Ice Skating Date

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If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do for your next date night, why not try an ice skating date?

Ice skating isn’t your typical date – but that’s what makes it so unique.

image reads "ice skating date" and shows a couple ice skating in winter clothes.

And whether you’re a professional skater or have never skated a day in your life, ice skating can be fun for anyone. Even if you fall down over and over, it’s great for a good laugh!

So here’s everything we can tell you about planning an ice skating date:

Why Is Ice Skating a Great Date?

Anyone Can Do It

As we mentioned above, ice skating is a date for anyone. Even if you’ve never skated a day in your life, ice skating can still be fun (in fact, it might even be more fun). The more you fall, the more you laugh – and that’s good for the soul!

You Can Learn a New Skill

If you don’t know how to skate – this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Learning a new skill together is a great way to bond and bring you closer together in your relationship. 

It’s Adventurous

Did you know that doing new, novel, and adventurous things together can actually bring you and your date closer? Adventurous activities get the adrenaline pumping, bringing about feelings of happiness and positivity. When done with another person, these feelings can actually become associated with your date and make you more likely to look forward to seeing them again. 

It’s Affordable

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time on a date. Ice skating is super affordable, even if you have to rent skates. 

Is Ice Skating a Good First Date?

Yes! Ice skating makes for a great first date. Not only is ice skating a great way to break the ice (no pun intended), but it also allows time for conversation.

Skilled skaters can hold hands and talk while they are skating, and non-skaters can take regular breaks to find time for conversation.

Plus, ice skating is a great way to avoid any awkwardness that may come along with a first date.

Nerves got the best of you?

Can’t think of anything to talk about? No problem!

Just skating together will be enough to make you feel close.  

How to Dress for an Ice Skating Date

If you’ve ever been to a skating rink before, or even to a hockey game, you know that ice rinks are cold.

There’s no surprise here – it needs to be cold to keep the ice from melting.

But because it can be so frigid, you’ll want to dress warm for an ice skating date. If you’re ice skating outside, it’s probably safe to say that it’s winter, so the same logic applies.

For this reason, it’s probably not a great idea to make ice skating a “surprise” date. You’ll want to give your date a heads up so that they know to dress warm.

Otherwise, a fun date can turn into a disaster. If you want to surprise them, just make sure that you make a point of it to tell them to dress warm. 

So what should you wear?

We’d suggest wearing a warm pair of leggings or a pair of jeans. You won’t want to wear anything too loose or baggy, because you won’t want your pants to get stuck on your skates.

If you’re very sensitive to the cold, you might want to actually wear a pair of leggings under your jeans.

Coats are optional, but if you’re doing outside skating they are definitely recommended. At the very least, you’ll want to wear a heavy sweater even if you’re indoor skating.

Oh – and heavy socks are a necessity. Cold feet equal a cold body – and a cold body makes for a miserable date. So don’t leave for an ice skating date without wool or thermal socks. Hats and mittens are also optional. 

Ice Skating Games You Can Play

Ice Skating alone is pretty fun. But there’s some other ways that you can spice it up too. Why not add some healthy competition to your date? Here are some games you can play:

Freeze Skating

It’s like freeze dancing but with skating instead!


We all know the game of tag. Now’s time to play it on the ice. 

Simon Says

Don’t do it unless Simon tells you to do it! Take turns being Simon.

Red Light, Green Light

Red light means stop, green light means go. 


Who can make it to the other side of the rink first?


Whoever falls first buys the other person ice cream! Or maybe gets a kiss?

Activities After Ice Skating Date Ideas

Enjoying your date and looking to make it a little longer? Here are some activities that pair great with an ice skating date:

Coffee and Hot Cocoa

Feeling a little chilly after your ice skating date? Coffee and cocoa don’t have to be morning drinks! Head to your local late night cafe and enjoy some conversation over a cup of your favorite hot drink. 

Netflix and Chill

Okay, so it may not be the best idea for a first date but if you and your partner have been dating for a while, you might want to just head home and snuggle up under the covers together. Even better, enjoy some time cozied up in front of the fireplace (if that’s an option). The point is – we’re keeping each other warm!

Go for a Walk

If you’re doing an outdoor ice skating date, chances are it’s winter. And winter is beautiful! Your warm breath in the cool night air, the Christmas lights all around – there’s something magical about winter that we don’t see any other time of year. So take advantage – this is the perfect time for a romantic stroll. 

And don’t forget to bring a camera! Ice skating is the perfect way to make memories on your date. So don’t be afraid to capture them and make them memories that will last a lifetime. 

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