Fun & Unique Send-Off Ideas For Your Wedding in 2024

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Looking for the best send-off ideas for your wedding, but want something fun and unique? After the wedding reception guests typically give the new couple a send-off, before they are heading off on their honeymoon or back home to start their new lives together!

Best Wedding Send Off Ideas

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What Is A Wedding Send Off?

A wedding send off is typically done when all the guest gather around the bride and groom, and wish them well, as the bride and groom leave from the wedding.

This can be done before they leave from the ceremony or reception. If you’re wanting to do one after the ceremony, it’s typically done when you are changing venues.

When Should You Do A Wedding Send Off?

Now days, the couple likes to spend every minute they can at their reception, so this could potentially make it so there are not very many guests left to send the couple off.

But we think you should make the wedding send off your own. Yes, it may just be for the photos, and not actually you jumping in your car to head off, but no one really cares anyway.

It’s become more of a best wishes type of thing rather than anyone expecting you to leave right then and there. So feel free to do your send off whenever is best for photos, before all your guests start heading out, or even when you’re walking back down the aisle.

Things To Think Of For Your Wedding Exit Send Off

  1. Your Venue – Most venues will have their own policies when it comes to things like what people are throwing on the ground, or lighting up. Make sure you know the rules, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to go through with your plan.
  2. The Weather – If it’s going to be a crazy windy day, you may want to re-think having things thrown around the air.
  3. The Timing – Doing a sparkler exit probably won’t work best when it’s still day time. Think of what it is going to look like outside and choose accordingly.

What Can You Use Instead Of Rice For A Send Off?

Rice was traditionally thrown at the new couple as they made their way to their transportation back in the day, however rice has fallen out of popularity in recent years. Apparently, it is harmful to birds, and let’s face it, a little boring!

So if you want a fun and memorable send off from your guests, here are some fun ideas to give the bride and groom the send-off they deserve:


Another wedding tradition is to throw confetti over the bride and groom as they leave. There are all types of biodegradable confetti options, and the photos can turn out beautifully!

Confetti Wand

Upgrade your confetti throwing with a confetti wand. You simply remove one end of the tube and wave it in the air. When you flick your wrist and arm, confetti will start to fly and fall in the air! These wands are also made of biodegradable tissue paper so you have a guilt-free celebration without worrying about potential harm to the environment.


Give each guest a sparkler to wave goodbye to the couple. This is even more magical at nighttime, and will look fantastic in any photos! Organize your sparklers with these sparkler sleeves and match sets from Etsy. They can even be customized to feature the Bride and Groom’s names!

Bride and Groom holding sparklers during the wedding send off


Bubbles are bound to be a hit with any children at the wedding. Bubbles add a whimsical, playful mood to the send-off. Bubbles have the added bonus of not leaving any mess behind! Let your guests know the plan by displaying your bubbles next to a gorgeous sign.


A balloon release is quite a spectacle to add to your send-off. Photos and videos will look stunning! Go for balloons which match the colour scheme of the wedding. Choose biodegradable balloons to ensure you aren’t harming the environment. Chinese lanterns also work well for this. Amazon offers dove-shaped balloons just for the occasion!

LED Balloons

Or go for the alternative of LED Balloons at night. Your guests don’t even let them go. Just hold them and wave them around for some great photos.

Flower Petals

Flower petals are the romantic version of confetti! Plus they smell incredible and won’t harm the environment. You can order some from your florist, or get some from Amazon to throw.


Glitter is a messy yet fabulous way to send off the bride and groom! Go for oversized glitter as it is easy to clean up. Oversized glitter is available from good craft stores or places like Amazon or Etsy.


Waving bells as the happy couple leave is ideal for church weddings, but can add a traditional feeling to any venue. ‘Ring The Bell To Wish Them Well’ bells are available from Amazon.

The coolest part, is you can use these as kissing bells throughout the reception as well. The bride and groom have to kiss anytime the guests start ringing the bells.

Glow Sticks

Perhaps the bride and groom love rave music or maybe the venue has said no to sparklers! Glow sticks are a fun replacement and look striking in the dark. Purchase your neon sticks in bulk, available from Amazon.

The photos look awesome when everyone is wearing a bunch, and waving them around in a tunnel for the send off!


Also known as party poppers, streamers let you say goodbye to the couple with a bang! Vibrant colours will make for exciting photos. Check with your venue first, as they do leave quite a mess behind! If you want streamers with more of a ‘formal’ feeling, these silver ones from Amazon fit the bill.

Fiber Optic Wands

Another fun glow in the dark option could be these fiber optic wands. Choose the white ones for a uniform look, or go for all the colors, for a fun pop!

Ribbon Wands

A new send off idea for your wedding that is gaining lots of popularity, is the ribbon wand send off. The cool part about the ribbon wands is you can purchase your own in bulk like these, or you can even make your own! Some even have a bell on the end.

Wish Lanterns

One of the most romantic send offs are the wish lanterns. Although these are not allowed in many places, so you’ll have to ask your venue. There are also biodegradable ones that you can get, so there isn’t any harm to the environment.

Fall Leaves Send Off

If you’re getting married in the fall, collect lots of different colored leaves to have your guests toss around you while you’re making your exit. It can bring a fun photo op to the end of your day.

Hole Punched Leaves

We’ve also heard of brides doing confetti from leaves. All you need is a hole punch a tons of leaves to collect, and start punching circles out of the leaves to make your own confetti. Perfect replacement for real confetti.

Fake Snow

Perfect for a winter wedding, why not have your guests make it snow during your send off. Even if its not snowing on your day, you can get the romantic snowy pictures with your guests throwing snow up in the air.

Pom Pom Balls

We heard a cute and unique idea where a bride told us she was doing pom poms. You know, the ones you get at a craft store like these

It makes for cute photos, and is definitely a unique idea.

Pom Poms

Speaking of pom pom balls, why not do real pom poms?! Like the ones used for cheering. Having your guests wave these around for your send off can give you some fun photos.

Music/Noise Makers

Think tambourines with ribbons, maracas for some sound, or something similar. Make it a whole party!

Firework Sendoff

Want to wow your guests?! Put together a romantic firework send off! Again, this is only allowed in some places, so you’ll have to check with your venue, but what an awesome way to end your perfect day!

Friends And Family Tunnel

Keep it simple and have your friends and family line up creating a tunnel for the two of you. Run or walk through the tunnel a couple times, and see everyone who came out to show their love.

Getaway Ideas After The Send Off

The send off is all leading up to when the new bride and groom leave the reception and head off on their honeymoon, or off to their place to stay. Traditionally, couples would get in a car, and have someone drive them away. But there are some other fun ways to do this.

Classic Getaway Car

Jump in the back seat of an awesome antique car. Have someone drive you to your next spot, so you don’t have to worry about driving the night of your reception.

Boat Take Off

If your wedding is around a body of water, hop in a boat and sail off into the sunset. You could always do this after your ceremony and before your reception as well.

Horseback Exit

Are you a lover of horses? Hop on a horse together and ride away. Or have a horse drawn carriage take you away from the reception, where you can hop into your car to head out for real.

Cinderella Carriage

Some places even have beautiful carriages you can ride off in. Whether it’s a pumpkin shaped carriage or not, this could be a fun way to leave together.

Whatever you choose for your send-off, make it your own. Don’t think you have to skip it, if you want to stay till the end. And don’t think you can’t do something fun if your venue doesn’t allow sparklers or something similar. There are so many different ways you can create this fun photo op with you and your new spouse.

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