Summer Bucket List: Summer Activities For Couples To Enjoy Together

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It’s Summer time which is my favorite time of the year. Summer is typically a time when you can relax, and enjoy the season and the outdoors with some great date ideas! Creating a Summer Bucket List each year will help you be sure you get everything in that you want to do this Summer.

Summer Bucket List For Couples. Bucket List ideas for summer activities to do.

We have a list of 92 Summer Bucket List Idea…one for each of the 92 days of Summer

So grab your sunscreen, add some Sun In, and spend your days together with some of these fun and creative summer bucket list ideas for couples. 

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Couples Summer bucket lists are tons of fun to put together. Each of you should list your top items that you definitely want to do this summer and make sure to prioritize those. Think of big things and little things to add to your list so you have a good variety.

Create A Summer Bucket List 

Well of course the first thing on your list should be to create your actual list! Sit down together and brainstorm what you want to do this Summer and how much time you have to do it. 

Then, create your own Couples Summer Bucket List so you have something to do each day of the season. Add lots of fun date night ideas to your list too!

Road Trip! 

What’s Summer without a Summer road trip?! Plan a weekend together where you can go for a road trip to somewhere you have never been before. 

Find new places, activities, and restaurants for you to try. Make your Summer road trip one to remember by taking lots of photos, turning off your phones, and really enjoying the journey. 

Find An Ice Cream Truck

Ice cream trucks use to be everywhere when we were growing up. Now, it’s a little tough to find one. Try hunting for an ice cream truck for you to buy your favorite ice cream cones or popsicles from when you were a kid. 

One idea would be to head to your local parks on the weekends to see if the ice cream trucks are parked outside. 

We do still tend to get an ice cream truck coming around our neighborhood every once in a while, and oddly enough, it usually comes around more in November! Ha  

Have Some Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice, or Snow Cones are a staple of any Summer. Be sure to add this one to your bucket list for Summer. Head to your local shaved ice shack, find them at your county fairs and festivals, or make it yourself if you can’t find it anywhere else. Then you can have shaved ice all season long. 

Weekend Getaway 

Summers are famous for vacation, so why not take a break and go on a trip. Being a kid, you obviously had Summer’s off, so this was a bit easier. 

Now with a job, you’ll have to dedicate time to take off from work, but it will be worth it!

Taking time away together is a very important thing to prioritize. It doesn’t even have to be a long trip. Plan a weekend away to a fun place you’ve been wanting to go. 

couples at lake watching the sunset for a summer bucket list check

Outdoor Bon Fire 

Bon fires are perfect in the summer. We use to do beach bon fires and hang out in the evenings together with all our friends. Light a fire in your backyard fire pit and have your own version of a bon fire if you aren’t in a place where you can do a big one. 

Light the fire, turn on some music, and roast some marshmallows. Perfect outdoor date idea!

Feed The Ducks At The Park 

Head on out to your local park with a pond, and take some food to feed the ducks. While you’re at it, pack a picnic and feed yourselves by the pond too. 

Outdoor Music Festival  

Summer is when a lot of outdoor music festivals come to town, so find the one you’d like to go to and enjoy some music outdoors. 

If you don’t have an outdoor music festival close to you, this could be your summer trip. Or, you can find a local restaurant that has live outdoor music, and create your own festival instead. 

Spend The Day At The County or State Fair 

Another thing that’s very popular in the summers…County Fairs! If you don’t have a county that hosts a fair, then see if your state does a state fair each year. 

Hanging out at the fair for a day will allow you to eat some good fair food and treats, listen to live music, check out local artist booths, and ride some carnival rides. Theres tons to do, so see what their entertainment schedule is, and go on a day where you’ll enjoy one of the events. 

Lazy River Float 

Have you ever headed to the river, and jumped in an inflatable tube or raft and just floated down stream for hours?! If not, this is the perfect time to do so. 

Lazy river floats are always so much fun. You can take a floating cooler with drinks and snacks, and swim over to the shore when you want to stop for a picnic, or to jump off rocks into the water.  This is also a great affordable date idea too!

Take A Bucket List Trip 

For those of you who can take off more than just a weekend, Summer is a great time to check off one of your bucket list travel places. 

Plan this one all year long and start saving. Then in the Summer, you can go backpacking in Europe, experience Winter in Australia, or spend your days on an island in the Indian Ocean. 

