Alphabet Dates- Fun & Creative Ideas For Alphabet Dating

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In need of Alphabet Dates- Fun & Creative Ideas For Alphabet Dating? Here are a few that can help!

What are you doing for your next date night? If your answer makes you not too excited, or it’s your normal routine of dinner and binge watching a movie, it might be time to switch it up a bit.

If you’re looking to mix up your dating routine, try Alphabet Dating! These alphabet dates help you figure out what to do every single date night.

Alphabet Dates For Alphabet Dating. A-Z Date Ideas List

How To Do Alphabet Dating:

There are lots of different ways you can play the alphabet dating game…

  1. Write each letter on a small piece of paper, and cut out all 26 letters. Throw them all in a bowl or jar and save them for when it’s time for a date idea. Whenever you both can’t decide what to do for date night, grab your A-Z Dates jar and pull a letter!
  2. Have your partner pick a random letter, and you get to choose a date from the letter list.
  3. Designate each letter to each week and go in order. First week is letter A, second week is letter B and so on.

Each week, pick a new letter and decide on a good date idea from the letter list!

Alphabet Dating Book, List or Chart

Create your own Alphabet dates list and add them to a list, chart or book you can make. If you’re feeling artsy, print out each date with some cute photos, and paste them together on pages to create your very own alphabet dating book.

Or type up a list on the computer and plot your own chart, so you can check off each idea as you get to it. See how many you can do by the end of the year!

Adding Alphabet Dates To Your List

The best part about this Alphabet dating is that you can continue adding dates to your alphabet dates list whenever you come up with another cool idea.

This list can be continuous as you cross some off, add some more. Keep this as your ultimate date idea list!

Be sure to add dates from every category:
Free Date Ideas
Affordable Dates
Rainy Day Dates
Stay At Home Date Nights
Winter Dates
Outdoor Date Activities

Alphabet Date Ideas:

Activities & Date Ideas That Start With ‘A’

  • Art Gallery- Visit a local art gallery and enjoy browsing through different works of art together. Discuss your favorite pieces and learn more about different artists.
  • Apple Picking- Head to a nearby orchard and spend the day picking apples together. Afterwards, you could make apple pies or cider together.
  • Art Date- Have a creative date by doing art activities together, such as painting or drawing. You could also attend a pottery class or make your own jewelry.
  • Around The World Dinner- Head to different restaurants that serve food from different countries. Have appetizers at one, dinner at another, and dessert at a third. Or, plan a dinner at home where you cook dishes from different countries.
  • Amusement Park- Enjoy the thrills and excitement of an amusement park together. Ride roller coasters, play games and enjoy the fun atmosphere.

  • Aquarium Date- Visit a local aquarium and explore the different marine life together.
  • Arcade Date– Take a trip to an arcade and play classic games like pinball and skee-ball together. Place a fun couples bet to see what the winner gets.
  • Antiquing- Head to a local antique shop or flea market and look for unique items, or start your own collection together.
  • Ax Throwing- Test your skills and have some fun by going ax throwing together. It’s a newer activity that is showing up in more and more places, and for good reason!
  • Archery- Visit an archery range together and take a class to learn how to shoot right.

  • AirBnB Date- Book a stay in a unique AirBnB location for a romantic getaway. You can explore a new area and make some sweet memories together.
  • Air Balloon Ride- Want a bucket list date?! Take a hot air balloon ride for a magical and romantic experience.
  • Art Museum- Have an art museum close by? Grab some lunch, and then walk around together looking at the art.
  • Astronomy night at the observatory- Visit an observatory and stargaze together. Try to find constellations and planets while you learn about the stars and enjoy the beauty of the night sky.
  • Adventure Date- Plan an adventurous outing together, such as going on a hike, rock climbing, or whitewater rafting.

B Dates

  • Bingo Night- Spend an evening playing bingo together, whether it’s at a local community center or at home on your own, it can be a fun and low-key way to spend time together.
  • Baseball Game- Go to a baseball game together cheer on your favorite team. Or head to a local baseball game and cheer on the home team!
  • Batting Cages- For a fun and active date, go to the batting cages and practice your swing. It’s always fun to hit a few baseballs around.
  • Baking Date- For a delicious date idea, spend an afternoon or evening baking some new recipes. Obviously our first choice is desserts, but you can always try breads and dinner recipes too!

