Lunch Date Ideas For When You Want A Daytime Date

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Need some fun lunch date ideas because your schedules are so packed?

A lunchtime date can be a great fun way to change up your time with your partner. If you both have busy schedules a lunch date allows you to have a quick lunch break catch-up.

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An afternoon date is a less high pressure than a full evening out as it feels much more casual and laidback.

This makes it ideal for those who have just started dating or if you are a little shy or nervous.

Meeting up in the day also mixes up your routine and feels a bit more spontaneous.

Many people feel more energized at lunchtime during the evening.

An extra bonus is that many venues are a bit quieter than in the evening.

Some places even do daytime discounts, making it a more budget-friendly option too!

What To Do For A Lunch Date

Here are our top picks for lunchtime date ideas:

Go Out For Food

Whether it’s a casual brunch at a cafe or a more formal lunch at a nice restaurant, going out for food is a classic date choice.

For extra spontaneity, why not try a place neither of you has been before or a foreign cuisine?

Many places tend to be a bit quieter during the day so you can enjoy more quality alone time together, as well as have a greater chance of getting a good table!

If you are really stuck for time, try just ordering an appetizer.


The best thing about a picnic date, is that they can be adapted to whatever suits you.

This is a great option if you have limited time and for those meeting in their lunch breaks from work, as they can be as long or short as you need.

Have your picnic at your local park, beautiful viewing spot or even your backyard.

Even a park bench will do the trick if you are having a lunch hour date!

Simply grab a blanket and some of your favorite snacks.


Shopping together can actually be surprisingly intimate and tell you a lot about the other person.

Pick new outfits out for each other at the mall or go to a bookstore for a more relaxed vibe.

This can be altered for how much time you have.

Spend the whole day wandering around the mall on a weekend or just pop into a handful of your favorite stores during your weekday lunch hour.

Coffee Date

Grabbing a quick coffee with someone suits those with busy lifestyles.

Many couples will find that when their time together is limited, they’ll keep the conversation to what really matters to them.

Spa Treatment

Spoil yourselves at lunchtime with a facial or couple’s massage.

A set appointment is great for those with busy schedules that need to plan their time carefully.

If it’s the weekend or you have more free time, you could even book a whole spa day for the ultimate luxury lunch date.

Or try a fun couples spa date at home.

Get Outdoors

A lunchtime date is a perfect opportunity to get more active and have an outdoor date together.

Whether it’s just a casual walk in the park, a lengthy hike, or a romantic bike ride, exercising outside together has a ton of benefits.

This date gives you plenty of alone time, while decreasing stress and is good for your health.

Plus it’s a completely free date!

Remember to bring some healthy snacks and plenty of water. 

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

If you are lucky enough to live near an exhibit, take a chance to have a wander round at lunchtime.

You can learn more about the museum subject, as well as each other and there are plenty of conversation starters.

This date also can be structured to have much time you have.

Casually wander around at your own pace on a weekend and explore together.

Alternatively, have a quick walk-through during your lunch hour, there’s no pressure to see everything.

Many art galleries are free so you can always return for your next lunch date to see the rest.

Play A Sport

Studies show couples that work out together are more likely to stick to their fitness habits.

Sports can be one of the most fun ways to work out!

Try tennis, squash or badminton.

If you are looking for something more relaxing, give swimming or golf a try.

Mini golf is ideal for a shorter game if you don’t much have free time during the day.

Take a Class

Taking even just an hour-long class during the day can leave you feeling inspired for your afternoon.

And the options are endless!

You could choose something creative such as painting, playing a musical instrument or cooking.

Alternatively go for a fitness class, like yoga, dancing or boxing.

Taking a class is a great way to develop an existing skill or learn a completely new one, while being a real bonding experience.

You may even find a new couples hobby to do together!


Bowling is a fun retro date. Most games can be completed in an hour if you are short of time during the week too.

Bowling is laidback and casual, while encouraging a bit of friendly competition. 

Go to a Local Market

A flea or antique market is surprisingly fun for a date idea.

Look for vintage clothing or homeware or have a competition to see who can find the most unusual item!

Maybe you’ll even find a hidden gem.

Farmer’s markets are a good idea for more long-term couples, but can give new couples lots to talk about too.

You could even buy some produce to make a lovely meal for each that evening.

Many have free samples which give you good conversation starters and an opportunity to learn more about each other’s tastes.

Day Drinks

Bars don’t need to be kept for evening dates!

Treat yourselves to a few daytime cocktails at lunchtime.

Drinking earlier means you have less chance of a hangover (as long as you stop by the evening!).

Bars are usually quieter too, so not waiting to get served.

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