Generation Tux Review…Spoiler…We LOVED them!

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Did you know, you can rent your bridal party suits without ever stepping foot in a store? No fittings, no going to the store to pick your favorite, going back to the store to get fitted, going again to pick it up, and still another time to drop it off? You can do all of this in the comfort of your own home! Here’s our Generation Tux Review…

You may have never thought about using an online tux rental service for your wedding, but the reality is there are some great benefits of using an online tux rental service for your next formal event or wedding. We discovered Generation Tux, an online tux rental company headquartered in Kentucky, that offers reasonable pricing and many options to get the best tux of your choice for your wedding, or even next formal event.

And we cannot recommend them enough! We had such a great experience with them, and the suits looked absolutely perfect! The men had so many compliments on their suits all night. We loved the color, we loved the fit, and we loved the ease of getting each guy their suit without having to hassle everyone.

Why Get Groomsmen Attire from Generation Tux?

Our favorite things about Generation Tux, is they can save you time, money, and a lot of effort trying to figure out the best color, style, size, etc.

The eTailor that Generation Tux uses is actually a pretty accurate tailor, it’s like you’re being measured in real life for the perfect tuxedo fit. Your groomsmen answer a few questions about their body and from there the eTailor will match them up with the perfect tuxedo or suit to wear to the wedding.

To be honest, I was a little nervous that the suits would come in, and all of the guys would have to rush order a different size of at least one item…but, we had 7 suits that fit perfectly! None of our guys had to change anything! And they looked amazing!

The groom gets a free at home try-on, so you can see the tux or suit in person to make sure its the perfect color and fit you want all your guys to order. We didn’t quite understand how the eTailor worked, but B’s suit came in almost fitting perfectly. We just called up Generation Tux, and told them about the minor fixes we would need when it was time, and they added the notes to our account.

While you may be reluctant to opt for an online tux rental for your groomsmen, GenTux makes sure you have plenty of time for the tux to be returned and altered should the tux not fit your groomsmen. They’ll send the suit or tux out, and if something doesn’t fit quite right, they will send you another item that will fit right away, no waiting to ship it back. Minimal alternations up to $20 are covered by Generation Tux so you won’t be out a ton of money if your groomsmen just need a simple alteration done to their rental tux when they come in.

Using Generation Tux for your groomsmen attire allows you to save lots of time and money. Everyone has pretty busy lifestyles, which makes it more difficult to gather at a local tuxedo shop. Having your groomsmen go online to Generation Tux whenever they have a free moment to put in their measurements is a quicker way to deal with the tux rentals for your wedding, and no headaches trying to get everyone together on the same day.

How Generation Tux Saves Money and Time

Last, but not least when it comes to your wedding day, it’s all about making it a memorable event without breaking the bank. There are many ways Generation Tux saves money and time. Here are my top favorite ways Generation Tux saves money and time:

Free Color Swatches

Sometimes ordering online can be a difficult thing, since you never know exactly what you are getting. Sure, the color looks fine on your monitor, but what will it look like in person, and does it match the bridesmaid dresses you had picked out? Well, Generation Tux will send you FREE color swatches so you know the exact color to order! They have several different colors available for the suit/tux and for the accessories too!

Everything is Done Online

You can easily create an event on Generation Tux. From there you can set up a free at home try on event or order swatches to figure out which tux you’ll want to have for your groomsmen on your wedding day. Doing everything online allows you to get this wedding duty completed any time of the day or night.

Automated Reminders

Using Generation Tux means that you can virtually track whether or not the wedding party has stepped up and done what they need to do in order to get their tux rental for your wedding date. This alleviates time involved in trying to call your groomsmen to follow up and make sure they get their tux. You can easily schedule friendly reminders and see the real-time status of your wedding party’s tux rental.

Reasonable Pricing

Generation Tux has tuxedo rentals starting at around $69. Once you’ve figured out what tux you’ll rent for your groomsmen, they can do their part to get the tux rental completed and delivered. When the wedding is over, simply mail your tuxedos back within 3 days after the event with prepaid postage. Generation Tux won’t cost you extra, and it most certainly saves you time from having to go to a brick and mortar tuxedo rental shop.

Easy Return Shipping

Shipping the Tux back could not be easier. Generation Tux sends your suit or tux in a garment bag, inside of a box (with a handle). Once the event is finished, you have 3 days to ship the suit back. All you have to do is package the suit back up in the garment bag and box it came in, and add the prepaid shipping label to the outside, and drop it off at your nearest local UPS site. They make it so easy, and you don’t have to worry about rushing back to a store the day after to return it!

Bride Profile

One of my favorite things about ordering through Generation Tux, was that I was able to see everything that was going on. When I noticed some of the groomsmen hadn’t filled out their questionnaire or ordered their suit, all I had to do was tap a button that sent them a reminder email! This way, I could be the bride that was still in the know, but not having to nag (or have my fiancé nag) each of the groomsmen to get it done. I could even see when each suit was shipped! And they were shipped a lot sooner than I had expected them to be too, which helped check one more thing off my list!

Oh, and a little added bonus, they send you a free pair of socks with your suit! And if you don’t need or want to keep them, they donate the socks to someone in need. How cool is that?!

There are many benefits of using an online tux rental company, as you can see. Generation Tux offers exceptional customer service and is truly the perfect fit for any couple who wants to save time and money on tuxedo rentals.

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