How to Rock Your Valentines Day on a Budget!

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Valentine’s Day…some people love it, and some hate it.  Yes, it’s a holiday that was created basically for the retail industry, and yes, it’s a money hog for sure.  But it doesn’t have to be!

Here are ways to rock Valentine’s Day on the cheap!

Number ONE

Celebrate the day after!!

Seriously, it’s a “made up holiday” anyway, right?  Who says you can’t celebrate the day after, or the weekend of?  Talk to your partner beforehand and figure out a day when you want to celebrate. (You don’t want your partner to not know of the schedule change and be upset they didn’t get anything for Vday!)
Both of you saving money, is always a win-win! Celebrating a day or two later can save you TONS of money!

And here’s why…

– All chocolates, candies, and valentines gifts are gonna be like 70% off come midnight February 14th.  Why spend $100 on gifts and chocolates, when you can just celebrate the next day and only pay $30 for the SAME EXACT STUFF!

-Flowers will be WAY cheaper!  Flowers, especially roses, sold the week (or weeks) leading up to V-day, are so overpriced.  Why? Because THEY CAN charge that much! We see it all the time in movies, the guy running to the store on Valentines Day, and paying an arm and a leg for the last bouquet available…seriously, if you are wanting or expecting flowers,  tell your S.O. (significant other) that you are good with waiting a day to get them.  You’ll save tons of money.

-You can eat at the restaurant you actually want to eat at, and you won’t have to be bumping elbows with the guy next to you, eating the 4 course pre-set meal that you would never order anyway.

Lots of restaurants add a pre-fixed V-day menu, and this helps them get you in and out, and they can turn over the tables and get lots more people in that way. They will also replace large table with small tables and set them so closely together, that you might as well be on a group date, because you’ll be hearing all the conversations going on.
Super romantic right?

And that’s IF you even can get reservations at your favorite restaurant.  Just wait a day, and it will all go back to normal, and you can enjoy the meal you want, at the restaurant you want, in your own private space.
Plus, she’ll think you’re super romantic to want her all to yourself instead! 😉

If you want to celebrate ON Valentine’s Day, we have ways to save for that too.
(And these are also ways to save EXTRA for those of you willing to wait as well!)

Number TWO

The Food…

1. Pay for your dinner with a discounted gift card you can get HERE.

This place lets you buy discounted gift cards to tons of different restaurants, and retail stores,  so you’ll be saving money on whatever you buy!

2.  Grab a Coupon!

Always look for coupons or deals going on.  There are coupons EVERYWHERE, and most people overlook coupons for restaurants…but they’re out there! A quick google search, and you’re sure to be saving a little extra cash at several different restaurants.  (Ok, maybe not for the super fancy ones, but it’s a start.)

-Also, look for deals and coupons online for flowers!  There’s sure to be the perfect bouquet, delivered or picked up, for a fraction of the price if you were to just drop by a florist.  Google is your friend!

3.Make a special dinner at home!

This you can do ON Valentine’s day and avoid the crowds and expensive pre-fixed menus.  Plus, alone at home cooking together, or in a crowded restaurant…what do you think is more romantic?

Number THREE

The Presents…

1. Buy a present that isn’t Valentines related.

Does she really need another stuffed pink and red dog?  Or does he need some more heart printed boxers?  Go for something you know they’ll love.  Buy something they have been talking about for a while, or something you know they are wanting.  Valentines doesn’t change the price of normal retail gifts.

2. Make the presents.

Want to save even more on presents? How about making something heartfelt?  Write a beautiful love letter, a song, a poem…paint them a picture, make an awesome photo collage, or photo book.  Find something creative that comes from the heart rather than the pocket book.  We bet it will be a gift they treasure way more than the new button up shirt.
(Unless of course, you’re Chandler, and can’t make a decent gift!)

3.  Plan an adventure or activity instead of exchanging gifts.

This is one of my favorite things to do.  We like to spend our money and time on experiences and memories rather than physical gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, gifts are good, but the memories you make together are what’s going to last a lifetime!

Check out our 7 Rainy Day Date Ideas that can actually all be done on a non-rainy day too!

Number FOUR

Skip the Hallmark Card…

When is the last time you purchased a card at the store?  Have you looked at the back and checked out the price?!  Some of these cards go for $5.99…and more!!  And most people, open the card, then the present, and throw the card away.  That $6 you’re spending can go towards so much.  Instead, opt for a handmade card, with a heartfelt letter.  Or print one online.
If you’re in a time crunch and doing everything last minute (we feel you!) then check out the 99 cent section, or even a dollar store to find the perfect card.  Save money on the card and use it to buy that delicious hot fudge brownie you know she really wants but won’t order! 😉

And there you have it.  After all, Valentine’s Day is about being with the one we love and showing them how much we care.  You don’t have to spend a lot, or anything at all if you get creative.

Show your loved ones how much they mean to you, and make this Valentine’s Day a very special memory…without breaking the bank!

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