Date Ideas For Teens- Fun & Creative Dates To Impress

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Looking for Date Ideas for Teens? You’ve come to the right place! 

We get it, dating as a teenager can be hard. And trying to come up with date ideas even more difficult. You might not even drive yet, or have your own car… you probably don’t have a lot of money to spend… and you still live with your parents. 

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Finding activities to do outside of school can be a bit difficult depending on your personal situation. But with some creativity, you can plan some really awesome dates together and never get sick of doing the same thing. 

Whether you’ve been dating for a little while or heading out on your first date as a teen, we have some suggestions for you. 

Creative Date Ideas For Teens

Get creative with your dates and find something your date will love. Think of some things you both like to do and come up with a creative way to turn it into a date. Here are some of our favorite creative teen date ideas:

Be A Kid Again

Find something that reminds you of your favorite memories as a kid, and make that the date. Whether that be heading to the playground in the park, or grabbing kid’s meals at McDonalds…it’s always fun to go back to the things you loved about your childhood.

Check Out Your City Events 

Some of the best dates are the events that your city hosts. This can be a fun food truck festival, local carnival, farmers market, or movie in the park. Check out your towns website to see any fun events coming up in the near future.

You can even check a few towns near you and see if they have anything you’d like to join. 

Create A Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Create your own photo scavenger hunt or find one online. A photo scavenger hunt is when the two of you have to go around different parts of the city and snap photos of you doing something in a specific place. 

This is such a creative date since you’ll get to run around town, and be silly with one another while doing the tasks on each stop. Bonus points if you create your own tasks to do. 

Experiment At The Science Center

Have you been to a science center before? They have some really cool and interesting exhibits that are interactive. You can walk around, play with the different science lab set ups and learn some really cool things.

It’s for sure to be a really fun and creative date that you probably haven’t done together just yet.

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Breakfast For Dinner Date

Who says you can only have pancakes for breakfast?! Take your date out for breakfast at dinner! You can go to Denny’s, iHop, or a local diner that serves breakfast all day, and have your favorite breakfast meals. 

Try out all the different versions of pancakes with their all you can eat pancakes deal.

Start a 2-Man Band

If you both are into music and play an instrument and/or sing, make a date to play some songs together. You have your own jam sesh where you write your own music, or play some of your favorite songs. 

Eat Your Way Through A Food Festival 

Food is always a great idea for a date…and a food festival is even better! Find a cool food festival where you get to snack your way through the whole thing, enjoying different types of delicious apps and desserts. 

Stalk A Food Truck

If you don’t have any food festivals around, try to find your favorite food trucks around town. Google what food trucks are in your area and try to find their schedule and catch up with them for lunch or dinner one day. You can even find trucks you’ve never tried and end up finding your new favorite food!

Plan An Old School Mall Date 

We know this one might sound a bit cliché, but its done a lot because it’s the perfect place to do so many different things. Spend the day at the mall checking out random stores together, eating in the food court, and taking cheesy photo booth pictures together.

If your mall has fun and random activities like mirror mazes, laser tag, or a movie theater, join in on those. 

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Double Date- Date Ideas For Teens

Make It A Double Date

Dates can be made even better when you have some other couple friends join in. You could turn any of these into a double date, and double your fun!

Double dates help keep things a bit more casual and you end up becoming close friends with other couples. It’s especially fun when you are both friends with each person from the other couple.

Host A Game Night 

Invite all your couples friends over and have a double date game night for couples. This could also be the perfect time to get your friends together with their crush to see if you can play match maker that day. Of course don’t make it awkward on anyone.

Have each of your friends bring their favorite game and snacks and enjoy the evening playing and laughing together.

Have A Themed Movie Night 

Take movie night up one level and base everything on the theme of that movie. This is also a great one to invite other friends. You could do a series of movies like Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, or even do a TV Show marathon together.

Get creative with the snacks and desserts and fit them to the theme.

Backyard BBQ

Host a bbq in your backyard. Have all your friends bring a dish and everyone can cook outside together. Bring some games out, turn on some music and enjoy your date with all your friends.

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Cute Date Ideas For Teens

Of course you always want to impress, so try out some of these date ideas that will make your date fall harder because they are just so dang cute!

Make It A Dessert Date 

Dessert dates are seriously my favorite, and they are the cutest date idea. Your date is probably expecting to go out to dinner, and you can surprise them with dessert instead.

Remember when you wanted to eat ice cream for dinner? Now you can! Or you can do this date after dinner too.

Take your date to an ice cream shop and let them pick all the flavors they want. Or head to a cupcake store, pie bakery, or whatever their favorite type of dessert is.

They will absolutely love the thought you put into the date if you take them to their favorite place or out for their favorite dessert. 

Try Your Hand At Mini Golf 

There’s a reason mini golf is a cutesy date that you see in movies. You get to be a little competitive, walk around doing something active, and show off for your date. 

It’s a super fun and flirty date idea to add to your list. 

Make a deal that the loser buys dessert or coke after. 

Have A Beach Day 

If you live anywhere near the beach, lake, or river, take the day to have a Beach Day! Depending on what body of water is near you will depend on what you actually do. 

