Fun Hobbies for Couples: Couples Hobby Ideas to Enjoy Together

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Looking for great Ideas for Fun Hobbies for Couples? Being in a new relationship is fun and exciting. You’re learning about each other, going on new dates and experiencing new things as a couple.

But what about when you’ve been together for a couple years? Sure it’s still exciting and you probably have found some things you both love together and separate.

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How many times are you fighting over what TV Show to watch together because your tastes are so different?

One of you wants to go to the ballgame, and the other wants to go to a concert…

An idea of a vacation for one could be sitting on a beach for an entire week and never leaving the resort, but the other would rather explore the whole city and never sitting for too long.

The thing is, you didn’t marry or date yourself. You married and are dating your significant other for a reason. You’re with them because of who they are. Because they compliment you. Because they’re different than you. Because “they complete you!” Too cheesy?! Ha!

couple laughing together.

It’s ok to have different hobbies and to have different interests. Sometimes in a long committed relationship, you might feel like you’re both in a routine but you need more ways to bond and enjoy each other than just having dinner at home while watching TV.

Hobbies For Couples

We’ve come up with some great ideas for fun hobbies you can do with your significant other together that you both can love!

Obviously every couple is different and not everyone will enjoy each one of these, but figure out what best suits you, and try it out for the next few months and see if you can find a fun new hobby together.

Adventure Together

One of the things that really attracted me to my husband, “B”, was that he was always up for any kind of adventure date. Our first few days were shooting at the range, hiking the Hollywood sign, riding Jet skiis in January, and sleeping on the beach in February! We both have an extremely adventurous spirit and we’re always wanting to try new things.

So, find your adventure. Try one new thing together each month. Go Scuba Diving, Snowboarding, Parasailing, Hiking, Biking, Take a Train Ride. Pick one new thing every month that you and your significant other can do together and start a year of adventures.

Groupon Dates

A great way to find new things in your area or even areas you are visiting, is by checking out sites like Groupon and Living Social. That’s how we discovered Escape Rooms!

Groupon has so many awesome ideas for dates that you probably have never thought of. Axe Throwing, Sip and Paint date, Glass Blowing, you name it. They even have popular dates like couples massages and bar hopping tours.

Head to these sites and see what fun you can find, and choose a date each month.

couple sitting in bathtub kissing, with rubber ducks all around.

Workout Classes

Going to the gym is one thing, but enjoying a workout class together is a bit different because you are both enjoying the same thing, and there’s typically an instructor you get to follow.

Sign up for a Zumba class, Crossfit, or boxing even. Find a fun class you’d both like to try out, and go together for a fun active date.


Hiking is great because you can do it almost anywhere. Depending on where you live, you can take a short drive somewhere and find a great hiking spot. Somewhere in the mountains, at the beach, through the forest, anywhere is a great place to hike.

Grab a picnic lunch, pack up your bags with water and supplies and head out to find new trails each weekend. It doesn’t matter if its a long hike or a shorter hike, you’re still getting out together and enjoying nature.

Appetizers and Dessert Dates

I heard this one, and think we may adopt this in the next year. B isn’t much of a sweet tooth, and that’s one of our differences, because I have a dangerous sweet tooth. So we might make this into an Appetizers AND Dessert Date.

Pick out a new restaurant each week and head out to order your favorite appetizers and dessert…hold the main course. It’s a fun, new way to experience restaurants…even one’s you have been to before, since you probably don’t order each every time you go out.

New Towns Each Weekend

This is another one I would love to take up. Explore new cities each weekend, or once a month. Pack up the car and head out to your chosen city and walk around the shops, enjoy the restaurants, and try to find out what each city is known for.

If you have the time and budget, make each one a mini vacation. You can stay the night at a cool hotel or Airbnb and enjoy your weekend together in a new place.

couple watching fireworks over water.