  • Backyard Tent Date– Set up a tent in your backyard and spend the night camping together. Make s’mores, tell stories, and enjoy a relaxing evening from the comfort of your own home.
  • Brunch- Have a leisurely brunch together at a local café or restaurant, or you can even cook together at home. It’s a great way to spend a lazy weekend morning together. Don’t forget bottomless mimosas!
  • Breakfast Date– One of my favorites…start the day off right by having a delicious breakfast together. We have a whole list of these dates, just click “breakfast date” above to see!
  • Book Store Date- Spend an afternoon browsing through a bookstore together. Recommend your favorite books, chat about your favorite authors, or flip through pages of a joke book together.
  • Bike Riding- Go for a bike ride together through the park or find a more challenging ride in your area. You’ll get some exercise in together and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Bowling- Check out a bowline alley and challenge each other to a few rounds. Loser buys drinks!
  • Brewery Tour- If you have a local brewery, check to see if they do tours. You can learn all about the brewing processes and sample different types.
  • Beach Date– There’s not much we need to tell you about a beach date. There’s so much you can do, sunbathing, swimming, or building sandcastles… or head out on the water for some stand up paddle boarding, surfing, or playing in the waves.
  • Boating- If you own a boat, this one is easy…but you can also rent one too! So many places rent different types of boats, or you can even join a class or a cruise. Try sailing, jetboating, a dinner cruise, etc.
  • Bedroom Date– You can have a full date day without ever leaving the bedroom. Have a cozy and intimate date at home in your own room, watching movies, playing games, eating take out, and cuddling.
  • Breakfast in Bed- Don’t have time for a full day in bed together? You can at least start the day off with a special breakfast in bed.
  • Basketball Game- Head to a local basketball game together. Or if you have a favorite NBA team, save up and take a trip to the arena to catch a game.
  • Bed & Breakfast- Book a stay at a bed and breakfast and enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway together.
  • Backyard Dates– We’ve got lots of these ideas, just click the blue words! 😉

‘C’ Dates & Activities

  • Catch- Spend some time outdoors playing catch with a frisbee or baseball together.
  • Cooking- Cook a meal together. Split the duties, where one cooks dinner, and one makes dessert…or cook the meal together. Then you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  • Casino Night- If you live near a casino, head out and try your hand at different games together. Whether you win or lose, it can be a fun and exciting way to spend an evening. Or set up casino night at home and make your own luck!
  • Concert Date- Head to a live performance whether that’s at a local pub or a full on concert. You can even enjoy a virtual concert, if nothing is around.
  • Camping Trip- Plan a camping trip together! You can camp in a tent or an RV…or even a romantic yurt. You can cook over a fire, enjoy the outdoors and make beautiful memories together.

  • Corn Maze- In the fall, get lost in a corn maze together. It can be a fun and playful way to bond and kick off the fall season.
  • Conservatory- Visit a local conservatory and explore the different plants and flowers.
  • Classic Film Date- Watch a classic film together and discuss the movie afterwards. This can be an old classic film, or a “classic” from your childhood.
  • Crafting Date- Enjoy a craft date together and come up with a fun project to do together. Make a memory book of your favorite photos together.
  • City Tour- Take a tour of a nearby city or town and explore the different sights and attractions together.

  • Chocolate Date- A dream date for any sweets lover…have a chocolate tasting together. Find a chocolate shop or make your own truffles and candies at home. It’s a *sweet* and indulgent way to bond over food.
  • Coffee Date- a classic coffee date, but try different drinks you haven’t tried before.
  • Coloring Date- Buy an adult coloring book and some color pencils and spend time chatting the hours away.
  • Car Date– You don’t have to go far to have a fun road trip date. Hop in the car and try some of these fun dates.
  • Comedy Show- A laugh is always in order, especially when you’re together. Find a comedy show, or open mic night to attend.

  • Car Show- Check out the new and super cool cars at a new car show, or the really cool old cars at a car show in town.
  • Craft Store Date- Head to the craft store and walk the aisles coming up with some inspiration for your next project together.
  • Ceramics Class- Paint ceramics together and make a piece you can use in your home together.
  • Create Couple’s Bucket List- Go through this entire list, or check out our 101 date ideas to find some inspiration. Then make your own bucket list of things you want to do together.
  • Cooking Class- Take a class to learn how to cook something new. We recommend a sushi making class for those who love sushi!

  • Chocolate Factory Tour- Lucky enough to live close to a chocolate factory? Take a tour and taste the chocolates from the shop.
  • Cultural Event- Many cities host cultural events throughout the year that you can attend.
  • Card Games- Make it a quiet night in and play 2-player couples card games together!
  • Couples Spa Day– Have an at home spa day, or head to the spa and get pampered together!

Activities That Start With ‘D’

  • Dinner- Dinner is one of the easiest dates to do, because you have to have dinner anyway, so might as well make it a date night!
  • Dancing– Have a romantic night dancing with your partner. Head to a line dancing place, a club, or dance the night away at home.
  • Darts- Go play darts at your local bar and grill. Winner gets a to have dinner made for them.
  • Disney Date– For the Disney lovers, have a Disney themed date for this date night.

  • Dog Walking- Take your dogs for a walk together. Or sign up for a dog walking service, and you can make some money on the side together.
  • Double Date– Invite your favorite couples to do a double date somewhere fun.
  • Dollar Store Date- This is a fun one where you can take $10 and both of you go shopping at the dollar store, and come up with your date night from the items you buy.
  • Dessert Date– My favorite! Go to all your favorite places that have your favorite desserts and pig out.
  • Dinner Theater- Have you ever been to a “dinner and a show” event? These can be anything from Murder Mystery dinners to a play while you eat.

  • Dolphin Tour- If you live near an ocean, try to catch a dolphin tour and watch as they glide and jump through the waters in front of your boat.
  • Diving- Have a fun diving competition. Whether you have your own pool at your house, or want to go swim at the local pool, you can go try different dives (or belly flops).
  • Deep Sea Fishing- We love this for a date night, because it can end with a fish fry!
  • Dune buggy (ATV) ride- For an adventurous date, go on a dune buggy ride together.
  • Driving Range- Never golfed a day in your life? It doesn’t matter! Try your shot at the driving range.

