option whilst answering questions.

Available from the Google Play store- Couple Game: Relationship Quiz App for Couples 💕 – Apps on Google Play


Desire is a couple’s app game focusing on the concept of ‘dares’. This app has the added bonus of featuring games not requiring a wi-fi connection, so you play anytime and anywhere.

The game features over 40,000 dares, from several different categories such as dress code and outdoors. You win points and reach higher levels by completing these dares within the allocated time scale.

There is also a handy chat facility so you can talk to your partner whilst playing, which is ideal for long-distance couples.

Available for download through the Apple or Google Play stores- Desire (


QuizUp is an app which brings bar and pub trivia nights direct to your phone! Each round of the game features seven multiple-choice questions, and you have ten seconds to answer each one.

The quicker you answer (correctly), the more points you are awarded. The game can match you with strangers, or you can choose to play against a friend or partner.

QuizUp really stands out from the crowd by featuring over 400 categories of questions. You move up levels by answering questions quickly and correctly for each topic.

The topics are varied and unique, and feature everything from Harry Potter to Modern History! With such a large mix of categories, you are bound to find something which suits and interests you as a couple.

QuizUp is available for iOS users and has recently launched on Andriod. Available here.

How Well Do You Know Me?

This is a fun 2-player quiz game which can be played with friends, family or a partner. The game features a series of questions and then gives you a percentage rating of how well you know each other.

How Well Do You Know Me features 13 different quizzes to try out. You can even upgrade your free app for a small fee to include more ‘adult’ questions!

Available now in the Apple Store- ‎How Well Do You Know Me? on the App Store (

Although these games and apps are a lot of fun and can have numerous benefits, make sure you limit your screen time together.

Remember these games are meant to be light-hearted fun, try not to take them too seriously or get too competitive!

Screen time is not a substitute for quality face-to-face time, without any distractions, but they can be a great thing for unwinding together. We have some great long distance relationships games as well for you to check out.

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