Trying New Restaurants Together

Going out to eat is a very popular thing couples do, but try to go out to brand new restaurants. Find ones you have never heard of and give them a try. Sometimes the random hole-in-the-wall restaurants are the best ones.

Travel Together

Definitely my favorite from the list, traveling together. Now that doesn’t have to mean you are heading out of the country every few months for an extravagant trip. Start with cities around you, or head to a state you’ve never been. This one may not be each weekend, but maybe each month, or every other month. Just do what works best for both of you.

Another way to bond is to plan the trip together. Research together online and come up with a great itinerary of where to go and what to do and see.


Everyone’s gotta eat, right? Why not incorporate that into your new hobby? You can find a cooking class that makes a certain type of food, or turn on the cooking show and follow along.

We love doing the Meal Subscription Boxes together. The box comes with a few different meals with basically all the groceries you would need to make each meal. It comes with good portions of each ingredient and instructions on how to make it. These meals have been so much fun to make together, we’re thinking about starting up again since our move!

woman sitting on counter watching boyfriend cook.


Everyone can enjoy music. And you don’t have to go to all the expensive concerts either. Check out your local bands, bands who come into a bigger town near you, or even the ones singing in bars. It’s always fun to get out and enjoy music, and could be a fun time chasing bands around town trying to find your new favorites.

Create Art Together

Neither of us are artists, but one day I saw a painting class that was scheduled in Michael’s for free and I was excited to give it a try. I told B about it, and he wanted to do it with me.

We had such a great time, and it kind of sparked a creative bug in us and we wanted to do more. We didn’t actually take it up as a hobby since we weren’t quite set up to have a space to do it at home, but it would be a fun way to bond.

See if there are any art classes going on near you. It can be painting, drawing, glass blowing…whatever you think you will both be interested in try it out for a fun artistic date!

Paint and Sips

On that note, they have these fun classes called “Paint and Sip” nights. Usually a local business hosts it, and you get to come, drink some wine, and paint an entire painting with instruction. They do it step-by-step and teach you how to complete your painting.

You can typically see which paintings they are working on which week, so find your favorite and book it! Sometimes they even have couple’s paintings where you each paint one half of the picture and put them together. Perfect to hang up in your house and enjoy.

House Projects

You know those annoyances about your house that you’d love to change? Start a hobby of making over your house. There isn’t much you can’t learn to do on YouTube these days, so if you’re not sure how to do something, research it and build it, do it, fix it together!

Do a whole room makeover, paint the house, decorate the way you both want. House projects can be a fun thing to do together if you work well together. It’s a great DIY Date.

couple looking at paint samples on the ground.

Couples Hobby Ideas

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are our favorite random around town activity. We are slightly addicted and always bring it up when people ask what can we do.

You have 60 minutes to solve all the clues and puzzles and escape the room. Each room has its own story line and is different inside. There are so many popping up all over the place. Grab your favorite couples and join as a group!


Whether you’re going out line dancing, to a club, or taking ballroom dance classes together, dancing can be a great hobby to enjoy. This may be out of one of your comfort zones, so talk together and see if you’d both be interested in at least trying it.

Some couples love to go dancing every weekend and some only take classes for their wedding…or never dance at all. If you think dancing might be a good option for you, check out the local joints who host dancing nights and try it out.

couple dancing together.

Pool League

How about joining a Pool (Billiards) League together? I never knew this was a thing until B moved to Illinois. Several bars in the area actually had a Pool League where one bar would host all the other players from different places, and you moved around to a new bar each week.

It’s usually on a random weeknight and you can play a few games that night depending on how many you are winning. It’s a good way to get out of the house and make some new friends too.


Bowling is another one similar to that. You can either join a bowling league or just go out and play on your own. Bowling Alleys sometimes have week day specials on one night where the price is really cheap. If you get really into it, you can buy matching bowling shirts and shoes. A bowling date is never a bad idea.