If you’re working on a bucket list, might as well add some REAL bucket list checks! 

couple standing under palm trees at beach summer bucket list

Play On A Slip & Slide

This one might sound dangerous as adults, but if you are smart about it, it could be lots of fun. Grab a slip and slide from the store and find a large grassy area to play on it. 

You can even make your own, but be careful to make sure it works properly. 

Go To A Concert 

If you can’t make it to an entire music festival, it’s still possible to find some really great outdoor concerts around you in the summertime. 

Hollywood has the Hollywood Bowl, where they have several concerts outside throughout the whole season. Some parks will host concerts for the public, and some of your favorite singers might be hosting concerts outdoors in a city near you. 

Take Pictures In A Flower Field

Springtime brings out lots of flower fields, but that doesn’t mean Summer doesn’t have some beautiful fields to run through. 

Find a beautiful garden or flower field and do your own photo shoot together.  It’s not just a spring date!

City Scavenger Hunt 

We absolutely love local city scavenger hunts, and the summer is the perfect time to join these. There are several companies that host these hunts, so check out which cities around you have a game available. 

During these scavenger hunts, you’ll be able to run around the city looking for clues, following maps, and taking pictures of the activities they ask you to do. It’s a great way to spend some time together with friends and family as well. 

Have A Lake Day 

There is so much you can do at the lake. And lakes are all around, so you probably don’t have to drive too far for this one. 

Pack a lunch and lots of snacks, and bring you swim suit. You can enjoy the day on the water in a pontoon boat, or just spend some time on the shore. 

Go fishing or kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or hiking around the lake. 

couple swimming in water for a summer activity

Go Camping 

Camping season is here, so plan a trip with your partner. Find a great spot you’d like to visit and bring your tent and gear. 

Camping allows you to do lots of different activities as well, depending on where you go. Find great hiking trails, go on a bike ride, head out rock climbing or play the games at the campground. 

You can “hunt” for bears from your car, watch the stars at night, and make your dinner over the fire.

Relax At The Pool

Summer and swimming go hand in hand. Head to a pool that has lounge chairs around, and somewhere you can drink cocktails by while the waiters serve you at your chair. 

See if hotels around you have a day pass you can get to enjoy an afternoon at the pool.  

Go To A Baseball Game 

Seeing a baseball game in person is a whole lot different than watching it on television. It’s a bit more fun to be in the crowds, feel the excitement and cheer on your team. 

Order a few hot dogs, a frozen lemonade and peanuts while you root for the home team. Stand up and sing the songs in between innings, try to catch a foul ball, and enjoy the sunshine on this beautiful baseball day. 

Join An Outdoor Sports Team 

Find a co-ed sport you both can play together. There are several different places where you can sign up to play on a city team. Baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc.

See what you town has available, and sign up for a season of sports with your beau. 

Go Kayaking

Rent a kayak and spend the day on the water. Be sure to get a 2-person kayak or canoe, so you can paddle together and have the experience of teamwork. 

See how far you can go, and don’t forget to stop somewhere and just enjoy the sights. 

couple kayaking in the lake in the summer

Run Through The Sprinklers

This use to be one of our favorite things to do when we were growing up. While you’re watering your lawn, take this time to let loose and run through the sprinklers. 

Running through the sprinklers is such a great free date idea for when you don’t want to spend anything that day.

Make Some Cocktails 

Sweet Tea and Lemonade are perfect drinks for the summer, so turn that into your own version of a cocktail. 

Follow or create your own recipes and come up with different cold drinks for you both to sip on in the evenings. 

Take A Boat Ride

Boat rides can be so romantic, and it’s a great way to spend some time on the water. You can rent a pontoon boat for the afternoon, head out on a sunset cruise in the ocean, or find a ski boat where you can water ski off the back. 

Host A Game Night 

Gather all your friends and plan a game night at your place. This is a great way to have a double date by doing a couples game night that everyone will enjoy. 

Make some good snacks, bring all your favorite games, and enjoy some friendly competition together. 

Backyard BBQ

Another great double date in the summer is to do a Backyard BBQ! Invite your friends and family over for a random bbq. It doesn’t have to be 4th of July or a birthday party either.

Turn it into a potluck and have each couple bring a dish. Set up some outdoor games, cook together, and maybe even have an outdoor movie when it gets dark. 