If you live near the ocean, pack up some snacks, water and sunscreen and head to the beach. You can take a nice long walk on the shore, play beach volleyball together, or dive in some waves.

Make sure you build a sand castle and bury someone in sand as well. 

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Volunteer Together

One of the coolest things about being a teenager, is that you are so connected to things from school, that you probably hear about all the opportunities going on around town. 

Take this date as a day to go volunteer together. Whether that be serving food at the soup kitchen, walking the animals at the animal shelter, Habitat for Humanity, or helping clean up the city, it’s sure to be a memorable date. Plus it’s a perfect free date idea!

It’s always good to give back, and even more special when you get to do it together. 

Retro Roller Skating Date For Teens

Let’s take it back old school style and head to the roller rink! This use to be the biggest thing back in our parents day, and it would be such a fun retro date idea. 

Rent your skates at the center and spend your day skating around, trying different tricks, playing the games, and having some treats from the snack bar. 

Ice Skating – For Date Ideas For Teens In Winter

If you’re looking for a great date idea for teens in winter, how about going ice skating? This is especially cute when the ice skating ring is outdoors and you get to bundle up and skate together. 

Be sure to grab some hot chocolate while you take a break and keep each other nice and toasty. 

Plan A Picnic

If you’re not sure what to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend and all your dates are becoming the same thing with grabbing lunch or burgers at your local joint, try mixing it up and surprise your partner by planning a picnic! 

A picnic is a wonderful idea because you can be more relaxed because its just the two of you there, rather than being in a restaurant and you have people all around.  This date is super simple to plan too, and it doesn’t cost much since you’re probably getting food anyway. 

All you need is a blanket, your partner’s favorite food, and the two of you! You can even bring out your songs to listen to while you relax together. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will love your creativity in switching things up. And it’s a great outdoor date idea as well!

Ride a Bike Together

Another fun thing to do together would be to ride your bikes.  It’s probably been a while since both of you have used your bikes, so you might have to dust them off from the garage. 

If you can find 2 bikes, all you need is somewhere to go…and even better if you have nowhere to go. Ride around town, find new bike paths you never knew about, and check out some pretty scenery outdoors. 

Couple laughing together with  colorful wall art

Hunt For Shooting Stars

A very romantic date would be to take your boyfriend or girlfriend to a place where you can watch the stars. 

Grab a blanket, maybe some tunes and head out of the city so you can see more stars. You can play music or talk about some fun topics you come up with while stargazing. 

Count how many shooting stars you see, and be sure to make a wish together!

Make It A Smoothie Date

Head to your local smoothie shop and enjoy some of the new season’s flavors of smoothies. Pick out two different ones, and taste test each other’s. You can even order a few small ones and have a taste testing of your own.

Play Around At The Zoo

A very cute date idea for teens would be to visit the ZOO together. You’ll get to see some cool animals, talk together, laugh and enjoy the walk throughout the zoo.

Buy 2 smashed pennies at the gift shop for a cute souvenir for you both to remember the day. 

Take Them Line Dancing 

Grab your cowboy boots and hats, and go line dancing. Some restaurants and bars host a line dancing night and don’t have age requirements before a certain time. 

Take your date out to try line dancing and learn some new moves at these events. 

Have A Chill, Trendy Cafe Date 

A really great casual date idea is to go to a cafe. You can buy delicious hot drinks and pastries, while you sit inside, admire the art and music while you have some time to chat together. 

Find a cool cafe that has couches, great drinks, and cool live music you can enjoy on your date. Perfect rainy day activity if the whether is bad too.

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Fun Date Ideas For Teens

Sometimes the best dates are the ones that make you laugh and the ones that make you feel like a kid again. Rather than getting all dressed up and trying to impress your date, plan a perfect date full of fun with these fun date ideas for teens:

007 Laser Tag 

You probably loved laser tag as a kid, or maybe you always wanted to play but never had the chance. Take them out for a few rounds of laser tag. 

This is especially fun when done with friends on a double date. You’ll get to team up together and go against the other team in each round. Try to last as long as you can. 

In between rounds, grab a milk shake or treat at the snack bar. 

Fast And Furious Go-Kart Date For Teens 

Take your date out for a race Fast & Furious style driving go karts! This is such a unique and fun date idea that they probably will never guess. 

Get your adrenaline pumping while racing each other around the track. Make a bet for who can get the fastest speed and do best out of 3 races. 

Indoor Rock Climbing Gym Date

Head to an indoor rock climbing gym and try to climb the walls together. You’ve probably seen the rock walls at school events or amusement parks, but there are dedicated rock climbing gyms around.

If you have one local, take your date for a day of fun.

Go Fish! 

No, we’re not talking about the game. Take your date out fishing for the day. This could be a really fun date since you’re at the water. You can catch and release, walk down the shore, and pack a lunch to enjoy in between. 

Find a Cool Hiking Spot

Hiking is a great way to spend some time together and have good conversations without having to sit across from each other as you chat. It makes it a bit less formal and you can relax a little while walking together. 