Learning Something Together

It might be fun to find a class at the local college you are both interested in. There are lots of inexpensive classes available for you to take or you can do some learning online. Learn a new language together, and after a year of learning it, visit a country that speaks that language. There are so many different things you can learn to do, and YouTube can be your best friend!

couple eating pizza in bed together.

Walks in the Evening

Don’t have a lot of money and want to stick around home? Go on walks around the neighborhood every evening. This is also great to get you moving and exercise a bit if you don’t have time to workout that day.

Catch up with each other about your day, find a good deep topic to talk about while you walk around, or just enjoy the silence with each other.


Do you own a bike and never use it? Try riding your bikes on the weekends together. Ride trials, or to far places. Ride to the park and have a picnic. Just get out on your bikes and enjoy the day together.


Stargazing is such a peaceful and romantic activity. You can track the dates that meteor showers are happening or which days we’ll be able to see another planet in the sky. Grab a telescope and check out the moon, or get a book about the constellations.

There’s even a really cool app that shows you the solar system in 360 degree view! You can see what stars are under you at the moment, meaning the other side of the world.

Take stargazing another step and learn about finding the constellations and track them throughout the year.

Tide Pooling

Not sure if that’s a real phrase or word, but visiting tide pools. If you live by the beach, you can probably find these somewhere near you. Tide pools are filled with little creatures and shells that are so much fun to explore.

Walk along the beach on your date and find cool shells and maybe even shark teeth. Explore all the areas around you and see what you can find.

couple walking around tide pools together.

Board Games

Board Games can be such a great hobby together. You can play board games on your own, or invite your friends over for Double Date Game Night once a month. We have some great Couples Game Night Ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Board games are always our go to when we’re at home with friends. They’re fun to engaged with each other, exercise your brain during strategy play, and get competitive with your friends to see who can win the most rounds. Don’t have board games at home? Try finding them online or ask friends to bring theirs.


Making pottery is another fun and creative way to show off your skills. Even more fun when you learn it together a la the movie “Ghost”. You can take a class, buy the equipment and learn from YouTube, or find a friend who knows how to do it. Learning the basics of pottery together can open your options on so many things you can create.


Head to your city park and play some tennis together. Or racquetball at the gym. You can play against each other or have a friendly competition with another couple you know. Sometimes you can find other on the courts who want to play against other people as well.

Sports for couples is a great place to start when trying to figure out a couples hobby.

close up of tennis ball.

Hobbies To Do As A Couple

Club Soccer

In LA, they have co-ed soccer teams for adults on the weekends. We have some friends who play in them and really enjoy it. Try finding a team near you and sign up to play. We also have some friends who had a kickball league near them, so they decided to try that out and couldn’t get enough.

Weekend Trips

Taking weekend trips together is the perfect way to have a getaway but not have to take too much time away. You can both help with the planning, and enjoy a new town you visit. Check out all there is to do and see and find the best restaurants and places to go.

shot of a pair of couples legs on a fire pit.

Hobbies For Couples At Home

Computer Games

Staying at home, but don’t want to watch TV? Try computer games. There are games you can play together, and games you can take turns and see who can get the high score. Find the type of games you like to play together and you can discover a whole world of that genre right on your computer.

Video Games

Same goes for video games. Does your guy play video games way too much and you’re feeling left out? Try picking up a controller next time and ask him to teach you! This could also be a great hobby for long distance couples.

Date Night Boxes

Tired of coming up with what to do for date night each week? Try out the subscription date boxes. These boxes come with everything you need for date night at home.

Most will give you a theme of the night along with all the items you need to have that date night. From luaus to art classes, and murder mysteries to jewelry making, you never know what you’re going to get in a date box.


There’s something about creating your own stuff. Furniture, picture frames, a piece of art, you can do all of that with wood. Need a new dining room table? Build one together. It’s always fun creating new things and you can do a lot of stuff with woodworking.

close up of a couple holding hands while riding horses.

