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In need of some quality time with friends but unsure where to start? Here are some friend date ideas you can use.

Sometimes all you need is the company of one another. But sometimes it’s also nice to share time with your friends. There’s nothing more therapeutic than good friends, fun, and laughter.

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Time spent with friends can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of belonging and acceptance. So this weekend, spend some time with your closest couple friends!

Here are 10 of our favorite date ideas with friends:

Escape Room

When it comes to social dates, there are few things better suited than an escape room. For those who have never been, an escape room is a game where you are locked in a room and have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to escape. 

Escape rooms come in different themes and generally come with a time limit of one hour. So within that hour, you and your teammates work together to solve the clues to get you out of the room. It’s a great team building exercise, and great for the brain too!

Wine Tasting

If you and your friends are looking for some adult style entertainment, wine tasting can be a relaxing and fun date idea.

You can choose one single winery, or take a tour and do several wineries within one day.

Wine tasting is a great excuse to get dressed up, and a relaxing experience that allows you to connect with your friends and with nature over some delicious drinks.

You might even find your favorite new wine!

Potluck Dinner

If you’re looking for a date where you can save some money too, host a potluck dinner with your closest friends.

Everyone brings their “speciality” dish.

The result is a delicious, home cooked meal with lots of options – without a pricey bill at the end of the night.

Mystery Date

Where will you and your friends end up? Who knows! Except the couple planning the date night of course.

For this date idea, you and your couple friends will take turns planning exciting dates.

This weekend is their weekend to plan, and next weekend is yours! This way everyone gets to do what they enjoy, and the date is an exciting surprise!

Try some fun double date ideas for this fun twist.

Murder Mystery Party

A Murder Mystery Party is a party where everyone dresses up to match a specific theme or era, and then work together as a team to solve a “murder”.

If you’ve ever played the game of Clue, it’s kind of like that but in live action. There are lots of companies out there that host Murder Mysteries, but you can also host your own at home.

Who’s the murderer? Was it your partner? Your friend? Or maybe it was you!

The Amusement Park

We bet it’s been a while since you’ve been to the amusement park! And while the Amusement park makes a great date for a couple, it makes an even better date with friends.

If you enjoy rides and rollercoasters, this is the perfect date for you. But even if you don’t, there’s so much to do at the amusement park.

Those who don’t like rides can enjoy a show, play some games, or just laugh at their partner and friends as they scream their heads off!


If you, your partner, and your friends enjoy the same music, going to a concert can make a great date idea!

Not only do concerts give you the opportunity to dress up and let loose, but sharing music is a great way to bond.

The energy of a live music experience will have everyone up dancing and making memories – which is what all of the best friendships are made of!


Ready to get your game face on? If you and your partner are up for a little competition, plan your couples date at a paintball game. Paintball is fun, upbeat, and a great way to get some exercise while having fun.

You and your partner can play against one another, you can team up girls vs. boys, or you can team up as couples and see which couple has what it takes to win! 

If paintball just seems a little too rough for you, we completely understand! Try your hand with a little laser tag instead. It’s a very similar concept, without the pain!

Take a Hike

Nature is good for the soul. Friends are good for the soul. So why not pair the two together and spend some time in nature on a good hike? No matter where you live, we can guarantee there are some beautiful hiking trails nearby. 

While hiking together as a couple is always a great date, adding some friendships into the mix can keep you motivated and can improve the quality of your relationships.

Plus, you’ll have some great photo ops and someone to take the picture for you!

Or try another fun outdoor date idea.


If you need to let loose after a long work week and have some good belly laughs with good friends, karaoke is where it’s at.

There’s karaoke in every city – so there’s no excuse to miss out. And whether you go to your local bar or book your own private karaoke studio (yes, those exist), there’s no better way to indulge in some good times with friends.

Oh – and don’t forget to pull out the live social media for some good ol’ embarrassing moments that you’ll remember forever. 

Of course, these are just a few of the many exciting date ideas that you can do with friends. Here are a few more quick ones to add to your bucket list:

So the next time that you and your partner are looking for something to do, share the love and do it with friends.

Though it’s not always the case, the more the merrier for many date nights – as is the truth for the date nights above!

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