  • Date Night Jar– Make your own date jar full of ideas you can do together.
  • Dumpster Diving- For the risk takers, you can always try dumpster diving. We’ve heard of stories of really good finds!
  • Day Trip- Spend the whole day exploring a new place. Somewhere that is close enough to turn around and be home the same day.
  • Decorate- There’s always something you can decorate. Have a piece of furniture that needs to be jazzed up? Or a room that could use a little help? Find some time to decorate it together.
  • Demolition Derby- If you’ve never been to a demo derby, you’ll want to try this date out.

  • Demo Room- A new trendy date is a demolition room. These rooms are popping up all over the place, so research to see if there is one near you.
  • Digital Art- There have been so many awesome apps and websites where you can make your own digital art. Check them out together and make something fun.
  • Deliver Meals To The Homeless- Why not make your date a charity date and give back to those less fortunate?
  • Dog Park- Head to the dog park with your pups and enjoy the day.
  • Drive-In Movie– These are becoming more scarce, but when you find one, definitely don’t pass it up.
  • Day Spa- Go get a couples massage, and enjoy the spa facilities for the day.

E Dates & Activities

  • Errands- If you don’t think your errands count as a date, think again. Take your partner with you and make a fun date of it!
  • Eating- Probably the most obvious date, but it’s always a good one.
  • Escape Room- Definitely our favorite date outside of eating. Escape rooms are a perfect way to learn to work together and rely on each other.
  • Eighties Night- Theme your whole day with 80’s. Dress in 80’s attire, watch movies from the 80’s and listen to 80’s music.
  • Exercise Together- A couple that works out together stays together…is that how it goes?

  • Estate Sale- Similar to a yard sale, an estate sale is usually the whole house. Find some good treasures at these sales for your own home.
  • Eco-Friendly date- Do something to help the environment with this date.
  • Early Bird Special Dinner- Some diners have an early bird special, so take advantage.
  • Evening Hike- Hiking under the stars can be very romantic. Just remember to be safe and look out for nighttime critters.
  • Explore The Town- This can be your town, or a town you have never been to.

  • Early Morning Date- Get up before the sun, or before work and enjoy a date together before you start your crazy day.
  • Exotic Date- Theme this date with anything exotic. A movie set in an exotic place, a game you can play, etc.
  • Escape From Reality – Think video games, movies, role playing, etc.

F Date Ideas

  • Fishing- My husband is a fisherman, so of course we’re listing this one here.
  • Fast Food Date- Head to each fast food place that has your favorite food. May we suggest McDonalds fries and a Wendy’s shake?!
  • Football Game- Watch a professional football game or one at the local school. (Futbol/Football, could also work for soccer)
  • Fire Pit Date- Make a bonfire and enjoy each others company sitting around it. Be sure you’re in a safe place that’s allowed to do this…be safe with fire!
  • Fort Night- No, we don’t mean the video game…although that could work too! Build a fort in your bedroom, in the living room, under the stars, for a romantic night of umm…cuddling! 😉

  • Ferry Ride- Take a ferry somewhere. Whether that be to a small island, or another town.
  • Flight Tasting- Head to a restaurant, brewery, or winery where you can order a “flight” of drinks you can sample.
  • Friend Date– Make it a date with all your friends!
  • Flea Market- Find some unique treasures at your local flea market.
  • Fair Date- If the fair is in town, that’s a perfect check off for your “F” date.

  • Fly a Drone- Know someone who has drone? Or have one of your own? Try a drone photo shoot!
  • Fitness Class- Take a fun fitness class together like kickboxing, pilates, or zumba.
  • Fly A Kite- Go to your dollar store and pick up a couple kites to fly in the park.
  • Farmers Market- A farmer market is a fun date to do on a weekend morning. Shop around for some fresh produce and other delicious finds, and head home to make something good.
  • Food Truck- There are so many awesome food trucks out there. Take a day to find your favorite ones and enjoy a meal together.

  • Frisbee- When’s the last time you tossed a frisbee around? Maybe try frisbee golf while you’re at it.
  • Fondue- Create a delicious fondue dinner or dessert at home.
  • Forest Hike- Head to the forest and find some beautiful sites. Don’t forget to snap some photos to add to your memory books.
  • Fire House Date- Stop by your local firehouse and take them some food or treats.
  • Food Festival- If there’s a food festival in town, it’s sure to be a tasty date!

G Dates

  • Glamping- It’s camping, but my bougie.
  • Game Night– Spend a night playing all of your favorite games together.
  • Garage Sales- Need something new for the house? Or just want to find some cool (and cheap) treasures.
  • Go-Karting- There are indoor go-kart places as well as rentals where you can drive them outdoors.
  • Ghost Town- Find a ghost town around you and spend the day touring around.

  • Group Date– Double dates are fun, but how about making it a whole group date? Invite all your favorite couple friends to do something fun.
  • Geocaching– Download the app, and head out on the town, finding some really cool finds.
  • Gardening- Start a garden in your backyard.
  • Glassblowing- Find a class near you and see what it takes to make your own glass creations.
  • Getaway- These are always the best dates, and they can be one day or a whole weekend/or even week!