If you’re looking for a Stay At Home Date Idea, this would be a fun one!

Make Some S’mores

Have a s’mores date together.  Set up a fire in your fire pit outside and get the long marshmallow skewers so you can roast your marshmallows to go on your crackers and chocolate. 

Come up with other fun ways to make s’mores with different chocolate, crackers, etc. 

Learn Something New 

Summer is a great time for a refresh from all your normal routines. Take this time to learn something new together.

Whether you each decide to teach the other something, or you want to learn something totally new, this is a great way to spend some time coming up with new hobbies to do together

couple traveling to a new city for a summer trip

Outdoor Movie Night

Find a city near you that hosts movie in the park and plan your evening to go watch it with a picnic dinner. 

If you don’t have an event like that close by, create your own outdoor movie night by laying out a blanket in your backyard and playing a movie from your laptop.  

Take Surfing Lessons

If you live near the ocean, a surfing lesson is a great item to add to your summer bucket list. Especially if you’ve never tried it before. 

Find a good place to take lessons, and try surfing together this summer. 

Go To The Drive-In Theater

We’re a bit bummed these are becoming more and more rare, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who live by a drive-in movie theater, summer is a great time to stop by and see a flick. 

This is one that we would actually drive quite a ways away if we wanted to see another drive-in movie. The experience is so different than going to your typical theater. And it’s fun to go when it’s raining outside too!

Find and Catch Fireflies 

Fireflies are not everywhere, but they are so cool to see. Head out to see if you can find some in your state. 

They come out in the summer evenings and look awesome lighting up the dark night. 

Build A Sand Castle

If you’re headed to the beach, don’t forget to build your sand castle! This is something you probably did as a kid, but have you built a sand castle together?!

Follow A Meteor Shower

Go find some shooting stars to see together. Check out the schedule of meteor showers near you, and be sure to head out for a late night watching the stars.

You’ll want to get as far away from the city lights as you can, so it’s extra dark. You’ll be able to see so many more stars that way. 

Stay Up All Night 

Spend an evening like when you were kids and stay up all night long! You can spend your evening outdoors under the stars talking, spend it at home watching lots of movies, or spend it dancing the night away. 

See how long the two of you can last, and take the next morning to take a long nap. 

Make Watermelon Everything

Watermelon is a famous summer fruit, and it is so delicious. Find some cool recipes you can make to make lots of watermelon creations. Watermelon lemonade, watermelon popsicles,  watermelon candies…the options are endless. 

Set Up Your Own Community Baseball Game 

One thing we all love to do in the summer together is to play a baseball game at our local field. We get the whole family together and play several innings against each other.

You’ll need lots of people for this, but it’s tons of fun when you have all your friends and family playing a game together one afternoon. 

Make A Video 

Are you one of those couples who film your vacations and have so much footage but you don’t do anything with it?

This summer, plan to create a video out of your vacation footage. It could even just be a highlight film that you can watch together and share. 

Editing video is a fun way to have a cool final product, and also relive a wonderful vacation you went on together. 

Set Off Fireworks 

Of course with Summer, comes the Fourth of July. If it’s legal where you are, go get some fireworks and create your own show together. 

Or find a great community firework show you can go watch. Steal a kiss during the firework show to send off fireworks of your own. 

couple holding a sparkler in the summer

Start A Water Fight 

Whether it’s unannounced or planned, a water fight is a lot of fun in the summer. Get some water balloons to play with or squirt guns to have a full out war. 

Invite all the children family members to join in on this day. 

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Spend the day cooling off with your own homemade ice cream! There are recipes you can use to do this that are a lot easier than you think. 

Spend a few minutes browsing Pinterest to see what recipes you can find, and make your own ice cream together. 

Romantic Walk On The Beach 

Take a long walk on the beach together looking for seashells, or take an evening stroll for a romantic walk. 

Walk along the shore, where the waves just hit your feet and watch the sand crabs dig their way back into the sand. 

Spend this time talking and being romantic together

Sleep Outside 

If you’ve ever wanted to spend the evening outside, summer is the best time to do so. Pitch a tent in the backyard, lay out your air mattress on the beach, or sleep on your balcony in your house.

You’ll want to have netting up if there are mosquitos, but sleeping outside can be a whole new enjoyable experience. 

