All About Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers & Sam’s Club Bulk Flowers

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So you’ve heard about Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers and how they can save you so much money on your wedding floral budget with their cheap wedding flower packages? Well, we’re here to give you our Sam’s Club wedding flowers reviews!

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We had an outdoor wedding and reception, (see all our wedding details here) so we didn’t need very many decorations, but of course every wedding should have beautiful flowers! When we started seeing prices florists are charging for your wedding flowers, we almost decided to just make them ourselves by going to the local farmers market.

But, we also knew that putting together flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnières, etc would be a lot of work on the day or day before the wedding as well. So when we discovered that Sam’s Club Club has pre-made wedding flower bundles, we were sold!

And, they are the fraction of the cost of what you would get by getting them through a florist!

We are all about saving money on our wedding, so we had no hesitations to get our Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers!

All About Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers & Sam’s Club Bulk Flowers

Sam’s Club Wedding Collections

Doing your own flowers doesn’t have to mean you have to spend all day the day before your wedding trying to get everything just right. With Sam’s Club Wedding Collections, most of the work is already done for you! You’ll get cheap wedding flower packages all arranged and ready to go!

Sam’s Club has over 100 options of wedding flower packages you can choose from for your big day. Pick a color, and check out all their options here.

Since we were doing so much at our DIY Wedding, I decided it would be better to buy a pre-made collection, so we went with the Wedding Collection White Roses that has 43 pieces included!

I wanted white flowers for our wedding, so this collection was perfect! It includes pretty much everything you need for the ceremony, and some for the reception as well. This wedding package came with:

-1 Bridal Bouquet

-1 Toss Bouquet (for the bouquet toss)

-6 Bridesmaid Bouquets

-12 Corsages

-1 Groom’s Boutonniere

-11 Boutonnieres

-10 Centerpieces

-4 Boxes of Flower Petals

-Floral Clippers

All for just over $1000! That is a steal for wedding flowers! If you’ve been getting quotes for your wedding flowers already, you probably don’t even believe it.

Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers Review

Now for the review part…

The one thing that was difficult for us, was that there were no real reviews or photos of what you got, what they looked like, how big they were, etc. So it kind of felt like a gamble not knowing exactly what we would be getting. Which is why we wanted to write up this post for other brides looking to do your own flowers with Sam’s Club.

 photo by Lavishly Lux Studio photo by Lavishly Lux Studio

Let me just say, they turned out perfect!! I could not be more happy with this collection. And they have over 100 different options for you to choose, so you can pick your perfect bundle.


Ordering the flowers on Sam’s Club’s website was pretty straight forward. You can’t order the flowers more than 3 weeks out, so make sure to set a reminder to order them. But, you can also order them just one week out at a minimum. (The shipping date will depend what day you order them, so if you order on a Saturday, you can’t get them until the next Tuesday…so 10 days).

We recommend keeping an eye on the delivery dates, and try to order as soon as possible.

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Each of Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers comes with shipping! So no worries on crazy shipping charges. (Even though some of these flowers are shipped from other countries! Our roses came from Ecuador.)

Sam’s Club recommends that you have your flowers shipped 2 days before your event. This gives them enough time to open up and “breathe” after their long venture to you. 2 days was a good time for our roses and lilies to open up, but I would say if you have other flowers that tend to need longer, maybe add one day to your order. Our flowers still would have been perfect if we ordered them 3 days in advance. Plus, it could give you more time to arrange stuff if you need.

We had a little snag with trying to get our order delivered to our venue early. Our venue was 2 1/2 hours from us, and we weren’t going to be there in time for us to receive the flowers. We didn’t know this until the last minute, but we discovered we could have the flowers shipped directly to the local Walgreens, and we changed our FedEx delivery as soon as we got the notification email that our flowers had shipped.

If you are far from your venue and can’t travel with your flowers, then send them to the venue, and then change it to your nearest FedEx facility, where you can pick them up when you get there. That’s a little tip we discovered.

You might be worried about your flowers sitting in a box and getting wilted while they just wait for you….but Sam’s Club packages their flowers so nicely, and will gel type “beads” that will help your flowers stay nice and fresh.

Our Sam’s Club wedding flowers package came nicely bundled in 2 large boxes, and the flowers were in pristine condition.

Here’s how the flowers look when they get to you.

Care & Handling

Sam’s Club will send you instructions with your wedding flower packages, but it’s nice to know what you are going to have to do before, so you can plan out your schedule. So we are including the photo of their care instructions here for you as well. But here are the basics…

1.Get the Flowers Unpacked!
You’re going to need to unpack your flowers as soon as you get them, and get them in some water.

Your flowers will have been without water for over 24 hours, so they’ll need to get some hydration for them to perk up and be ready to display. Our flowers could have been put right on the table, after adding them to the vases, they looked that good. But, we did want the roses and lilies to open up a bit more, so we unpackaged them and took the tissue paper off each one so they could open up more.

If you are working on your flowers somewhere other than the venue, you’ll want to keep the tissue paper for you to help transport them to the venue.

2. Remove “hydration sponge and bag from the lower stems”. Each flower arrangements, including bouquets, will be shipped with a sponge on the bottom, to help keep them as hydrated as possible. You’ll want to remove those and clip the ends with the flower clippers that are provided. (Double check to see if your flower clippers are in your package…Some are not included, so we recommend these.)9

All of your boutonnieres, corsages, and flower petals will arrive in a clear case, and all you have to do is get them in the refrigerator. You’ll want to leave them in there until the very last minute, and then they can be pinned on right before the ceremony.