  • Garden Walk- Take a tour of your local garden.
  • Gun Range- Take your shot (ha, get it) at the shooting range.
  • Ghost Tour- If you live in an old town, there could be a cool ghost tour that is offered.
  • Golfing- Try your hand at a round of golf with your partner.
  • Greenhouse- Find a greenhouse around you and walk around and enjoy. Some places even have a restaurant you can check out.

Activities That Start With H

  • Horseback Riding- Take a horseback ride on a local tour.
  • Hoops- Shoot some hoops at a basketball court and play a game of “Horse” or “Around the World”.
  • Hotel Date- Who says you need to wait for an anniversary or special day to stay at a hotel? Try some of our favorite romantic hotel room ideas to make this a special date.
  • Hockey Game- Another fun sport to watch…especially if they get in a fight…I mean, what is NHL really about?
  • Haunted House- Definitely not a date for me, but a haunted house could be a fun one around Halloween time.

  • Heads or Tails- This is a fun date, where you flip a coin to decide where you go. Choose a number of times you’ll flip the coin, hop in the car and start flipping…heads- you turn right at the intersection, tails you turn left. Flip it as many times as you said at the beginning, and make a date wherever you end up.
  • Hot Springs- We love hot springs…especially natural hot springs in the middle of nowhere.
  • Hibachi- This type of dinner date could be a fun one.
  • Home Date- You don’t have to go far to have a date. At home dates are always a good time.
  • Hot Chocolate Date- Sample some different flavors of hot chocolate or make a beautiful hot chocolate charcuterie board.

  • Historical Site- Do you ever drive down the road and see a sign that says “historical site”? Do some research the next time you take a trip, and stop by and read about all the sites.
  • Helicopter Tour- This one is obviously a bucket list idea, but if you ever have a chance, we definitely recommend it.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride- Speaking of bucket list, this is another, and is one you will never forget.
  • Historical Reenactment- If you live in the South, you probably know a thing or 2 about reenactments. Catch one as a viewer, or volunteer to be a part of it.
  • Hang Gliding- This one is something I want to do one day…so I’m adding it to the list.

  • Happy Hour- An easy one you can do any weekday.
  • Home Project- There’s always a project to do at home. Make a date of it together and get something done.

Dates & Activities That Start With I

  • Ice Cream Date– Always a good choice! Make an ice cream bar at home, or head to a local parlor and try something different.
  • Ice Skating- Some places have rinks that are open all year ’round. Or wait till the winter and find an outdoor one. How romantic!
  • Indoor Skydiving- We’ve done this one a few times, and it’s always a blast. Find your nearest iFly place and enjoy!
  • Invent Something- This date could make you millions in the future!
  • Italy Night- Theme your date night to Italy. Watch a movie based in Italy, make some Italian cuisine, and end it with some gelato.

  • Improv Night- Some comedy clubs or bars have improv night you can attend…or even join in on.
  • Irish Pub- Head to an Irish pub and sample some of their famous beers.
  • Italian Cooking Class- Nothing says Italy quite like Pasta!
  • Ice Bar- If you’ve never been to an ice bar, you’re in for a cool treat…or maybe a FREEZING treat. But they’re a lot of fun, and definitely a more unique date idea.
  • Ice Castle- On the same note, some places have cool castles made of ice. We slept in on when we went to Finland and it’s one of my favorite memories.

  • Indoor Rock Climbing- Not quite ready to go rock climbing in the wilderness? Try your hand at rock walls at a rock climbing gym.
  • IMax Movie Theater- Everything is better in I-Max!
  • Island Date- Pick your favorite Island and have an island themed date, complete with cocktails.
  • Ice Fishing- Live where the lakes freeze over? Try ice fishing!
  • Indoor Water Park- These exist where it gets cold…not here in Southern California though.
  • Illusions- aka magic show!

Activities and J Dates

  • Juice Date- Go to a local juice shop and try a new flavor.
  • Junk Food Night- This has got to be a fun one anyone would love. Grab all your favorite snacks and foods that aren’t too healthy, and pig out together. One day won’t hurt!
  • Jigsaw Puzzle- We love doing puzzles together because it’s something to help exercise our minds, and we can have some fun conversations while doing it.
  • Jenga- A classic game, but make it more exciting with a truth or dare game– one truth and one dare written on each piece.
  • Jazz Music- Head to a jazz bar, or put on your own tunes at home.

  • Jetski- In January! Ok, maybe we’re the only crazy ones who do that!
  • Jump In The Water- A lake, waterfall, the river or ocean…
  • Jogging- For those fitness loving couples.
  • Jump in a Bounce House- Bring out your inner kid and play in a bounce house.
  • Jet Boat- How fast can you go? But still be safe, obvi!

  • Join a Fitness Class- using the word “join” can help if you can’t think of any good “J” ideas.
  • Joyride- Pack up the car and just start driving!
  • Juggling- Pull up a YouTube video and learn some new tricks.
  • Jumprope- Who can jump the fastest? Swing the rope more times?