White Water Rafting 

Head to a river with roaring rapids and brace yourselves for a white water rafting date. 

This is one of my all time favorite memories of summer, and I would for sure do it again in a heartbeat. Racing down the rapids in the river is such a fun thing to add to your summer bucket list. 

Choose Your Summer Reading Books 

While you’re writing out your bucket list, this is a perfect time to pick a couple different books you want to read together this summer. 

Choose different types of books, from fiction to non-fiction, relationship books to poetry. Add a few to your list that you want to read together, or stick to a few you read yourself and tell each other about them when you’re done. 

couple making a heart with their hands

Have A Cabin Retreat With Friends 

Book a cool cabin with all your friends for the weekend. A cabin getaway has so many different options for activities as well, depending on what area you end up in. 

Go out grocery shopping together, and make some family meals each night you are there. Then find some fun activities around the area to do during the day. 

Go Fishing 

Summer is a great time for some awesome fishing. Get a day license and head to your nearest body of water. 

See who can catch the biggest fish, most fish, and first fish. 

Volunteer To Be A Camp Counselor 

Sign up to be a camp counselor! Did you ever go to Summer Camp as a kid? Bring back all your favorite camp memories by volunteering together to be camp counselors. 

You can sign up with your local church or with the camp itself. 
This would also be a fun bucket list for teens to do together.

Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has quickly become one of my favorite ways to enjoy some time on the water. 

It’s all about balance and using your core. It looks a bit harder than it actually is, in my opinion, but it’s a very relaxing way to spend time on the water. 

Do An Obstacle Run 

I am not a fan of real running 5k’s and marathons, no thank you! But, I really love the obstacle runs like the Spartan Run and Tough Mudder. 

These runs have fun obstacles you have to go through to finish the race. Summer is a great time to train for it together and enter your own race to run. 

Organize A Room In Your House 

Who says it has to only be “Spring cleaning”? Spend some time organizing a room in your house that needs a little attention. 

This might not sound like the most romantic thing to do together, but it can actually be very rewarding. Having something you can do to work together to accomplish is a good way to spend some time together. Plus, you can alleviate some stress once its done. 

Do A House Project 

How long have your house projects been piling up? Try tackling a couple of them together this summer. It doesn’t have to be the boring ones you’re not looking forward to either. 

Paint a room that needs a refresh, build some shelves you need hung, or re-decorate a new space in your house. Working together to make your house better is a perfect way to spend a summer day. 

Try Meatless Mondays 

Try skipping meat in your meals on a day of the week. Mix up your diet a little and be creative with the foods you are eating. 

It’s fun to try new recipes together and come up with new foods you might really enjoy. 

Plan A Trip 

Summers are a great time to start dreaming of future trips. Sit down together and figure out what trips you would like to take in the next year and start planning it out. 

Dream big, but don’t forget about the weekend trips and trips that are closer to you as well. 

couple climbing on a tree by the ocean

Go To A Local Farmer’s Market 

Farmer’s Markets are everywhere in the summer, and it’s the perfect time for them. 

Enjoy your mornings walking through and finding some interesting and tasty fruits you want to try. 

Grab some fresh veggies to have with your dinner and any other treasures that might be there. 

Chase A Food Truck 

Most food trucks have a website with their locations and where they plan to be throughout the week. Even if they don’t, you can drive around town trying to find a good one. 

When you find a good food truck you’d both like to try, go order some delicious items off the menu and eat it outside together. 

Find A Food Festival 

Better yet, find a whole food festival so you can eat your way all the way through. 

Food festivals are the best way to try lots of different foods together, and you might even come out with a new favorite restaurant that you would love to try on your next date night. 

Be sure to get all the different courses and always leave room for dessert!

Drive In A Convertible 

Drive with the top down, music going, holding hands, with no where to go. Rent a convertible for the day and find a great drive you can do to enjoy the views with the top down.

We loved driving the beach road in the convertible every summer, and have really great memories from those days. 

Have A Mimosa Brunch 

Brunch is always a fav date idea, so mix it up and make it a boozy brunch. On weekends, you can find different restaurants who host bottomless mimosa brunches too! 

