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Looking for some fun Couples Tag Questions?

Ever wonder who knows more about each other – you or your partner? If you think you know more about your partner than they do about you, it’s time to put that theory to the test!

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What Is The Couples Tag Game?

Couples tag is a game that you can play with your partner on social media to find out how much they know about you.

The game can help you gauge how far along you are in your relationship, how well your partner listens to you, and who is the ultimate winner!

Ask each other these couples questions and see who knows each other best.

Newer couples? Don’t fret! Newer couples can enjoy the game of couples tag too. Even if you don’t know the answer to all of the questions, this game is a great way to learn more!

Couples Tag Questions

Here are 101 questions that you can use for the game of couples tag:

  1. How did we meet?
  2. Who said I love you first?
  3. Where did we go on our first date?
  4. What was the first movie we watched together?
  5. Where was our first kiss?
  6. What’s our favorite thing to do together?
  7. What’s our favorite thing to watch together?
  8. Do I prefer coffee or tea?
  9. What’s my favorite thing about you?
  10. What do my parents think about you?

  1. Who is my celebrity crush
  2. What town did I grow up in?
  3. What high school did I go to?
  4. What’s my favorite drink?
  5. What’s my favorite food?
  6. What are my least favorite foods?
  7. Do I prefer sweet or salty?
  8. What do I like to eat on my pizza?
  9. What’s my biggest fear?
  10. What’s my biggest goal in life?

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Never Have I Ever Questions
Would You Rather Questions

  1. What is my shoe size?
  2. What’s my favorite genre of movie?
  3. What’s my favorite TV show?
  4. Who is my favorite musician or band?
  5. What color are my eyes?
  1. What was my natural hair color as a child?
  2. Do I prefer silver or gold?
  3. What’s my favorite color?
  4. What’s my favorite number?
  5. How many countries have I been to?

  1. Am I a cat person or a dog person?
  2. What was my childhood pet name?
  3. Am I a jealous person?
  4. Do I prefer to spend or save?
  5. Am I more introverted or extroverted?
  6. How do I feel about adoption?
  7. Have I ever seen a ghost?
  8. What are my religious beliefs?
  9. Am I a superstitious person?
  10. Who was my childhood best friend?

  1. What’s my alcohol of choice?
  2. When is my birthday?
  3. Do I have any special talents?
  4. Is there anything I’m really bad at?
  5. Am I a good cook?
  6. What is my best feature?
  7. What does my dream vacation look like?
  8. What’s my go-to ice cream flavor?
  9. Do I have a favorite song?
  10. What’s our song together?

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Favorite Things Questions
Yes Or No Questions For Couples

Boyfriend Tag Questions / Girlfriend Tag Questions

  1. What will our wedding song be/was our wedding song?
  2. What did I wear on our first date?
  3. What’s my go to cologne/perfume?
  4. What’s the biggest difference between the two of us?
  5. Who made the first move?
  6. What’s my favorite chocolate bar?
  7. What was my first job?
  8. What word/phrase do I say the most?
  9. What’s my most prized possession?
  10. What type of student was I?

  1. Who is more stubborn, you or me?
  2. What was my favorite childhood cartoon?
  3. How do I normally sleep? (Back, side, stomach)
  4. What time do I like to go to bed?
  5. If I could domesticate any pet, what would it be?
  6. What’s my favorite holiday?
  7. Do I like to be early or am I consistently late?
  8. Which one of us takes longer to get ready?
  9. What was my first car?
  10. What’s the best gift you ever gave to me (according to me)?

  1. Who is more likely to make an apology first?
  2. What was my dream job as a child?
  3. What’s my favorite kind of cake?
  4. What’s my sign?
  5. Who is more afraid of spiders?
  1. Would I prefer a night in or a night out?
  2. What’s my love language?
  3. What do we argue most about?
  4. What is my nickname?
  5. How many kids do I want?

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Funny Couples Questions

Relationship Tag Questions

  1. Am I a good tipper?
  2. Have I ever broken a bone?
  3. Have I ever broken the law?
  4. Have I ever been to jail?
  5. Am I a morning person or an evening person?
  6. Do I prefer mountains or beaches?
  7. How do you know when I’m angry?
  8. What’s my Starbucks order?
  9. What’s my longest relationship?
  10. If I won $1 million, what would I buy?

  1. What celebrity couple are we comparable to?
  2. Who’s more likely to order something off of Amazon?
  3. What’s my favorite board game?
  4. Am I adventurous?
  5. How many times a week do I want to be intimate?
  6. PDA – do I think it’s cute or cringy?
  7. Am I more emotional or logical?
  8. What’s my favorite book?
  9. Who would my phone-a-friend be on “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”
  10. 100)Who will be more hungover after a wedding?
  11. 101)Why do you love me so much? 

How long should my Couples Tag Video Be?

We’ve taken a look at a lot of couples tag videos, and they all appear to be around 7-25 minutes in length. It doesn’t really matter how long you make the video, as long as you’re having fun.

The whole point of couples tag is to find out who knows each other the best, and to give other YouTube viewers the ability to get to know you better as a couple too. 

Couples Tag is a great way to spend some time with your partner, while at the same time developing an audience on social media. 

Do We Have to Be An Established Couple to Play?

Here’s the cool thing about couples tag – you don’t have to be in a long term relationship to play.

Even new couples can play couples tag together! You might not get as many of the answers right, but it is a great way to get to know each other better.

Plus, you can ask each other the same questions in a year from now to see how much you’ve grown together as a couple in a year. 

There’s also other tags out there that don’t have anything to do with couples – sister tag, brother tag, friend tag, even mom and dad tag exist on YouTube!

So if you don’t have a partner, don’t fret – you can play this fun game with anyone!

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