Horseback Riding

If you live anywhere near a horse boarding stable, horseback riding can be a great hobby. You can go volunteer to help out, get to know the owners, or just book horseback riding tours when they’re available.

Bar Hopping

Kind of like finding all the new and best restaurants, you can find the best bars near you. Do you enjoy wine or beer? Learn all about the different types and go on taste testings to compare. Trying out different drinks and learning all about them can be a hobby in its own.


Kayaking is great if you have a body of water near you. You can kayak together in a two person kayak or get singles. They even have inflatable kayaks, so you can take them wherever you go. Take a drive to the closest lake around you and take up kayaking as a new hobby.


Sure road tripping can be in the travel hobby, but it is a bit more than that. You not only enjoy the destination, road tripping is all about enjoying the journey as well.

Pack up all your favorite road snacks, bring your favorite music devices and head on out. You can go far, or stay close. Have a plan, or leave it up to a coin. Whatever you do, you’re sure to find an adventure together. Try these road trip questions for couples or these road trip couples games.

Dog Walking

Dog walking together as a hobby can even get you a little extra pocket change. Site like will help pair you with people who need their dog walked, and you get paid to do it. Plus you get to play with dogs together. (A great dog date idea!)

woman walking dog in the mountains.

Good Hobbies For Couples

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is a great way to get out on the water and relax a bit while getting some exercise as well. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, and it actually isn’t as tough as it looks.

You can rent boards or purchase your own if you’re going to do this as a constant hobby. They even have inflatable paddle boards too.

Running / Entering Races Together

Do you both like to run? How about checking out some races together. Marathons, 5K races, Tough Mudder and the Spartan race are all things you can do together.

Or go out for a run together each day. Whether it’s a little jog, or a whole race, getting outside and your hearts pumping is a good way to bond.

Spin Classes

Speaking of hearts pumping, maybe take spin classes. Spin classes is a class where you ride a stationary bike with an instructor telling you when to stand up, where to place your hands, etc. so it works all sorts of muscles. These classes are typically done with lots of upbeat, energy-filled music to make it even more intense.

Bingeing Shows

So maybe you are a TV Buff and actually love staying at home to watch TV. Write a list of some shows you are both interested in, and spend a day binging a season. Find old school shows, old reality shows, shows you missed on TV when they were airing. Or keep up with the latest and check out the most recent streamed shows on each streaming service.

Try these TV shows for couples to watch together.


Whether you want to learn photography together or you already are a photographer, this is a fun way to share a new passion or interest. Switch off being the photographer and the subject, or team up and help with lighting and the set up.

When we were going on a long trip, I was busy planning, and my husband asked what he could do to help. I asked him If he could learn how to shoot the Northern Lights. He jumped on YouTube, learned all the techniques and never stopped. So now he has a love for photography and takes beautiful pictures wherever we go. And we both get to enjoy them.

couple overlooking a city with lights.

Couples Hobbies

Themed TV Nights with Friends

On that note, invite your friends over for a themed night. Like each week, have everyone over for The Bachelor. (Yes, we know several guys who actually love that show and have parties for it!).

Reality TV not your thing? Have Monday Night Football parties, or your favorite sports teams. Host a themed TV night where everyone can get together, enjoy the company and watch the game, fight, rose ceremony.


Start your own garden. Fill it with veggies and herbs, flowers and fruits. You can grow your own food and literally enjoy the fruits of your labor! Plus it can help you save some money on your grocery bill too.

You can grow in your backyard using a garden compost, or have your own little indoor garden. Build a greenhouse and take it to the limits.

Rock Climbing

For you adventurers out there, give rock climbing a try. You’ll want to head to a rock climbing gym to learn all the basics and learn about the necessary equipment and everything, but if you love it and want to take it to the outdoors, that can be another great hobby together.

Or if you just love rock climbing at the gym, that works too.