Find a cool area that has some really beautiful scenery and spend the day hiking. Bring some snacks and some water for along the way. 

teenage couple on a hike for a teen date idea

Spend The Day At An Amusement Park

Go to a nearby amusement park together. Eat the fun snacks, ride the rollercoasters and enjoy your time together. Keep an eye out for discount coupons and go on a day that’s really cheap!

Cosmic Bowling – Date Ideas For Teens

Bowling is a fun date idea, but have you ever tried cosmic bowling? It’s bowling in the dark with neon lights, bowling balls, and decor. It’s super fun to wear glow in the dark stuff, or wear white for the most colorful fun. 

Spending your evening seeing who can come out on top with a new version of this game in the dark would be a really fun idea. 

Play All The Games At The Arcade

Spend your day at the arcade. Grab all the quarters you can find and take your date to the arcade. This can be in the mall, at a play center like Dave & Busters, or Chuck E. Cheese, and spend your day playing games together. 

Mix it up from video games to sport games, physical games and games where you can win tickets. Cash your tickets in together to get the cheesiest prize you can find.  

Rock Out At A Concert

Surprise your partner by taking him or her to a favorite band concert. This doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive date either. Check your local county fairs to see which big named stars are playing, or head to a more local venue for small bands.

Concerts are a great way to enjoy each others company in a memorable way.

Night At The Museum Date 

Ok, so you probably can’t go to many museums at night, but a museum date can be a fun idea. Find a day where museum admission is free, or see if you can get a student discount. 

Walk around each exhibit and talk about all the interesting things you see. 

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Romantic Date Ideas for Teenagers

Enjoy A Boat Ride 

Take your partner out on a boat ride. This is a great idea for a romantic date if you have been together for a while. It could also be the perfect anniversary date. 

You might think boat rides are going to be really expensive, but you can usually find some really great deals on Livingsocial, Groupon, and deal sites similar to those.  

Take A Ride To Nowhere

Hop on your city bus or train and head somewhere you haven’t been before. Even if you’re just driving around town. You can pretend to be from another state, and put on your explorer face and act as tourists in your own town. 

Watch The Sunset Together

A really romantic date would be to watch the sunset together. Find a good place in a park, up on a hill, or near the water and watch the sun set. Bring along some snacks to enjoy while you chat about life. 

Fro-Yo Date Night Idea

You can’t go wrong with a frozen yogurt date. There are so many different flavors and toppings, that anyone can create their perfect combination. 

Take your date to a frozen yogurt place, sample some new flavors and see who can come up with the best combination. 

Then sit outside while you eat it, chat about life, and people watch. It’s a great cheap date idea to add to your list.

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Cheap & Free Date Ideas For Teens

Sing Silly Karaoke Date Idea

Sing karaoke together! Show your partner that you are brave, creative, and looking for fun. It will forever remain a funny memory for you singing together.

Are all your karaoke nights at bars, and you have to be 21? Set up your own karaoke night at home and invite your friends over! Perfect date idea for teens

Spend Your Day At The Park For A Cheap Date Idea For Teens

Plan a special date at the park! There are so many fun things you can do. You can play sports together, like Tennis, Volleyball, and Basketball, or throw a frisbee, play catch with a baseball or football. 

You can spend some time climbing trees and relaxing under the shade while listening to music or reading a book. 

If your park has a pond, bring some food to feed the ducks, or go fishing. 

Attend A School Function Together

Go cheer on your schools sports team, or check out your school play. The coolest thing about high school is there is so much going on all the time. 

Take each other on a date to support your classmates and friends. Plus, you’ll be able to show off your relationship in the public!  

Have A Water Day For A Teen Date Idea In The Summer

Spend some time outside in the water. You can visit a water park and race down the water slides, enjoy the lazy river, or play in the wave pool. 

Or have a water balloon fight outside, run through the sprinklers, or set up a slip and slide. 

Bookstore Date Idea

Spend some time at your local bookstore together. Peruse the isles as you try to find the funniest joke book, the best pickup lines, or the weirdest laws in each state.

Grab a book and pick a random number to find a page where you can pick out the third sentence. Use that as your motto for the date. 

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At Home Date Ideas For Teens

Sometimes as a teenager, you can’t really get out around town as easily and you might opt to have some of your dates at home instead. There are still really great date ideas teens can do at home, like….

Bake Something Together 

Have a baking day in the kitchen. This could be a really fun and flirty date together. And then you get to eat some delicious treats, win win! Find some cool recipes that look tasty and try your hand at creating those dishes.

If you want to cook dinner and dessert, you can add that as well. Or stick to baking snacks and desserts.

Make Each Other A Mixed Tape

Ok, so we know mixed tapes aren’t a thing anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do this date.  Spend some time together listening to music and create your own special Spotify Playlist together with songs you both love. 

You’ll have your own couples Spotify playlist to enjoy whenever you want. 

Set Up A Photoshoot

If you’re spending the day at home together, make this a date where you can do a photoshoot together. All you need is a camera with a timer and a tripod. Find different backdrops around the house and shoot some cute couple’s photos together.

No matter what you end up doing together, spending time is the most important part. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Choose some of these fun date ideas to add to your list, so you won’t ever be out of ideas on what you should do.

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