Date Box Club

Keeping a date night throughout your week is important in a relationship.  We love switching off who plans date night/picks out what we do.  We personally try to stay away from the typical dinner and a movie for the most part, but sometimes, it can be difficult to plan another unique date idea.  

VegaLash Review – And did I have VegaLash Side Effects?

Looking for some VegaLash Reviews?  Here’s mine!

3 of the 5 of us girls have blue eyes…so none of us were ever able to use any of those last growth serums, because they said “don’t use if you have blue eyes.”  Apparently they can change the color of your eyes.  Yikes!  Even the brown-eyed sisters were wary of trying a product that had such side effects.  So, no lengthening serum for us.  

EverlyWell Review – 12% off Promo Code – New Everlywell Coupon code – Food Sensitivity Kit

We found a super cool company that just about anyone can benefit from.  We have some family members who are allergic to gluten and some who are lactose intolerant…and a couple others who know they have a reaction to some types of foods, but its so hard to actually pinpoint whats causing the reaction.  And to find out, a test can be super expensive at the doctor, it can take lots of time if trying to do it on our own, and can sometimes be very painful.  

doTerra Essential Oils

When it comes to Essential Oils, you’re probably in one of the three categories…

  1. You love them and use them daily
  2. You’ve heard of them but have never tried
  3. You’ve never heard of them, but now you finally have.

My bet, you’re probably in the first or second group, cause they are everywhere now.  I personally had been in group 2 for the longest time.  Yeah I’ve heard of Essential Oils and even knew quite a few people who swear by them, but I had never had the time or understanding to really check them out.  That is, until Leslie from doTerra reached out to us and showed us the way.  

Creative Outdoor Wagon by Creative Outdoor Distributor

**Updated July 8, 2019- It’s been 2 years since we purchased out Creative Outdoor Wagon, and it has been amazing. We take it everywhere we go with the kids. To the beach, little league games, soccer games, the fair, anywhere that involves walking! It has held up nicely, and the kids love it!**

We have been on the lookout for a great foldable wagon for a while now, and we found the perfect one at Creative Distributors.  So much so, that we have 2 different ones from them and use them all the time now.  With our family of 5 little ones, we are always on the go.  At the beach, t-ball games, amusement parks, soccer games, out on the town, cheerleading events, etc.  Sometimes a stroller just isn’t enough.  That;s why we are loving these Creative Distributor Foldable Wagons.  We have the Push/Pull Wagon, and the Canopy Wagon. 

ShadeTree Sunglasses 

Looking for a unique pair of shades?  We found some awesome sunglasses made of wood!  ShadeTree Sunglasses makes all they wooden sunglasses out of all different types of wood….

Rock Your Cleaning with the Shark Rocket Complete

Finding a decent vacuum always seems harder than it should be.  Finding a great one, darn near impossible.  We tend to have the kind of luck where you buy a vacuum that sounds great, makes all the perfect claims, and works great the first few times…then all of a sudden, stops sucking up stuff like it use to.  Add that to the fact that you need multiple vacuums to clean everything you want to clean.  One for the carpets, another for your wood floors, a handheld one to get up high or to vacuum your couch or car.  What if I told you there was a great new vacuum that can do…it…all?! 

Baseball Lovers Paradise at Baseballism!

We are HUGE baseball fans here in this family #GODODGERS, so this company is a dream.  It’s called Baseballism, and you guessed it, features all things baseball!  We fell in love with Baseballism’s Vintage Glove Leather Tote, made of baseball glove leather.

Volt Heated Clothing – Heated Vest

I am a wuss when it comes to the cold. Being from sunny Southern California, our coldest days are when we go to the mountains to snowboard in 32 degree weather. Or super late at night in the So-Cal desert, maybe even down to the teens at the absolute coldest, but then we would just stay inside! Now, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Chicago and have been introduced to what winter really is…Freezing!! That is why I was ecstatic to try out Volt Heat Clothing line!