Sunday Date Ideas

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Looking for Sunday Date Ideas?

Most of us can agree that Sunday is generally thought to be a day of rest.

But there’s lots of reasons that someone might want to go on a date on a Sunday.

image reads "sunday date ideas" and shows a couple embracing outside.

Maybe your Saturday is full, or perhaps you had a great date and can’t get enough of the person.

Whatever the case, we’ve got all the best Sunday date ideas right here in our left pocket. 

How to Date on a Sunday

Because Sundays are generally considered a rest day, they aren’t typically thought of as a date option. But there’s no rule that says you can’t date on a Sunday.

With that being said, your Sunday is going to set the tone for the rest of your week.

It’s also your day to relax and refresh before starting another workweek. So if you do decide to date on a Sunday, we suggest keeping it chill.

There’s lots of activities out there that you and your partner can do that are calm, relaxing, and that can boost your mood for the start of your work week. 

Here are some of our favorite Sunday activities that will allow you to be home in bed by 9:

Breakfast in Bed

Maybe your Sunday date isn’t just a Sunday date? Perhaps your Sunday date is a carryover from Saturday?

That’s great news – it means that things are going well! Or perhaps you’re married and Sunday is your time together.

Whatever the case, it never hurts to start your Sunday off with a little breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed is one of the ultimate ways to treat and pamper someone you care about.

So if you’re feeling romantic, wake up a little earlier than your partner and make them their favorites to enjoy in bed.

Alternatively, if you both want to spend the morning relaxing, call in some delivery and snuggle up while you wait for it to arrive.

Get Outside

You might not feel like running a marathon or spending an hour at the gym on your lazy day, but a low-key physical outdoor activity might be just what you need to release your stress and enjoy your day. 

Spending time outdoors is one of the most beneficial things you can do for both your physical and mental health.

Just 20 minutes spent outdoors has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, and boost mood and positive feelings.

There’s lots of things that you can do outdoors that are relaxing yet physical at the same time.

For a Sunday date, we recommend things like bike riding, walking, or even hiking in your favorite area. 


If you and your date are both religious (or open to it), church can make a great date every Sunday.

Even if you aren’t overly religious, church can be a great way to connect with other members of the community and make new friends.

And if you both believe in faith, church can be a wonderful way to deepen your spiritual connection with one another.

Whether you’re going to a church service or enjoying a picnic with church members, church can be a great Sunday date that you can turn into a Sunday tradition.

Picnic in the Park

Again, we’re going back to spending time in the great outdoors. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything physical, you can still enjoy some time in nature with a good ol’ fashioned picnic.

Grab a blanket, fill up a picnic basket, and just spend some time chatting under the trees in the park.

If you want to extend your picnic date, bring some of your favorite board games or a deck of cards to enjoy playing together

Sunday Brunch

For many of us, Sunday means sleeping in. And that often means missing breakfast.

But that doesn’t mean we have to wait until lunch to enjoy a date. Sunday brunch is the perfect late morning date – especially for couples who want to sit down and get to know each other better.

Sitting down over brunch is a great chance for conversation and connection, while at the same time leaving the rest of the day open if you choose to continue the date. 

Dessert Date

We all deserve to treat ourselves before we head back to a new work week. And what better way to treat yourself than with the dessert date of your choice?

Will it be pie? Cheesecake? Apple crumble? Or maybe you’ll go for the classic – ice cream.

There is never a bad time for an ice cream date, and that includes Sundays. End your weekend with a tasty treat with your date and start your work week off right. 


Everyday is a great day for sports, but Sundays are better for some sports than others.

And we say that tennis is the perfect sport for couples on a Sunday afternoon.

Tennis is a game that anyone can play, and even though it’s an active sport it’s not overly tiresome. If tennis isn’t your thing, you could play similar 2 person sports like ping pong, badminton, or squash. 


Some people like to refer to golf as the lazy sport. We prefer to refer to it as a Sunday sport.

If running around a court isn’t your thing, golf might be for you! Golf is a sport that allows you to embrace nature, while at the same time engaging in an active, yet relaxing sport. 

Golf is slow paced and doesn’t require a lot of heavy physical activity. This makes it perfect for couples who want to enjoy an activity together, but don’t necessarily want to get all hot and sweaty.

Plus, golf is a great way to get up close and personal. On a date with someone who doesn’t know how to play? Don’t be afraid to get close and show them how to swing a club!

Something New Sunday

Okay, we completely just made this one up – but we’re loving it! Why not make all of your Sundays a day to do something new?

It doesn’t matter what – try a new restaurant, walk through a new park, do something adventurous that you’ve never done before. It doesn’t matter how big or small, but doing something new and different together can improve your mood, boost your adrenaline, and get those feel good hormones flowing for deeper connections than ever before. 

No one said Sundays weren’t for dating. In fact, Sundays are a great day to spend some quality time getting to know your partner in a relaxing setting.

So if conversation is what you need – make your date for Sunday! Sunday Tea anyone?

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