Comedy Shows

Nothing like bonding over a little laughter. Head to your local comedy club, or bars who host stand-up nights and laugh like crazy. After several comedy shows, maybe write your own stand up together. Practice at home and if you’re brave enough, sign up for the open mic night one time!

Hobbies For Married Couples

Side Hustle

Want to find a hobby you can do together that makes money? Start a side hustle. This could mean so many things. You can start a class somewhere to teach others, make furniture or artwork to sell, start a blog together, do a YouTube channel, become personal trainers, makeover someones yard, make your own mugs with the best tumbler press, etc.

There’s not really a limit to what you can do to earn some extra money together.
Try making your own shirts together with sublimation shirts.

couple working on laptops together.

Best Hobbies For Couples


Go out shooting. Try a bow and arrow, shoot at the indoor shooting range or go to a long range outside. Shoot skeet and see how many you can hit. It’s a good adrenaline pumping hobby to do together.


You can do your own yoga routines at home, in a park, or take a class. There are really cool couple’s yoga routines that would be fun to master. It takes lots of strength, core work and balance. Making Yoga your hobby together can bring you closer and enjoy a good stretch as well.

Scuba Diving

Just because you don’t live near the ocean doesn’t mean you can’t learn to scuba dive. Take a course together and learn all the skills you need to take it to the ocean on your next vacation. Decide when you are both done with classes, where you will go to practice your new skill together. Maldives, anyone?


How about going back to the old school days of just hanging out, having good conversation, and enjoying the bar games? Playing darts and making it a competition weekly with other could be a fun hobby to help both of you get out of the house and enjoying some time together.


Curling is a sport that might not be easily found where you are, but we’ve heard some couples really love it. They even have travel tournaments where you can go to other towns and compete with their curling teams.


Camping is a great way to bond with this hobby too. It adds lots of other hobbies all in one. Cooking, Hiking, Traveling, etc. Taking one weekend each month away to go on a quick camping trip is such a great idea for enjoying time together. Get away from technology, find somewhere with limited cell service, and just enjoy each other and the nature around you.

couple sitting in front of a tent having a picnic.


Head to the antique shops and find some treasures! Have you seen the shows where people do this and make a ton of money? If you’re into history and love finding old things to collect or even sell, antiquing might be a great hobby for you. Head to random towns and explore their antique shops…especially small towns that aren’t around big cities. There’s always some kind of treasure in there.

Flipping Items

On that note, you can also flip items. This means you purchase and item and then turn around and sell it for more. Doesn’t have to be antiques either. You can find really cheap furniture on places like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and other buy/sell apps and turn that furniture into something worth way more. Paint it, decorate it, and make the item worth more, then sell it in its new condition.


If you’re more into doing something relaxing and hanging out at home, you can start doing puzzles. For some, this is actually a therapeutic activity…for others, it can be quite stressful.

We have a fun family Christmas tradition where a bunch of families all do the same puzzle every Christmas starting on December 1st. It ended up being an unspoken competition, but we actually love sitting down together and completing a puzzle.

Card Games

Poker, anyone? Playing card games together is another idea of spending time together at home without needing much. And there are so many awesome game ideas online that you’ll never get bored with your two-player games. Better yet, invite some friends over a couple times too to mix it up.

Lunches at The Park

Spending a beautiful Saturday at the park relaxing and having a picnic is a great hobby to start that won’t cost much at all. Just the cost of the food you’re taking. If you’re looking for something low key, but you can still enjoy the outdoors, this one would be great for you.

couple looking out over the water.

Hobbies Couples Can Do Together

Volunteer Together

What better way to bond and spend time with each other than to give back to the community? You can volunteer at the soup kitchen and help cook and serve food at your local homeless shelter, volunteer at a church for whatever help they may need, or become a volunteer at an animal shelter. There are so many different ways you can volunteer around your community, and doing it together is the best way.

No matter what you decide to do together, starting a hobby is a great way for you to spend more time with each other, and bond over 

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