7 Free Things to Do on Valentine’s Day: For A Budget Friendly Holiday

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Looking for Free Things to do on Valentine’s Day?! It is just around the corner, and while it can be a great, love-filled day for many, it does put a lot of unnecessary pressure on couples, who often, end up spending a lot on gifts and extravagant items and experiences, just to make their partners happy.

7 Free Things You Can Do On Valentine's Day for a budget holiday.

If you’re strapped for cash, you can probably relate. But guess what? You can actually have a great time with your partner without shelling out months of your savings. Read on to discover 7 awesome free things you can do this Valentine’s Day!

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1. Spend The Night Under the Stars

Oh yeah! Ditch the comfort of your home and go camping- in your backyard! Get out those sleeping bags, marshmallows and Ramen noodles and cook over the campfire! Spend the night under the stars, gazing, talking and just relishing the solitude!

Couple Bundles In Sleeping Bags In A Snow Castle

2. Have A Cook-Off

Having a cook-off at home with your partner can be a really fun and entertaining way to spend the day! You both can look up some cool recipes and get dirty in the kitchen- competing against each other or another couple (making it a double date with double the fun!). If you’re lucky, this can help inspire you both to cook more often and eat more home cooked meals…save money and have fun!

Girl With Large pancake plate

3. Enjoy A Movie Marathon Night

This one’s a no-brainer, and while it may not seem like a lot, it can be the perfect way to spend the romantic day in the most comfortable way…just enjoying each other’s company. Shortlist some good movies you can watch together, (they don’t even have to be romantic), order lots of pizza and just relax on the couch, spending some quality time together.

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4. Have A Picnic in the Park

Pinching pennies but still want to make your Valentine’s day memorable? Picnicing at a nice cozy spot in a nearby park is a great idea. Whip up some quick sandwiches and your favorite soft drinks and snacks and hit your local park. Bonus points if you find a lake, pond, or ocean to enjoy.

girl relaxing in hammock at lake

5. Get Goofy with At-Home Karaoke

Got a stereo system at home? That’s actually almost all you need to host karaoke at home! All you need is to look up some good karaoke apps or websites, pick one that works best for you, and have some fun without having to step out and go to that fancy bar. This can also be even more fun when you invite other couples!

6. Go Hiking

Hiking is a great way to boost your happiness levels, and doing it with your partner can really take it up a notch. Pick a hiking trail that’s close to you and somewhere you can come back home the same day. Make sure you choose somewhere you can watch the sunrise or sunset for the most romantic views!

couple in front of lake during free valentines day date

7. Enjoy a Long Drive & Music

There’s nothing that beats a long drive, some good music, and the wind in your hair to make you feel free and happy to be alive. Why not use Valentine’s day as the chance to do just that and get out with your partner? Keep yourself sober and you should be able to have a great time and come back with a smile on your face!

man driving in convertible by beach

Bonus: DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day does not have to be expensive and set you back lots of money. The day is all about being with the one you love, and there are plenty of free and cheap things to do to celebrate the day!

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