K Dates & Activities That Start With K

  • Kickboxing- Get your heart pumping with a fun class.
  • Kayaking- Try this date somewhere memorable. Chicago River?! Done!
  • Karaoke Date- Don’t be shy, get up together and sing your heart out.
  • Kite Flying- See, you can mix up the words to help you with your letter. “Flying A Kite” –> “Kite Flying”
  • Knitting- Find a cool project to learn how to do together. You can knit more than just sweaters and socks.

  • Kickball- This is a fun date to do in a group setting.
  • Kart racing- AKA Go Kart Racing
  • Kitchen Experiments -baking, cooking, etc.
  • Kiteboarding- Definitely a fun and extreme date.
  • Kick Scooter Riding- You can probably rent one of these.
  • Krav Maga- I basically only know of this because of HIMYM…anyone else?

  • Knick-knack Collecting- Could pair well with yard sale dates or antiquing.
  • Kicking A Soccer Ball- It’s like catch, but on the ground.
  • Kite Surfing- Find a cool place to try this one!

L Date Ideas & Activities

  • Library Date– We’ve got lots of ideas for this one. (Just click the blue words!)
  • Laser Tag- Compete on a team together, or hunt each other.
  • Lake Day- Always a great date idea. Add in a boat ride and a picnic, and you’re set.
  • Local Play- Lots of cities put on local productions you can watch.
  • Long Distance Date– Use this for when you are apart.

  • Line Dancing- Call around to see when the bar is hosting line dancing or country night.
  • Lazy River Float- Don’t forget the sunscreen, cause you could be out there a while depending on the current.
  • Longboarding- Try your skills at this one.
  • Live music- Find any live music in your town. This could be at a restaurant, concert, or musical.
  • Letter writing- write love letters to each other (use our: Reasons Why I Love You).

  • Landscaping- Spruce up your yard as a fun project.
  • Language Learning- Have you been wanting to try a new language, how about learning one together?
  • Logic puzzles- Brain teasers are always fun. Or try some fun riddles.
  • Listening to a podcast or audiobook- Have some on your list you want to check off?
  • Library Visit- Check out some books from the library and read your favorite excerpts to each other.

  • Log Rolling- Ok, maybe we’re reaching here.
  • Learning a New Instrument- See? You can use “learning” to cross off your “L” date.
  • LARPing (Live Action Role Playing)- Don’t know much about it, but I do know there are lots of groups and people who do this.
  • Lego Building- Could be a fun date!
  • Line Fishing- We tried this once, and even caught a fish!

  • Learning a New Skill- sewing, knitting, woodworking, etc. Could be your new Couples Hobby.
  • Laughter Yoga- Yeah, it’s a thing!

M Date Ideas & Activities That Start With M

  • Mall Date- Head to the mall and pretend you’re in jr high again. Eat at the food court, take photos in the Photo Booth, and walk around.
  • Make a Memory Book- There are so many apps that make this so easy. I love making our yearly books in Shutterfly.
  • Movie Night- Always a classic.
  • Museum Date- Walk around the museum and find some cool things. Or head to a museum you’ve never been to before.
  • Mini Golf– It’s a fun maybe cliche date for a reason.

  • Musical- Watch a musical at home, or find one in your town.
  • Magic Show- A magic show is a fun date where you can chat about how you think they did each trick. You can even look some up on YouTube if you don’t like the mystery of it.
  • Meal Prep- You can turn any mundane task into a date.
  • Murder Mystery- A party with friends would be cool, or you can catch a dinner show. We also love the Murder Mystery boxes you can do at home.
  • Music Store Date- If one of you is a musician, this could be their favorite date.

  • Massage- Yes please!
  • Married Date Night– These date nights are for married couples…re-live your wedding night?!
  • Manicures- They’re not only for women.
  • Mountain Biking- Take a ride on a cool trail.
  • Music Festival- Enjoy lots of different artists at a festival.

  • Meditation- Together or separate, you can try these relationship affirmations.
  • Marble Racing- We’ve seen some really cool “tracks”…is that what they’re called?
  • Motorcycle Riding- I’ve never been on one, but definitely want to one day.
  • Motocross- Watch it or try it.
  • Mountain Climbing- This can be as intense or as beginner as you want to try.

  • Movie Theater- Have a movie date at the theater. May we suggest a drive in?
  • Music Concert- Pick your favorite band, or find a lesser known one playing.
  • Macrame- Make something together you can hang in your house.
  • Motorboat Ride- Boats can be called so many different things.
  • Marshmallow Roasting- And then make s’mores!

N Date Ideas

  • Netflix Night- Binge watch shows together!
  • Nerf Gun Wars- Surprise them with this date when they get home from work.
  • National Park Exploring- There are so many cool national parks.
  • New Food Date- Try something new…we know you love your tried and true, but maybe you’ll find your new favorite.
  • Nature Hike- Find the most beautiful spot in town.

  • Nightclub- Party rockin’- all night long!
  • Napping- I mean, why do we not consider this a date more often?!
  • Noodle (Pasta) Making Class- Make your own pasta? Sign us up!
  • Navigation- Using a map and compass. Put those phones away.
  • Nail Painting- aka manicures/pedicures, but you can do each others or your own.
  • Nature Photography- See what you can capture.
  • Night Photography- It’s definitely a whole different skill.