*Do note that the corsages can be pin on and not wrist corsages. We had a friend change our into wrist corsages.

3. Add the flowers into buckets of water with the flower food.

We actually did not do this for the bouquets or centerpieces. (We did for our extra bulk flowers).

Instead, we laid them in the fridge on the opposite site they were shipped. I am not telling you this was the right thing to do, but telling you that’s what we did, and they were still perfect at 5:00pm on our Saturday Wedding. We put them in the fridge on Thursday around 5pm. I did flip them a couple times, so they would not be laying on the same side. We did keep the hydration sponge on these!

**If you want your flowers to stay “tight” or more “budded” then keep them in the fridge. If you want them to bloom a bit, keep them in room temperatures. The warmer it is, the quicker they will bloom.


We ended up having an amazing family friend work with all of our flowers the day of. She went above and beyond, and we cannot thank her enough for her awesome work!

That morning, we had the flowers arranged to make the centerpieces. We had 10 centerpieces come in our collection, and had 15 tables. So we made 5 extra from the extra bulk flowers we ordered.

The vases are not included in the package, so we did have to go find some that worked.

That was one thing I was really nervous about, because they recommended 8” globe vases, and those were just out of my price range for what I wanted to spend. We ended up grabbing all the vases we had around the house, and they turned out great. We used tall ones, short ones, round and square, and they all looked great. Plus I loved the little differences at each table. Check out these and these if you aren’t sure which vases to go with.

We had our bouquets trimmed, because I personally didnt like how long the stems were, but that’s the only modification we made on those. We took the bridal bouquet and added some beautiful blue hydrangeas and greenery to it, since I wanted more color and more of a cascading bouquet.

And that’s it! The flowers were ordered on, shipped to a local FedEx facility, picked up by us and put in the fridges and water containers, and all ready to go for our day!

Extra Pieces/Create your own packagE

If you love the idea of having a pre-made wedding flower package, but you don’t need everything included, Sam’s Club has lots of different options for you to get exactly what you want. If you only need boutonnieres, they have a package for that…just bouquets, they’ve got it! Check out the whole line of Sam’s Club wedding flowers here.

Sam’s Club Bulk Flowers

Now onto the Sam’s Club Bulk Flowers! The pre-made collections really saved us tons of time and probably frustration in trying to arrange all of the flowers. Plus we didn’t have to buy ribbon, flower tape, flower wire, etc.

But, there are some limitations to the pre-made packages, like you can’t order an arch display, and what you see is what you get on the flowers. So if you want to add extra colors, a different type of flower, etc., then we recommend buying some bulk flowers on the side as well.

If you’re up for the challenge of creating all of your wedding flowers from sam’s club bulk flowers, then more power to you! This is definitely the way to go!

We purchased an extra 100 white roses, 20 stems of blue hydrangeas, and a whole pack of California Greens.  This helped us make the arch flower arrangement, my bridal bouquet, and the extra 5 centerpieces needed. And we had a TON of flowers left over!! Did you know flowers have different meanings? Like this bluebell flower meaning. Check out your flowers to see what they might mean…could help you choose between some you might be going between.

The bulk flowers from Sam’s Club has pretty much the same delivery, care & instructions as the cheap wedding flower packages.  Each order came in a different box, since they were shipped from different places. We had some come from Miami, some from Ecuador, and some from California.

As soon as you receive your bulk flowers, you’ll want to get them in water asap. Be sure to have some large buckets full of water as well.  We picked ours up from Lowes, but you can grab these as well.

You’ll want to fill the buckets with water, add any flower food that may have come with your flowers, and trim the ends, so they’re all fresh and ready to work with.

Again, if you want your flowers to bloom and open faster, you might want to keep them out of the fridge, but still keep them in a cool room so they don’t wilt. Sam’s Club recommends at least 4-6 hours for them to rehydrate, and some up to 12 hours.

We’re including the care instructions for the bulk flowers below.

White Roses

Our roses were so beautiful, it was hard to tell they shipped in the mail! We wanted them to bloom a bit, so we took the cardboard off immediately and added them to the buckets, and kept them out of the fridge, but in a cool-ish place. You can order these white roses in 50 or 125 counts, so we just did 2 of the 50 counts.

Assorted California Greens – 20 Bunches

The Assorted California Greens seemed to have the best selection of the greenery I was looking for, so we went with this package. There was SOOO much in this box. It filled 2 buckets and we still had greenery that couldn’t fit. Definitely an awesome buy. We used this in my bouquet, the arch, and a few random arrangements.

Hydrangea, Blue Jumbo and Natural Combo (20 stems)

I knew I wanted a little pop of color in my bouquet, but we didn’t really have a wedding color besides gold, ivory, and silver. So I went with these blue hydrangeas since they would compliment the guy’s suits. They came in the perfect color! I was a little nervous they would look fake and dyed, but they were the natural blues that I absolutely loved! We did a little in my bouquet (and broke them up because I didn’t want a “ball” in the bouquet), and added some to the arch floral arrangement, and some on our sweetheart table.

Flower SeasonS

Sam’s Club has tons more flowers as well look on their site today. Remember that flower have seasons, so there may be more available to you, or different kinds, by the time you go to purchase them.

We cannot recommend Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers enough. They saved us so much time, so much money, and so much effort with their pre-arranged flower packages as well. If you’re looking for cheap wedding flower packages or the best bulk flowers for your wedding, Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers is the place to go!!

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