Arcade Date

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Ready to get creative for your next date night? This Arcade Date is a retro-style date idea is sure to be a good time while taking you back in time.

Plus, it doesn’t take much effort to plan and won’t break the bank.

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80’s Date Night: Arcade

In the ’80s, arcades were a huge hit making a debut entrance at many fast-food restaurants. Now, we have full arcades filled with hundreds of games to explore. 

Who doesn’t like a little competition? There’s nothing that will make you and your partner laugh more than trying to fight off space invaders together on this date night idea.

Classic 80’s games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., and Frogger will never get old. 

What makes the arcade an awesome date?

  • They’re always entertaining with many different games to play.
  • They have photo booths so you can remember the night for years to come.
  • They often have other activities like bowling, mini-golf, and laser tag.
  • You can win prizes! Who doesn’t like prizes?
  • It eases the awkward feelings because you’ll have something to keep you busy.
  • It’s a good double date to do with your friends too!

Is an arcade date night a good first date?

The arcade is a perfect first date because you get to have fun while getting to know each other. Instead of awkward silences, the arcade will invoke tons of teasing, so you can expect lots of flirting going on.

Most arcades have a photo booth too, and it’s a perfect way to get close and make the night last forever. Maybe you’ll even snag a first kiss. 

What to do after the arcade:

Afterward, head to an ice cream shop and enjoy a little cool down together. This will give you a chance to talk a bit more without the interruptions of competition.

Tips for a date at the arcade:

  • Pick an arcade that has other activities attached to it, like bowling or laser tag. If you get bored of the arcade, you can always try another experience they offer.
  • Take note of how your partner reacts to wins and losses. It will tell you a lot about their personality. You’ll also be able to see how well you work together when playing two-player games.
  • When trying to win prizes out of a claw machine, have one person go on the side of the device to get a better angle and help the person steering the claw. It really works!
  • It takes a lot of points to win big prizes, so try to get your rewards out of machines and use your points at the end to get small things, like some candy to share.

    Or you could opt to save the points and make the arcade date night a regular occurrence. This way, you can continue having fun while saving up for the prizes you both really want.

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Whatever you decide, be yourself and enjoy yourself! We’d love to hear about your arcade date night in the comments below! What’s your favorite arcade game?

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