Bridal Lingerie Shower

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What Is A Bridal Lingerie Shower?

A Bridal Lingerie Shower is a flirty twist on a traditional bridal shower. This party involves giving the bride lingerie and sleepwear gifts, which are sure to go down well with the groom!

Usually, these presents will be used for the wedding night or honeymoon. The guest list is typically limited to the bride’s closest friend, as the vibe tends to be intimate and sexy. 

image reads "bridal lingerie shower" with bride and bridesmaids wearing robes with champagne glasses.

Tips For Planning A Bridal Lingerie Shower

Choose The Right Location

Ideally, you will want to host the lingerie bridal shower in a private place, such as the bride or maid of honor’s home. It’s a little inappropriate to be showing off underwear in a public setting! Consider getting a hotel room if someone’s home isn’t an option.

Get The Bride’s Sizes In Advance

Avoid potentially insulting the bride by obtaining her bra and dress size in preparation. Remember, many companies do not accept returns for intimate items, so it’s essential you get this right.

The maid of honor should check this info and distribute them to all the attendees. These can be added to the invites, along with any extra details like the bride’s tastes, favorite colors etc.

Create A Playlist

Go for sexy songs with a girl power message. Pop music tends to be a popular choice. Think Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and the Pussycat Dolls! You may also want to include a few of the bride’s favorites, as long as they are upbeat.

Set A Dress Code

Coordinating your outfits brings the whole group together and looks amazing in photos! You could go for a sleepover theme and have everyone wear pajamas, get everyone to wear pink, or suggest lingerie-inspired clothing such as corsets for more outgoing groups.

Only Invite The Bride’s Closest Friends

Weddings are a great opportunity to meet new people and become closer to distant friends. However, it may make the bride feel a little uncomfortable to be discussing her lingerie with those she doesn’t know well!

Avoid any awkwardness by only inviting her nearest and dearest. Leave mum and grandma off the guest list in case the girl talk gets a little risque!

Don’t Forget Food & Drink

Finger foods work better here than a sit-down meal option. Cocktails and champagne are also a must!


Some small decorative details will make the evening one to remember. This can be to suit the bride’s tastes, but popular options tend to be pink and girly themed.

Think Victoria Secrets fashion show! Balloons and flowers work well here. You could even use underwear as a decorative prop! Simply place a washing line up and pin-up your prettiest panties.


Keep your guests entertained with some lingerie themed bridal shower games. Silly, flirty games suit the theme well. See our list below for some great suggestions.

Gift ideas For A Bridal Lingerie Shower

Bridal Panties- These white bridal panties come embellished with the bride’s new name- perfect for the wedding night!

Bridal Robe- A bridal robe is a nice touch for wearing while getting ready for the wedding and during the honeymoon. This white silk one from Amazon with ‘bride’ in rhinestones is ideal.

Garter- Every bride needs a garter! This gorgeous one from Amazon also features a blue bow, so it can double as her ‘something blue’.

Pajamas-Bridal pajamas are a useful item for the honeymoon. These Etsy ones are the perfect balance between comfortable and sexy and come personalized with the bride’s name. 

Grooms Face Panties- This is one of those gifts that will make the whole room burst out laughing! These hilarious panties from Etsy are customized with photos of the groom’s face.

Naughty Couples Date Gift Set – Just because it’s a lingerie party doesn’t mean you are limited to giving underwear as a gift. Anything sexy will fit the theme well. A naughty date night kit will be appreciated by both the bride and groom to be!

Lingerie Shower Party Ideas

Lingerie Cupcake Toppers – Add a flirty touch to desserts with these lingerie toppers from Amazon.

‘Oh La La’ Banner This gold banner from Amazon makes a great extra for a bridal lingerie shower.

Lingerie Party Streamers- These paper lingerie set banners are an eye-catching decorative piece. Available from Amazon.

Bridal Lingerie Shower Invites – Set the tone before the party with these personalized lingerie invites from Amazon.

Bridal Lingerie Shower Games

Lingerie Word Scramble This printable from Etsy involves unscrambling lingerie-related words. Whoever completes their card fastest wins!

Lingerie Shower Bingo – Another great printable game from Etsy. Look out for items/events throughout the evening and tick them off as you go. Terms to tick off include ‘bride laughs’, ‘something red’ and ‘someone takes a photo’. The first one to complete a row is the winner.

Lingerie Trivia Game- Find out how much your guests know about lingerie with this fun trivia game from Etsy. Questions include “What is the most popular color of lingerie” and “what is the average amount of panties a woman owns”.

Drop Your Panties- Drop Your Panties involves each guest bringing a pair of underwear that reflects their personality. The group then have to work out who owns which panties. Super fun for a group of close friends!

Lingerie Game Package- For a fuss-free option, this bundle from Etsy contains ten different games designed for bridal lingerie parties. This pack includes “Who Knows The Bride Best”, “Bridal Shower Bingo” and “Find the Guest Game”. All printables feature gorgeous lingerie themed illustrations. 

Throwing a lingerie-themed bridal shower can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate the bride-to-be and her upcoming wedding. From playful games to decadent desserts, there are plenty of ways to make this type of shower unique and enjoyable for all involved.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that the bride-to-be is comfortable with this type of theme and that all guests understand the expectations for appropriate behavior and gift-giving.

With some planning and consideration, a lingerie-themed bridal shower can be a great way to honor the bride and create a celebration that she will never forget.

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