Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar: Perfect Gift For Your Love

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So you want to do something special for Valentine’s Day, but you don’t want to just do your typical chocolates and flowers? How about creating a fun Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar

Collage of advent calendar -Pin reads "14 Days Of Love For Your Valentine"

An advent calendar is a countdown to the actual holiday, but you can give this gift as a “14 Days of Love” gift, where they will get to enjoy the gift for 14 days after the Valentine’s Day Holiday. 

Your Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar would be a really sweet gift for your husband, boyfriend, or fiancé, and can even be perfect for your kids!

The fun part is deciding what to put in each day of your advent calendar.  You can make it a love letter calendar where you write a love note for each day, make it a date idea calendar, where you both get to enjoy an activity together every day you open one, or add little treats in them. 

Mix all of those up and you’ll have yourself a fun and memorable gift for your love!

Valentines Day Advent Calendar with numbers 1-14

We are sharing with you, an easy idea on how to make your own DIY Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar…the main things you will need are some toilet paper rolls and construction paper. 


4 sheets of black construction paper

2 sheets of pink construction paper

2 sheets of red construction paper 

14 empty toilet paper rolls

14 Foam heart stickers

Box measuring 16”W x 11”D x 2.5”H (I used a 24 soda can box)*



Glue gun & sticks

toilet paper rolls in box with glue gun


1. Using your glue gun, start by covering the box with your black construction paper.

*This step will be optional depending on how you want to present this gift. Another idea would be to string them all together and have them hanging.

Box being covered with construction paper
Box being covered with construction paper
Box covered with construction paper

2. Cut your pink and red construction paper to fit over your toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper roll wrapped in construction paper for a valentines day advent calendar

3. Glue the pink and red construction paper over your toilet paper rolls (you should have 7 pink and 7 red rolls)

Or mix up your colors however you’d like. You could do one color for date activities, and one for Valentine’s Day treats, or something like that too. 

Construction paper and hot glue around toilet paper roll
toilet paper rolls covered in construction paper

4. Grab your felt hearts, (Or make them out of construction paper of a different color) and writer down a number on each of your hearts from 1 to 14.

heart with number 1 written on it
14 hearts with numbers 1-14 for valentines advent calendar

5. Fold one end of the paper into the roll, then fill the tube with a treat, surprise, date idea, love note or activity and fold the other end in the roll to seal.

Continue by filling and closing all rolls.

toilet paper roll folded at the end
toilet paper roll being stuffed with treats for valentines day advent calendar

6. Stick the hearts on their designated colored toilet paper rolls (ie. red hearts on pink rolls and purple hearts on red rolls, etc.)

Again, you can designate which heart color means what is inside if you would like. 

toilet paper roll advent calendar
toilet paper roll with number 2 written on it

7. On day 14 add an extra special note asking the person to be your Valentine. Maybe also invite them to a cute date. 

Or, if you are gifting them this on Valentine’s Day, give them the best gift or date on day 1 so they can open it that day.

Heart paper says "Will You Be My Valentine?" "Lets go on a Dairy Queen Date Together" For Valentines Day

8. Glue each of your rolls to your box and you’re ready to surprise your Valentine with their amazing advent calendar.

Glueing toilet paper rolls to a box for the advent calendar
Valentines Day Advent Calendar being filled with treats
kisses candy decorated as mice
Valentines Day Advent Calendar 14 days of love

Ideas to add in your Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar for your significant other:

Date Ideas/Activities:

In each day, you can add a fun activity or date to do together. Examples would be: movie night at home, breakfast in bed, pizza night, going for a walk together, etc. 


Fill your calendar with lots of their favorite treats! Fun little chocolates, gift certificates, or small items that they will love.

Valentines Day advent calendar with candy kisses looking like mice

Love Notes For Your Valentine’s Day Advent Calendar: 

Write little love notes in each day. Express how much they mean to you, or give them one thing you love about them each day.

construction paper heart says "will you be my valentine" heart

Love Coupons:

You can add several love coupons in some of the days, like a free back scratch, a neck rub, snuggle session while watching a movie, etc. 

Whatever you choose to do for your Lovers Valentines Day Advent Calendar, they will feel very loved and you get to celebrate the holiday for 14 different days full of love. They are sure to enjoy each day opening their gift and being loved by you! 

14 Days Of Love Gift Idea For Him - Valentine's Day Advent Calendar
Valentine's Day Advent Calendar - Valentine's Day Gift For Him

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