O Dates

  • Open House Tours- Take a day and drive around the neighborhood touring some houses for sale.
  • Obstacle Run- Check to see if one is coming near you.
  • Ocean Date- We’re always up for a beach date, but do one on/in the ocean.
  • Opera Date- Find an opera concert to attend. Or I guess you can sing on your own? Be sure to record that for us!
  • Outdoor Date– Soooo many ideas for this one.

  • Observatory- Go check out the stars at an observatory. Especially one that has telescopes and cool things to look at.
  • Ocean Fishing- It’s different than fishing in a lake or river.
  • Outdoor Concert- We love when these pop up in the Summer.
  • Ocean Swimming- Jump in the waves, body surf, or just go for a swim.
  • Obstacle Course Race- This is another fun one that travels around cities for you to check out.

  • Online Gaming- Check out some of these online games for couples.
  • Orchestra Concert- A play or an actual concert.
  • Office Themed Escape Room- We’ve done one like this and it was really fun.
  • Oil Painting- Another type of painting you might need to try.
  • Open Mic Night- You can be a spectator or join in.

  • Oenology Class- Study of Wine
  • Off-Road Driving- But make sure your car can make it.
  • Orchard Visit- Apple picking, anyone?
  • Outdoor Cooking- aka BBQ

Activities That Start With P & ‘P’ Dates

  • Paint Night– Do your own Paint & Sip at home. Click our “Paint Night” link for a tutorial and how to set it up!
  • Park Date– So many ideas you can do at the park.
  • Pub Crawl- Bar hopping around town.
  • Picnic Date– When the date involves food, its always a safe bet.
  • Photoshoot– When’s the last time you took photos together? And we’re not talking selfies.

  • Puzzles- jigsaw, riddles, brain teasers, etc.
  • Plant A Tree- And watch it grow throughout the years.
  • Pilot An Airplane- This was a bucket list we got to check off, and it was so easy to sign up and get in the air the same day.
  • Paintballing- You can rent everything you need at a paintball facility.
  • Pottery Class- Make your own masterpiece

  • Pizza Making- Come up with fun new creations for your pizza night at home.
  • Photography- Learn how to use your camera and take some cool photos together.
  • Poetry- You can write your own or go to a poetry reading.
  • Pedicures- No one is going to turn down a foot massage.
  • Painting Class- Learn a new skill and take a class.

  • Play Video Games- Again, “play” can work for “p”.
  • Play a Sport For Couples– Lots to try.
  • Play Board Games- Bring out the games you’ve been storing and spend the night playing against each other.
  • Pool- Like Billiards… or you can use this for a swimming pool too.
  • Ping Pong- Play a classic game of ping pong.

  • Planting a Garden- In your own backyard, or help a neighbor who might need it.
  • Painting a Room- Time to switch up your space?
  • Potluck Dinner With Friends- A fun hang out with friends and food.
  • Party Planning- Plan a fun party together.
  • Planning a Surprise- Do something for each other, or for friends and family.

  • Paddleboarding- Can do stand up paddle boarding too.
  • Parasailing- This is a fun one to do on vacation.
  • Paper Mache Craft- Bring back the school activities and make a new creation.
  • Paper Folding- aka Origami
  • Paper Quilling- You can make cards, or art.

  • Playwriting- Write a play together.
  • Photography Walk- Find a tour or make your own where you walk around and find cool spots for photos.
  • Parade- Enjoy a town parade.

Q Dates & Activities

  • Quadruple Date- 4 different couples in this date.
  • Quarter Flip Date Idea- Not sure where to go or what to do? Flip a coin. Heads you go right, Tails you turn left. Wherever you end up, you figure out a date where you stand.
  • Questions Date– We have lots under the link!
  • Quickie- Need we explain more?!
  • Quizzes- Find some fun quizzes online to do together. May we suggest the Love Language Quiz?
  • Quilting- If you have an artsy itch, this could be a fun one to make a blanket together.
  • Quad Riding- A fun adventurous date to try.
  • Quilling- Just like paper quilling.
  • Questing- aka Geocaching
  • Quiche Making – Get in the kitchen and try some different recipes.
  • Quidditch- Come up with your own way to play this fictional sport from Harry Potter.
  • Quadcopter Flying- Pretty much a drone.

R Dates & Activities That Start With R

  • Rock Climbing- You get it.
  • Recreate First Date– If you can get to the same place as your first date, this is a fun one. If not, you can always go somewhere similar and do the same date.
  • Rooftop Bar- A romantic take on a bar date.
  • Racing- racing cars, racing on foot, racing to see who can complete a challenge first, etc.
  • Road Trip- Plan a road trip together, and answer these road trip questions for couples.

  • Relationship Check-In– This is a great date idea to strengthen your relationship.
  • Ride The Train- There’s that cheater word “ride” for “r”.
  • Running- Find a beautiful trail and go running together.
  • Reading- Read a Book Together.
  • Renting a Cabin/AirBnB/etc.

  • Rafting- on the water.
  • Roller Skating- This is a good one to do at the beach.
  • Riding Horses- Easy to switch up using the word “Ride”.
  • Rock Collecting- This could be a fun hobby to start with your partner.
  • Rock Painting- Find some smooth rocks and make some cool creations.

