Amusement Park Date

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Looking for tips for an Amusement Park Date? Below are some that can help.

First dates are terrifying. Everything about them is scary. Meeting someone new is scary. Opening up to someone new is scary. The anxiety of it all is scary.

image reads "amusement park ideas" while amusement park goers are on a ride.

What will you talk about? Will you get along? Will they like you? There’s so many things going through your mind on a first date.

But a date at the amusement park can help to break that anxiety, allowing you and your date to focus more on enjoying your experience than your anxiety. 

Why is the Amusement Park a great date?

The amusement park is a great date because there’s no pressure. Think about it. When you sit down for dinner and drinks, there’s pressure.

What will you talk about? Will there be awkward silences? At the amusement park, there’s none of that. 

Even if you have nothing to talk about, you’ll be busy enough that it won’t be awkward.

Plus, the exhilarating rides will help to get your adrenaline flowing, releasing your anxiety and making it easy to talk.

Even if you’re not sure what to talk about, you can talk about the rides you were just on or where you are headed next. 

Is the Amusement Park always a great date?

Errr…we love the amusement park as a date idea, but that’s because we’re thrill seekers. Not everyone is!

So no, the amusement park wouldn’t be an ideal date for everyone. So if we can offer a piece of advice, don’t offer up the amusement park as a surprise date idea (unless you know the person loves a good adrenaline rush).

If you’re planning on doing the amusement park as a first, second, or even third date, it’s best to ask your date if it’s something they want to do.

They might be super excited, or they might say that roller coasters make them nauseous.

And the last thing you want to do is take your date somewhere that is going to make them nauseous! 

So if you’re thinking about an amusement park date, just make sure the other person is excited for it too. 

How to Make an Amusement Park Date Special

Going to the amusement park is special in itself and will create fun and lasting memories. But there are some other things that you can do to make it special too:

Win Them a Prize

It’s in every romantic movie that features an amusement park. You can’t go to the park without winning your date a prize (or at least trying to).

You don’t have to spend $100 to win her the biggest prize in the park, but even the smallest prize will give your date something to take home with them to remember the date by. 

Pack a Picnic

Food at the amusement park is way overpriced. Not only that, a lot of the food in the amusement park is junkie and not the best for eating before riding the coasters.

So pack your own picnic. Not only are picnics super romantic, but a picnic will give you and your date a chance to sit down and actually talk in the midst of all the excitement.


Check in with Your Date

Everyone has different levels of tolerance at the amusement park. You might be able to ride coasters till the end of time, but your date might just be trying to keep up with you.

Make your date more comfortable by checking in with how they’re feeling.

If they seem uncomfortable or iffy about any more rides, let them know that it’s okay to slow down, take a break, and maybe go watch a show together.

Even if your date is up for 50 more rides, they’ll appreciate that you’re taking their feelings into account.

Ride the Ferris Wheel

If you’re going to kiss your date, do it on the ferris wheel! The ferris wheel is such a romantic place for a first kiss! Overlooking the skyline below, gliding through the air – we’re daydreaming now! 

Of course, if you’re going in for a kiss, you’ll want to be 100% confident that your date is ready for it too.

Making a move too fast can make your date close off and feel uncomfortable. So do kiss your date on the ferris wheel – but only if you’re getting all the right signals. 

How to Avoid an Amusement Park Disaster Date

There’s so many ways that an amusement park date can go right, but there’s a lot of ways it can go wrong too. The best way to avoid an amusement park disaster is to go in prepared. Here are a few tips to ensure your date doesn’t go awry:

Confirm with Your Date

We mentioned this before, but let’s bring it up again. Unless you know that your date enjoys roller coasters, don’t set a date at the amusement park. The last thing you want is for your date to associate you with their nausea and vomiting!

Check the Weather

You don’t want the weather to rain on your parade. Do your diligence and make sure the weather is going to be warm and nice when you head to the amusement park. 

Simplify your Bag

You don’t want to be carrying around a heavy backpack all day. Pack your essentials and nothing else. 

Bring Sunscreen

Those essentials we’re talking about? Sunscreen is one of them. Even if it’s an overcast day, be sure to bring lots of sunscreen to avoid making painful burns a souvenir. 

Dress for the Park

You’ll be doing lots of walking on your date, so make sure you dress comfortably. Heels are not appropriate for the amusement park – it will end up being miserable. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes meant for walking. 

And finally, just have fun – that’s exactly what the amusement park is for. Let the rides soothe your nerves and just enjoy your time together.

Once your adrenaline starts flowing, the conversion will too. Even if the two of you aren’t meant to be lifetime soulmates, anyone can enjoy their time together at the amusement park. 

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