Pick a weekend to head to a brunch buffet, and enjoy your long morning with some tasty drinks. 

breakfast in bed for a summer bucket list idea

Walk Around An Outdoor Mall 

There’s something about an outdoor mall that makes it feel a bit more freeing. You don’t even have to pop into the shops, just spend your time window shopping, stop inside the candy shop, and find a cool fountain to go enjoy a smoothie or drink. 

Ride A Ferris Wheel 

Even more romantic if it’s at night! Find a local fair or carnival and get tickets to ride the Ferris wheel together. 

If you have a town that has a large permanent Ferris wheel, but you’ve never taken a ride, this is the time to do so!

Make Your Own Popsicles 

Hot summer days are best with popsicles! Make your own creations and flavors together and freeze them so you can enjoy your new recipes later in the day. 

Get creative and add real fruits, chocolate chunks, and so much more!

Start Your Own Garden 

Why not try to grow your own food and flowers? You can start an herb garden in the kitchen, or grow fruits and veggies outside. 

Gardening together will give you a new hobby you can both enjoy, and you’ll be spending even more time together working on your garden. Win win!

Turn Off Your Electricity…and Phones

Take an entire day an unplug! Turn off your phones and make the day all about the two of you. If you’re staying indoors, don’t use any electricity…no TV, no video games, no lights…open the windows, let the air breeze through and spend some quality time enjoying each others company. 

If you decide to head outdoors, go enjoy the fresh air, getting lost in the day, and being with each other. 

Make this a weekly thing too!

Watch The Sunrise and Sunset In The Same Day 

Get up early one morning to catch the sunrise together, and be sure to get together for the sunset on the same day. 

This date is even better if you spend the whole day together in between. A perfect romantic bookend to the day. 

couple standing in front of a summer sunset

Start A Savings Fund 

One of the best gifts I got from my husband was a travel savings account. We save money together and put it in our account so when it’s time for a trip, we already have money put away for it.

Start saving up for something you both want to do, or buy. Find fun little ways you can make extra money together to add to your fund too. 

Create A Summer Playlist 

Mixed tapes aren’t really a thing anymore, but you can still make your own mixed playlist. Create one for each other, or create one together. 

Pick out all your favorite songs that are perfect for summer, and start your own playlist to listen to when you’re marking off your own bucket list items!

Do An Outdoor Fitness Class 

Sure, working out at the gym is cool, but have you ever done a workout class outside? Try an outdoor boxing class, yoga, or a dance class. Whatever workout you love, check to see if it’s offered outside. 

Sign up for a summer class together and get your sweat on. 

Make Homemade Pizza 

Making pizzas can be tons of fun…especially if you make the crust from scratch, cause you’ll be able to throw it up in the air like the Italians! 

Pick out all your favorite toppings at the grocery store together and bring them home to make some delicious pizzas. 

Eat Outside 

Any chance you get, take the opportunity to eat outside in the summer. This helps mix up your routine, and you get to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Eating outside together can also help eliminate distractions, so the whole time can be spent with just the two of you. 

Have A Yard Sale 

Make some extra money and sell all the random things you have laying around the house. 

This is the perfect way to clean out all the stuff that’s just taking up room and you make some money in the meantime. Get all your friends together to sell their stuff with you. 

Visit A New State

We have a bucket list item of visiting all 50 states together, so summer is a great time to add another one to our list. 

It’s a great time to visit the states that are close to you that you haven’t marked off yet. Take a road trip together and find some cool things to do and see if the new state. 

couple sitting on the beach in the summer

Do An Escape Room 

Escape Rooms are great in any season, but we like to try to do a few each year. This is a great time to get your couple friends together and make it a double date night as well. 

There are even at home escape rooms you can try if you prefer to do a free date night idea. 

Host A Couples Game Night 

Couple’s Game Nights are a ton of fun. Getting everyone together to hang out and play games is a great idea for a summer date. 

Mix up your routine, spend time with your friends, and have some friendly competition together. 

Go Jet-skiing 

Every summer, we make it a point to try to get out on the water as much as we can. Jet skis are perfect for this! 

If you’ve never been on a jetski, this is the summer to do it. If you have, we know you don’t need any more convincing. 

Try A Couples Painting 

Do a couples Paint & Sip at home date! Find a great picture you want to paint together and split it into 2 canvases. One of you will paint one side, and the other paint the other side of the painting. 

Then you can hang them up together and it will make one complete picture. 