  • Rock Concert- Rock on!
  • Rock Wall Climbing- Climbing a rock wall.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament- an easy one to check off.
  • Relaxing in a Hot Tub- “Relaxing” anywhere works.
  • Roller Coaster- Get your adrenaline pumping!

Activities That Start With S & S Dates

  • Spa Day- Massages, hot bath, pedicures, the works!
  • Sunset Cruise- A romantic date in the sunset.
  • Sunset Date– Or any sunset date could work.
  • Sunrise Date- Flip it for an early morning date and watch the sunrise.
  • S’mores Date- Do this while camping, on your bonfire in the backyard, or even in the kitchen.
  • Snowboarding- Some fun boarding down the mountain.

  • Skiing- Same but with skis.
  • Shopping- Always a fun date!
  • Sports Bar- Catch a game, drink some beer, and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Scavenger Hunt- Set up your own hunt, or find scavenger hunts that are put on in your city.

  • Stargazing– Romantic date, watching the stars.
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding- aka SUP
  • Sailing- Rent a sailboat and catch some waves.
  • Snorkeling- See what you can find below.
  • Small Town Date– These are easy dates to try.

  • Scuba Diving- You can always try out a class before you get into the ocean.
  • Shooting Skeet- Head to the range and try to see how many you can get.
  • Sushi Making Class- Definitely a skill you can use over and over again.
  • Salsa Dancing Class- Dancing is a fun way to connect.

  • Staycation- Enjoy a home spa day, at-home-movie marathon, etc.
  • Scenic Drive- Take the scenic route.
  • Strawberry Picking- Then enjoy making some strawberry desserts.
  • Science Museum- You can always learn something new.
  • Safari Park- We love the safari park. Makes you want to head out on a real safari.

  • Sea-Life Park- Could be an aquarium park too.
  • Swimming- Works in any body of water or pool.
  • Sightseeing- Again, you can do this pretty much anywhere.
  • Surfing- Ride the waves all day.
  • Skateboarding- Spend a day at the skate park doing tricks, or just a leisurely ride.

  • Singing- in the shower, during karaoke, at home karaoke.
  • Sewing- Make something new. Clothes, curtains, anything that you might want or need.
  • Stand-Up Comedy- Find a comedy club near you.
  • Storytelling- Tell each other stories about growing up, make up stories you can write in books, etc.
  • Spelunking- AKA Caving

  • Sledding- Sled down a snowy hill, or sand dunes.
  • Snowshoeing- Take a walk in some snowshoes.
  • Snowmobiling- One of our favorites. Spend the whole day snowmobiling the trails.
  • Snowman Building- A cute and easy date you can do when it snows.
  • Skimboarding- Another fun date at the beach.

  • Squash- Find a rec center and play a few games.
  • Scooter Riding- Some cities rent electric scooters.
  • Scrapbooking- Make a book full of your own photos and memories you have together.
  • Spinning (on a stationary bike)- A great workout to do.
  • Snooker- It’s like playing pool, but different. Definitely a new one you should try.
  • Speed dating- Of course only if you’re doing this with friends

T Dates

  • Tailgate Date- Spend the day at a tailgate party before a game.
  • Truck Bed Date– All you need is your truck for date night.
  • Thrift Store Date- Go to a thrift store and pick out an outfit for each other to wear on date night. Then you can even look for fun activities to do after too.
  • Tennis- Play a few matches…the don’t score with “Love” for nothing.
  • Target Couples Challenge – See how to do this one at the link.
  • TV Show Taping- If you live near a studio where they shoot TV Shows, sign up to be in the audience.

  • Trivia Night- Find one in a pub, or play trivia at home.
  • Time Capsule- Make your own time capsule to open in 20 years, 50 years, etc.
  • Theater Date- Go see a play or a movie.
  • Topgolf– Another new thing popping up around.
  • Trampoline Park- Jump your way through the trampoline park.

  • Tourist- Find a new town you’ve never been to, and do all the touristy things. Or do it in your own town.
  • Taco Night- Taco Tuesday, anyone?
  • Tandem Bike- You gotta work together for this one.
  • Tea Tasting- Kind of like flights of beer, but with tea.

  • Trekking- Like hiking.
  • Theme Park- Ride the roller coasters, eat the treats, etc.
  • TV Show Bingeing- Mixing up those words again! (Binge watch tv)
  • Train Ride- Take the train somewhere you’ve never been before.
  • Talent Show- Make your own, find one in your community, or watch on on TV.

  • Tag- A good ol’ fashioned game of tag.
  • Tour of City- Any city really.

Activities That Start With U

  • University Game- Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball…
  • Underwater Date- Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, etc.
  • Unplugged Date- Turn off your phones, no wifi, and enjoy each others company.
  • Ultimate Frisbee- Check out the rules to play this game.
  • Upcycling- Reusing and repurposing materials.

  • University Tour- Tour a college in your town, or one you use to go to, want to go to, etc.
  • UNO- Play a few games of UNO and see who comes out on top.
  • Unicycling- Again, reaching here! ha
  • Underground Speakeasy- Some of these still exist, and they’re pretty cool.
  • Unique Food Tour- Find a cool one on Groupon or somewhere similar.
  • Urban Art & Graffiti Tour- Also a Groupon one.

