Alphabet Dates- Fun & Creative Ideas For Alphabet Dating

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What are you doing for your next date night? If your answer makes you not too excited, or it’s your normal routine of dinner and binge watching a movie, it might be time to switch it up a bit. If you’re looking to mix up your dating routine, try Alphabet Dating! These alphabet dates help you figure out what to do every single date night.

Alphabet Dates For Alphabet Dating. A-Z Date Ideas List

How To Do Alphabet Dating:

There are lots of different ways you can play the alphabet dating game…

  1. Write each letter on a small piece of paper, and cut out all 26 letters. Throw them all in a bowl or jar and save them for when it’s time for a date idea. Whenever you both can’t decide what to do for date night, grab your A-Z Dates jar and pull a letter!
  2. Have your partner pick a random letter, and you get to choose a date from the letter list.
  3. Designate each letter to each week and go in order. First week is letter A, second week is letter B and so on.

Each week, pick a new letter and decide on a good date idea from the letter list!

Alphabet Dating Book, List or Chart

Create your own Alphabet dates list and add them to a list, chart or book you can make. If you’re feeling artsy, print out each date with some cute photos, and paste them together on pages to create your very own alphabet dating book.

Or type up a list on the computer and plot your own chart, so you can check off each idea as you get to it. See how many you can do by the end of the year!

Adding Alphabet Dates To Your List

The best part about this Alphabet dating is that you can continue adding dates to your alphabet dates list whenever you come up with another cool idea.

This list can be continuous as you cross some off, add some more. Keep this as your ultimate date idea list!

Be sure to add dates from every category:
Free Date Ideas
Affordable Dates
Rainy Day Dates
Stay At Home Date Nights
Winter Dates
Outdoor Date Activities

Alphabet Date Ideas:

A – Dates

Art Gallery, Apple Picking, Art Date, Around The World Dinner, Amusement Park, Aquarium Date, Arcade Date, Antiquing, Ax Throwing, Archery, AirBnB Date 


Bingo Night, Baseball Game, Batting Cages, Baking Date, Brunch, Breakfast Date, Book Store Date, Bike Riding, Bowling, Brewery Tour, Beach Day, Boating, Breakfast in Bed, Basketball Game, Bed & Breakfast


Catch, Cooking Together, Concert Date, Corn Maze, Coffee Date, Coloring Date, Comedy Show, Car Show, Craft Store Date, Create Couple’s Bucket List


Dinner, Dancing, Darts, Disney Date, Double Date, Dollar Store Date, Dessert Date, Dinner Theater, Driving Range, Demolition Derby, Demo Room, Dog Walking, Drive-In Movie


Errands, Escape Room, Exercise Together, Estate Sale


Fishing, Fast Food Date, Football Game, Fire Pit Date, Fort Night, Flight Tasting, Flea Market, Fair Date, Fly a Drone, Fly A Kite, Farmers Market, Food Truck, Frisbee, Fondue


Glamping, Game Night, Garage Sales, Go-Karting, Geocaching, Gardening, Garden Walk, Gun Range, Ghost Tour, Golfing


Horseback Riding, Hoops, Hotel Date, Hockey Game, Haunted House, Heads or Tails, Hot Chocolate Date, Helicopter Tour, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Hang Gliding, Happy Hour, Home Project


Ice Cream Date, Ice Skating, Invent Something, Italy Night, Improv Night, Ice Bar, Ice Castle


Juice Date, Junk Food Night, Jenga, Jazz Music, Jetski, Jump In The Water


Kickboxing, Kayaking, Karaoke Date  


Library Date, Laser Tag, Lake Day, Local Play, Line Dancing, Lazy River Float 


Mall Date, Make a Memory Book, Movie Night, Museum Date, Mini Golf, Musical, Murder Mystery, Music Store Date , Massage 


Netflix Night, Nerf Gun Wars, National Park Exploring, New Food Date, Nature Hike


Open House Tours, Obstacle Run, Opera Date, Outdoor Date, Observatory, Ocean Fishing


Paint Night, Park Date, Pub Crawl, Picnic, Photoshoot, Puzzles, Plant A Tree, Pilot An Airplane, Paintballing, Pottery Class, Pizza Making 


Quadruple Date, Quater Flip Date Idea, Quickie, Quizzes


Rock Climbing, Recreate First Date, Rooftop Bar, Racing, Road Trip, Ride The Train  


Spa Day, Sunset Cruise, Sunrise Date, S’mores Date, Snowboarding, Skiing, Shopping, Sports Bar, Scavenger Hunt, S’mores Date, Stargazing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Sailing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Shooting Skeet    


Tailgate Date, Thrift Store Date, Tennis, TV Show, Trivia Night, Time Capsule, Theater Date, Topgolf, Trampoline Park, Tourist in a New Town, Taco Night 


University Game, Underwater Date, Unplugged Date


Volunteer, Video Game Date, Volleyball, Vacation, Vineyard Date


Waterpark, Water Balloon Fight, Write Love Letters, White Water Rafting, Window Shop, Walk in The Park, Winery Tour, Wine Night, Walking Tour, Whiskey Tasting


X-Box Day, Xtreme Xperience Racing, X-rated date


Yoga, YouTube Date, Yard Sale Hopping


 Zumba, Zoo Date, Ziplining, Zzzz’s

Be sure to come up with the rules for your alphabet dating and figure out which alphabet dates you want to add to your list. Check them off each week and continue to add to your list throughout your relationship.

Happy dating!

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