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Having an open bar for your wedding can be a very expensive part of wedding budget. When it comes to all of the other details of your magical day, you can usually sneak in some amazingly frugal ideas and stocking your own bar is just one of the awesome ways to save loads of money. It turns out to be a lot cheaper bringing in your own alcohol, than to hire a fully stocked bar.

If you’re planning on stocking your own wedding bar, we highly recommend Here are a few reasons why you should stock your bar with Total Wine & More on your wedding day.

Why You Should Stock Your Bar with Total Wine & More

Free 1-Hour Wedding Consult with Tasting

Check with your local Total Wine & More store to schedule a 1-hour wedding consult with a tasting where you’ll be given personalized recommendations based on your preferences, menu, and size of the wedding. The professionals here truly know their wine and after this tasting, you’ll have your selections already narrowed down to stock your bar for your wedding day. We were kind of clueless when it came to which wines we thought would be good, so it was really cool that we actually got to sample the wines we wanted to purchase. We loved every bottle our consultant picked for us, and he even helped us with numbers of what to get, which is one of the hardest parts!

Expert Advice

This company really knows their wine and is happy to provide expert advice to get the perfect wine options for your wedding day. Stocking your bar with is an excellent way to ensure you’re matching the alcohol options properly with the food you plan to serve based on the expert tips from those who work at TotalWine & More. B and I had no idea what type of wine to get, which wines would pair well with our food, etc. But when we headed to TotalWine, our consultant helped up choose the perfect wines to go with our vision

Saves You Money

When it comes to serving alcohol at your wedding, it truly can be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding budget. Using Total Wine & More allows you to save money by stocking your own bar versus hiring someone to come bartend and stock the bar. This is a huge money-saver and with the expert tips, you’ll have the correct alcohol options available for your guests.

Wide Selections

I was amazed to find out that Total Wine & More not only offers wine and beer, but they also offer a wide selection of spirits (where allowable by law) to stock your bar on your special day. They have over 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirits, and 2,500 beers to choose from. This means Total Wine & More has an option to stock your entire bar no matter how small or large your budget is for your wedding beverages.

One STop Shop

Total Wine & More has everything you need to stock your wedding bar. They have the alcohol, the mixers, the extra ingredients you may need to create your signature cocktails (where allowable by law). They were able to help us decide what we needed for each drink, and showed us the best products to purchase for our bar.

In Store & Online

Total Wine & More has physical stores across 23 states, and depending on your state laws, they can ship direct as well! So, you can walk into the store and grab what you need, or even place your order online. You can do in-store pick up as well. We went into Total Wine & More in Rancho Cucamonga on the way to our venue for the weekend, and purchased our alcohol on the same day right after our consultation. It was so easy!


We were also quite surprised to see Total Wine & More had some great deals and sales on their products. While checking out, we discovered that we were going to save at least 10% because we purchased more than 6 bottles. Their sales will vary, so you can even get 15% off 6 or more bottles, which is the sale going on at the time of writing this article. So not only are you saving money because you are stocking your own bar, but you will also be able to save money from buying in bulk! Bring on all the savings!!

Being able to stock your own bar with Total Wine & More is the perfect way to sit back, relax and trust the experts to provide you with the best recommendations to ensure that wedding day bar stays fully stocked. Between the 1-hour wedding consult with tasting and the ability to find a store local to us, this is by far one of the best options to go with when it comes to stocking your bar for your wedding day.

Check out their super helpful brochure that will help you figure out how much alcohol you need, how much you get per bottle, or serving size, etc.

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