Check Out The Tide Pools 

If you’re heading to the ocean, you’ve gotta look for tide pools around there. It’s so much fun to walk around the tide pools and see all the living creatures bustling around inside. 

You can find some really cool things in each tide pool if you look close enough. 

Visit An Aquarium 

Check out an aquarium for the day. There are always new and interesting animals at the aquarium, and who doesn’t like watching the sharks swim above them in the tank? 

Some aquariums even have touch pools where you can pet the animals. 

Make a Couples Photo Book 

What better way to remember each year together than to make a photo book to last a lifetime. Spend a day gathering all the pictures you took together that year, and make a scrapbook or photo book of it.

We like to do this each year and always have our favorite memories together in book form. 

couple taking a picture at the lake

Get A Date Night Subscription Box 

Date night subscription boxes are really cool, because they plan the whole date out for you. No worrying what you should do for date night, they’ll send you everything you need.

The coolest part is that they are always different and will be dates you don’t typically do yourself. 

Have A No Spend Week Or Month 

Take the challenge to do a no spend week or a no spend month. These no spend challenges are great to help you save a little bit extra cash. 

The rules are that you can spend your money on your bills and groceries, but you don’t buy anything extra that month. Find all the free date ideas you can, so you can still have date nights without spending a dime. 

Go For A Bike Ride

Take a bike ride through a bike path, around town, or somewhere random together. Its great exercise and you get to do something a bit different together.

Plus you’ll be able to leave the car at home and enjoy the journey. 

Find A New Hiking Trail 

There are cool hiking trails all over. We bet you can find one you haven’t done before. Or even try out one of your old time favorites. 

Spend some time outside getting some warm sun and hiking to places that are picture worthy. 

couple dancing while on a hike for a summer activity

Start A Blog 

Or a podcast, Youtube Channel, or social media account together. Finding something that is fun for both of you to run together is a great way to spend more time together. 

You might end up really loving it and can turn it into a business one day!

Enjoy The Day With Kids 

This is one of my favorites, cause we get to “kidnap” our nieces and nephews and spend some time with them…plus we can give their moms a break too! 

Kids are always so fun to hang out with. If you don’t have any kid relatives, offer to babysit for a friend, or volunteer at a kids club together. 

It takes a village to raise these kids, and we know the parents would really love a quick break. 

Come Up With A Couples Challenge 

Challenge each other! You challenge can be anything you want to do together. If you want to save a certain amount of money this summer, organize your house, lose some weight…whatever you choose, come up with a plan to accomplish it together and spend your summer working towards that goal. 

Write Your Own Couple’s Bucket List 

If you enjoy doing this summer bucket list, you will love writing your own couples bucket list. A bucket list for couples is a list that you will do throughout your whole relationship, so these checks can be really big things.

Think of really great hope and dreams you want to reach, and write them down together, so you can start working towards them. 

Play TopGolf

TopGolf is an adult driving range where you can hit golf balls and drink some boozy drinks while you play together. 

Or head to the driving range if you don’t have a TopGolf near you. 

Shoot Archery 

Did you ever get to try archery as a kid at camp? Try finding a cool archery range where you can try your hand at this sport. 

Or check into sport stores that may offer this as well. 

Relax In A Hammock 

Laying outside on a warm summer day is one of the most relaxing things. Hang up a hammock between two trees in some shade outside and spend some time relaxing together. 

Bring a book to read to each other, play your summer playlist, or just spend some time talking. 

couple sitting in hammocks holding hands

Go Looking For Wild Animals 

Summertime brings out some really cool animals throughout the season. We love to “hunt” for black bears in the mountains and find all types of creatures running around at night.

We always stay in our car of course, but it’s really cool to see some of these amazing animals in the wild. 

Create Your Fall Bucket List 

Towards the end of the summer, when your Summer bucket list is looking pretty checked off, start your own couples fall bucket list

Always have continuous lists that you can start marking off everything you hope to do and accomplish together in each season. 

Now get going! Pick out your favorite Summer Bucket List Ideas and start your own bucket list challenge. See how many you can finish by the end of the summer.

Remember, there are about 92 days of Summer, so you’ll want enough checks to enjoy the whole season!

92 Summer Bucket List Ideas
Ultimate Summer Bucket List. Perfect summer activities to do together.
Summer Bucket List For Couples

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