Amazon Date Ideas

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Looking for Amazon Date Ideas? Here are a few you can use.

Amazon has become our go-to for many of our everyday essentials. Quick delivery, low prices and a huge choice has seen the popularity of the e-commerce website soar. 

Amazon may not immediately spring to mind when you think of romance, but it can be a huge inspiration for your next date night. These products also make thoughtful gifts for your significant other. 

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Here are our top date night ideas from Amazon:


Cooking together encourages you to work as a team, and what could be more romantic than a wonderful meal together afterwards.

More Than 120 Recipes to Nourish your Relationship

This cookbook encourages couples to dedicate one night a week together to make a meal. It contains delicious sounding seasonal recipes and even a few cocktail recipes too!

Painting Date

Express your creative side with a painting themed date night.

Our Paint Night– This creative date night set includes canvases, mixing palettes, brushes and acrylic paint. As an added bonus, you even get jelly bean sweets to share while your artwork dries! 


Playing games together can be a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your partner better.

Deeper Connections

These cards contain hours of questions and conversation starters designed to strengthen your bond. This game is perfect for any couple, from those in the early stages of dating, to spouses who have been married for years!

Truth or Dare for Couples

This game is full of questions and challenges for those looking to spice up their relationship. The cards contain naughty dares such as “remove an item of clothing of your choice from your partner”. Perfect for a fun and sexy night in together.


Puzzles are probably something you haven’t done as a child. But building something together can be a relaxing activity, as well as being therapeutic.

Puzzle of Love

A puzzle themed date night box, this set contains 2 unique puzzles to put together, designed specifically for couples.


Dedicate a night a month together by subscribing to an Amazon date night subscription kit. A fun and unique set will be delivered to your door each month.

Crated with Love

Each box has activities and games to play, with a fun new theme each month! Themes include a haunted house, shark attack and pre-historic, so you are guaranteed a unique experience.

This subscription service is described as being silly, adventurous, and a little ‘out there’—ideal for couples looking for laughs that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Escape Room

Escape Rooms allow you to take on exciting challenges together, all from the comfort of your own home.

Escape Room: The Game

This game has four escape room challenges in one! Themes include virus, murder mystery, prison break and fun land. Set a timer, and you’ll have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and crack the code.

Making Plans

Making plans for the future will help you connect and have something to look forward to. 

The Couple’s Bucket List

This card set includes over 100 date ideas and conversation starters. Pick a couple of date night ideas each that you would both like to try and schedule when they are going to happen. The set comes with a handy organizer so you can divide your cards into done, doing and to do.

Goals & Dreams Date Night

The Goals & Dreams Date Night box contains goal tickets, a playlist link, instructions and even a cute piggy bank! The set includes inspiration for things you would like to do and achieve together in the future, such as ‘A day trip we’d like to take’. This date night will spark excitement for the future by creating shared plans and goals.

100 Date Nights Scratch Off Poster

This poster has scratch off circles; with gorgeous images revealed underneath for when you have completed each date! Dates include visiting an art gallery, taking a dance class and watching the sunset. The poster will also make a lovely decorative piece for your home, to remind you of how much you have to look forward to together.


A romantic date night might feel a little cheesy but will ultimately help you communicate and express how much you value your partner.

50 Reasons Why I Love You

This book includes prompts for you to fill out, to ultimately compile a list of 50 reasons why you love each other. Prompts include ‘nobody can … the way you do’ and ‘you make me want to be better at’. It makes a lovely keepsake to look over if you ever need a reminder of how much you care about one another.

Romance in a Box

Romance in a Box comes in three levels- starter, deluxe and luxury, depending on how much you would like to spend. Contents include candles, massage oil, blindfold, satin bedsheets, champagne flutes and rose petals. Basically everything you would ever need for a romantic night in together!

Movie Night

The movie theatre is a classic date night location. Create your own version at home by snuggling up and relaxing with some of your favourite movies.

Movie Night Care Package– This care package contains everything you need to make a night in with a movie feel like a real treat! It contains snacks and sweets to give an authentic movie-theatre feel to your evening. The set also includes a one-time code to Red Box, allowing you to select a movie of your choice.

Spa Night

A spa night in will not only melt away your stress but also encourage physical contact!

Romantic Spa Gift Box

This gift set has a bamboo caddy so you massage each other like professionals! Also includes towels, candles, rose petals, essential oils, bath products and champagne flutes.

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