V Dates

  • Volunteer- At an animal shelter, food bank, local church, the options are endless.
  • Video Game Date- Spend a night playing old school video games, or your favorite games.
  • Volleyball- Beach volleyball or in a gym.
  • Vacation- Always go with Vacation for your “V” date.
  • Vineyard Date- Winery.

  • Visit Friends- An easy one to do.
  • Volcano- If you live in a state that has a volcano (dormant too) go explore.
  • Video Editing- Learn a new skill of video editing. Can be on your app, or a real video editing program.
  • Visiting Historical Sites- “Visit” can count for many different things too.
  • Vehicle Restoration- If you’re into cars, this could be a cool one.

  • Vlogging- Make your own channel.
  • Virtual Reality Gaming- If you have a VR headset, you can play lots of different games on your phone.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking- Just another ‘something new.’
  • Vintage Clothing Collecting- If you’re into that type of thing, this could be a good one to do together.
  • Voice Over Work- Some companies will pay you for this too.
  • Video Photography- Making your own videos.
  • Vehicle Maintenance- Need to fix up your car? Do it together.

Activities That Start With “W”

  • Waterpark- Ride the water slides, enjoy the lazy river, jump in the wave pool.
  • Water Balloon Fight- A fun one to do at home.
  • Write Love Letters- A sweet love letter to each other. (Use some of these from “Reasons I Love My Wife” and “Reasons I Love My Husband“)
  • White Water Rafting- Another adrenaline pumping activity.
  • Window Shop- Walk around downtown and window shop.
  • Walk in The Park- Hand in hand.
  • Winery Tour- Take a tour of your local winery.
  • Wine Night- Buy lots of different wines to test at home.
  • Walking Tour- Take a tour around your city or a new city and find some new spots.
  • Whiskey Tasting- My husbands favorite!
  • Writing- Write a book, write a game, a play, letters to distant family, etc.
  • Wildlife Watching- Find wildlife and watch them as they do their thing.
  • Windsurfing- Try this in the ocean.
  • Wine Making- Stomping on grapes anyone?
  • Weightlifting- Another fitness date to try.
  • Woodworking- A fun way to create something together.
  • Watercolor Painting- Try your hand at watercoloring.
  • Waterskiing- It’s a lot different than skiing down a mountain, that’s for sure.
  • Web Design- Create your own website.
  • Wedding Planning- Engaged?! Start planning your wedding together.
  • Welding- Another new project.
  • Wood Carving- Carve a masterpiece.
  • Wellness Retreat- Find a good one you can both attend.
  • Wood-Fire Cooking- Create your own Pizza!
  • Wakeboarding- Try this one in a lake.
  • Wind Tunnel Flying- aka indoor skydiving.

Activities That Start With “X” For Adults

X is probably the hardest one to do…but there are some fun ones..

  • X-Box Day- Play games on your x-box together.
  • Xtreme Xperience Racing- Drive your dream car on a racetrack.
  • X-rated Date- Something you do together.
  • Xylography- AKA Wood engraving.
  • X-treme Sports – like X-treme skiing, X-treme snowboarding, X-treme skateboarding

“X” is not a very common letter to start activities with, and it’s hard to find many examples, so if these don’t work for you, you may want to try to be creative with it by using X in place of “Ex”…examples:

  • Xploring new places
  • Take an X-treme adventure, such as bungee jumping or skydiving
  • Visit an X-hibiton, such as a science or art exhibition
  • Have a romantic dinner at an X-tra fancy restaurant
  • Take a trip to a nearby X-otic zoo or wildlife sanctuary

  • Have an X-tremely relaxing day at a nearby spa
  • Take a trip to a nearby X-treme sports location to try out different activities
  • Take a trip to a nearby X-perience park or amusement park
  • Go on a X-pedition adventure and explore nature
  • Visit a nearby X-plore center or science museum

  • Take a trip to a nearby X-otic beach or lake for a day of swimming and sunbathing
  • Plan a surprise X-cursion for your partner

Y Dates & Activities That Start With Y

  • Yoga- Practice yoga together, take a class, look some up online, try couples yoga.
  • YouTube Date- Spend some time on YouTube together with a theme- Learning something, playing something, laughing at something, etc.
  • Yard Sale Hopping- Find some good treasures for your home.
  • Yachting- For the ballers out there.
  • Yodeling- Just don’t bug everyone.

  • “Y” City- Head to a city that starts with the letter Y.
  • Yellow Themed Picnic- Everything should be yellow including what you wear.
  • Yurt- Plan a camping trip in a yurt.

Z Dates & Activities

  •  Zumba- Take a fun dance class at a gym or Zumba studio.
  • Zoo Date- Walk around the zoo and find some exotic animals.
  • Ziplining- A fun date you can do pumped with adrenaline.
  • Zzzz’s- Again, why isn’t sleeping considered a date?!

  • Zombie Night – Watch zombie movies.
  • Zen Day- Have a relaxing date together.
  • Zorbing- A sport that involved rolling in an inflatable ball.
  • Zodiac Date- Spend the day learning all about your signs.

Be sure to come up with the rules for your alphabet dating and figure out which alphabet dates you want to add to your list. Check them off each week and continue to add to your list throughout your relationship.

Happy dating!

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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