Roller Skate Date : Fun 70’s Themed Date Night

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There’s nothing like heading to the skating rink for a Roller Skate Date. From telling the guy behind the counter your shoe size to taking your first nervous step onto the rink, this date idea is full of excitement.

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Imagine a vast disco ball spinning in the middle of the room, old-school throwbacks over the speakers, and everything is glowing in the dark. Roller rinks get your adrenaline rolling, especially if you’re not an experienced skater.

Don’t worry though, you’ll get the hang of it in no time, and until then, it will give you an excellent excuse to hold hands, so you don’t fall. Wink, wink. 

This is the perfect date night idea to get dressed up for too. Can you say bell-bottoms and funky patterns? Yes, please! Get cute and look groovy, and it’ll be a night to remember for years.

Man giving woman a piggy-back ride while she wears roller skates.

What Makes a Roller Skate Date Awesome?

  • It’s an inexpensive date, usually around $20 in total.
  • It encourages lots of smiles and laughter.
  • It’s unique and takes you back to a time that has passed.
  • It’s a good excuse to hold hands.

Add Some Fun Activities To Your Roller Rink Date

-Ask the DJ to play “YMCA” and get the whole skate rink dancing to the song!

-Form a skater train with your date.

-Switch roller skate wheels for more speed and fun.

-Hit the arcade and win prizes together.

-Grab a slushie and watch from the sidelines as you chat it up together.

-Come up with a fun challenge together: who can skate backwards, who can make it the furthest in a game of “Limbo”.

-Request silly songs to skate to together.

-Make up your own lyrics to the songs.

-Take pictures with the disco ball.

-Dress up in old school garb like bell bottoms and funky prints for a really unique date night.

Couple kissing while woman wears roller skates and man is standing on skate board.

What to wear:  

Looking cute is definitely part of roller skating culture, so go for it! It’ll most likely be dark in the rink anyway, so you won’t need tons of makeup. Let your personality shine with a funky pair of pants, a cool top and some 70’s style hair! Don’t forget to bring along plenty of lip gloss.

What to do after the rink:

Afterward, head to the nearest diner for the classic burger and fries. A perfect retro meal to top off your night. Share laughs discussing your time at the rink, and get to talking. You’ll both be relaxed after the slight workout, and it’ll make the conversation flow easily.

A Few Pro-Tips for a Roller Skating Date Night:

  • Before you go, check the schedule for their retro nights when they play throwbacks over the loudspeaker all night long.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear knee pads. They can actually be cute, especially with some bell-bottom pants. Plus, they will literally save you if you go down.
  • Wear something comfortable but cute. You don’t want to be rollerskating in tight jeans. That’s a recipe for disaster. Wear something that is flowy, not stiff, for the best experience.
  • If you get bored of skating laps, take a creative approach and play silly games like tag or a game of H.O.R.S.E. where each person has to challenge the other to do tricks or crazy dance moves. 
Girl standing in roller rink on a roller skate date.

Is Roller Skating A Good First Date?

Of course! First off, it’s different, so can make you stand out as the fun date!

Most first dates consist of an awkward dinner, but why not make it easy on yourself and do something that keeps you busy having fun? Whether it’s your first date or your many months into your relationship, roller skating is a crazy fun date to have.

Shared experiences also help you bond. So if you’re looking to make him fall for you, this is the route to go. Plus, it takes the pressure off trying to keep the table talk rolling because you’ll be engaged in activities that make you both crack up.

It’s an inexpensive date, usually around $20 in total. Roller rink including skates is usually cheaper then going to a movie or nice restaurant. It encourages lots of smiles and laughter. Roller skating is actually really fun, it’s hilarious to watch others fall, and you feel clumsy yourself. It’s unique and takes you back to a time that has passed.

Most people don’t roller skate anymore, so it will make for an awesome “first” date experience where you can look back on whenever you want. It also makes you think of the old/good times your parents had, which is a cute memory to share. It’s a good excuse to hold hands.

You’ll have no choice but to hold his hand when you’re on roller skates, so might as well get used to it now right? Plus it gives him an excuse to put his arm around you for a cute photo.

Remember the sweet things you notice on the date:

  • The way he holds your hand and leads you to the rink.
  • The way he winks at you when you make a mistake and wobble around like a newbie.
  • How he laughs with you instead of at you when that guy on roller skates whizzes by and almost knocks your drink out of your hands.
  • How he holds the door for you and lets you through first even though it’s crowded and people are trying to get by behind him.
  • The way he makes sure you’re okay all night long. 
  • The way he knows every word to “Come Sail Away” and sings along, making everyone join in at one point and sing along with him.
  • How he buys you a milk shake at the diner and makes sure to get one for himself too even though it’s not something he typically does.

No Roller Rink Near You?

No worries! Try a roller skate date outside! You can skate at a park, around the neighborhood, or at a beach. See if anyone you know owns roller skates or roller blades, or check to see if you can rent them anywhere in town.

Whether it’s your first date or you’re several dates in, roller skating is a fun experience to share together!

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