Long Distance Date Ideas To Stay Connected

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Looking for Long Distance Date Ideas? Spending quality time together is essential for all relationships. Dating can be challenging for those who, by necessity, spend considerable amounts of time apart.

Whether you are living or working across town, in a different city or even a foreign country- you must put in that extra effort to dedicate time to each other if you want your relationship to thrive. 

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Keep your bond strong by committing to regular long-distance dates. Your relationship needs more than a handful of text messages or calls.

A shared activity will truly help you bond. Be fully present for your virtual date. Pick a time when you both have no distractions, and you can be devoted to each other. 

Long-distance dates have numerous advantages:

  • Stay up-to-date with what is going on in each other’s lives.
  • Lessen any insecurities about being apart.
  • Show you still care.
  • Improve your connection. 
  • Build up the anticipation until you next see each other.

Virtual dates are also key for couples who usually live together but have to spend a one-off extended time apart.

This may be for family or work commitments. Keeping a long-distance date will give your relationship a sense of normality. 

How To Do A Virtual Date

If you are new to long-distance technology, take the opportunity to explore some of the options out there.

The most popular platforms include Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

These are not only useful for when you are apart from your partner, but they are excellent for staying in touch with long-distance friends and family members. 

Here Are Some Fun Long-Distance Date Night Ideas: 

Go For A Hike

  • A virtual date doesn’t have to be indoors! Stick your headphones in and chat or FaceTime during a walk outside.

    Sharing the sights and sounds of your location with each other will help you connect. Gentle exercise and spending time outdoors will also make you feel more positive.

Movie Date Night

  • Grab your popcorn and have a traditional movie night together. Either pick a movie or binge on your favorite series.

    There is even an app designed for watching Netflix long-distance called Netflix Party, which allows synchronized pausing. You can also live chat. Sharing your opinions and reactions will make you feel closer. 
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Skype Date Ideas

If you have Skype (FaceTime, Zoom, etc) you have all you need for the perfect long distance date night together. Distance can put a strain on your relationship, but it doesn’t have to.

Couples Game Night

  • Many games lend themselves well to being played virtually! We love Couples Game Night and think making this into a Skype date is such a fun idea. Have fun, get to know each other better and encourage a bit of friendly competition, with one of our top picks from our Long Distance Relationship Games List:
  1. Games for Zoom Bundle
    This game set contains eight games in one, all designed to work well over Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Games include a virtual scavenger hunt, word finder and place the face.
  2. Houseparty
    Houseparty is one of the most popular apps around right now for virtual gatherings. As well as having a great video chat facility, you can play games such as Trivia and Heads Up. Houseparty also has a cool feature where you can record video messages for each other if you aren’t available at the same time.
  3. Game of Lies
    Another fun, virtual game from Etsy. The digital download has over 110 questions, where you have to answer correctly, truth or lie. Perfect for playing over Zoom, Teams or Skype. 

Check out our post Online Games For Couples for more ideas!

Do A Virtual Paint & Sip

  • Follow an online tutorial together via Skype or video messaging. Our Paint & Sip Date can be perfect for this, and it has a fun tutorial!

    This will allow you to release your creative side whilst having a lot of fun together. Send your masterpieces to each other afterwards for a cute keepsake of your night. YouTube has plenty of free resources. Alternatively, try Gogh Virtual Date Night with Painting to Gogh. Gogh specializes in date night painting tutorials and even has suggestions such as food and wine!
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Enjoy A Virtual Dinner Date

  • A virtual dinner can be just as romantic as the real thing. You may wish to combine this with cooking together over a video message or webcam. Not a great cook? For a different twist, why not order a surprise take-out to each other’s homes! 

Do Some Trivia or Quizzes Together

  • Have fun whilst getting to know each other better with a virtual quiz night. There are countless apps available for this now. Or, if you prefer traditional cards, either buy a different deck each or split the deck in advance of your quiz. Here are our favorites:

Play A Game of Couples Questions

  • This quiz book is available to buy via Amazon. It contains 350 questions, which are perfect for long-term married couples, and newer relationships.

Or try our favorite Couples Questions Games for Free!
This or That Questions For Couples
Who Is Most Likely To Questions For Couples
Would You Rather? Questions For Couples
Funny Questions For Couples
Romantic Questions To Ask
Truth or Drink Questions For Couples

  • Virtual Trivia Night
    Etsy has a range of trivia games, which are designed to be played over Zoom.

Conversation Date

  • You don’t need a date activity to spend quality time together. Have an old-fashioned catch-up and enjoy each other’s company with zero distractions. Need help getting starting? Why not buy a pack of conversation starter cards. Our top picks:
  • Our Moments
    Available from Amazon, Our Moments contains 100 thought-provoking conversation starters, specifically formulated for couples.
  • Topix
    Topix on Amazon offers 424 conversational ideas from a variety of areas. 
  • Why Don’t We
    Offered by Etsy, Why Don’t We is a fun conversation game for couples and groups of friends alike. Categories include ice breakers, what-ifs and quick-fire rounds.
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Virtual Wine Tasting

  • Make your own wine tasting by agreeing on a couple of wines you would both like to try and purchase the same ones in advance. Savor each wine and discuss your opinions over video chat.

    Due to the popularity of virtual events, many wineries are now offering long-distance wine tasting. Some even include a host if you are really serious about increasing your wine knowledge. 

Virtual Escape Room

Do an online escape room together with your partner over video chat! You can find free ones online, or pay a small fee. You’ll be able to work together to solve puzzles and get out of the escape room!

Cook A Meal Together

Pick a recipe ahead of time and shop for the ingredients, then call each other over video chat.

You can cook simultaneously in real time or you could even pre-record yourself cooking ahead of time so that your partner can watch what to do without having to wait!

Play Tour Guide

Take a walk together in your own neighborhoods (or even different parts of the world). If you find yourself somewhere really cool, share it with you partner by taking them with you on a virtual sightseeing date.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to date ideas for long distance couples, so get creative and have fun with it! Technology has made staying connected easier than ever, so take advantage of that and make your relationship stronger because of it.

Make sure you always stay in contact while sending some sweet texts:
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