Daytime Date Ideas

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In need of Daytime Date Ideas?

Nighttime dates are great, but there’s some drawbacks too. If you live a busy lifestyle or work a 9-5, a nighttime date sometimes feels like a hassle more than anything.

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By the time we get ready for our date and head out, we’re already starting to feel the sleepiness setting in. So for some, daytime dates just work better than late night dates. And there are so many fun daytime dates that you can do:

Fun Daytime Date Ideas

Head to your local bookstore

If you and your date love to read, why not make a date out of going to your local bookstore. Find some books that you love and sit down and read together.

Or, pick out books for each other – you might enjoy a book that you would never think about reading on your own!

Or do a library date!

Enjoy some coffee

There’s nothing better than a cup of hot coffee in the morning. And if this is part of your morning routine, why not make your date part of it too?

Find a cute coffee shop in the area, grab your favorite hot drinks and a morning snack, and let the conversation flow. It’s the perfect morning date!

Breakfast in Bed

If you don’t feel like going out for coffee, we’re sure your partner wouldn’t be opposed to a breakfast in bed to sneak in a sweet bedroom date.

Wake up a little early and surprise them with their favorite hot drink and breakfast meal.

Home Cooked is always the best, but if you just want to relax too, don’t be afraid to order in. 

couple snuggling under covers and sitting coffee while eating a croissant.

Winery Date

If you have a full day available for your date, visiting a winery is a relaxing idea that will give you and your date a chance for conversation.

If it’s a first date, the wine can help to ease the nerves and get the conversation flowing.

If you want, you could make a full day of it and do a complete winery tour instead of visiting a single winery. 

Visit a Museum

There are so many different museums out there ready for you to explore!

Choose a museum that appeals to you and then take your date there to broaden your knowledge base.

The museum is also a great way to spark conversation, as there’s many pieces to discuss your thoughts and opinions!

Explore Your City

When was the last time you acted like a tourist in your own city?

Well, now’s the time.

Find all of the most unique and touristy places in your city and spend the day exploring them together.

Maybe you’ll even find a new favorite hotspot!

Live in a small town? Try these small town dates!

Go to the Beach

If it’s warm enough, the beach always makes for a great date.

Throw on your suits and build some sandcastles in the sun.

Maybe you can even get a little playful in the water?

a couple holding hands walking on the beach during the sunset.

Daytime Dates

Go for a Hike

Did you know that we should all be spending at least two hours a day outside? If we all did this, we’d see so much of an improvement in both our mental health and physical health!

So why not get healthier together? Find a nice spot and just explore all that the great outdoors has to offer.

Whether you’re walking, hiking, or running, the benefits are all positive in these outdoor dates!

Go for a Picnic

If the weather is nice, a picnic date can be another great way to spend some time outdoors.

Pack up a blanket and all of your favorite snacks, and enjoy some alone time together with this park date.

You could also bring things like books, games, or a deck of cards if you want to spend some extra time. 

Hotel Quickie

Looking to be a little scandalous? Or maybe you’re into a little role play?

Live life on the wild-side and rent a room for the day and try this sexy date idea!

Maybe you can meet up for a lunchtime quickie, or just enjoy some pampered snuggling until you need to leave for work.

Either way, this date is bound to get the heart pumping!

Pizza Lunch Date

Sure you can order pizza in, but making your own pizzas is always so much more fun! And it’s such a cute lunch date.

Head to the grocery store ahead of time to buy all of your favorite toppings, then spend the afternoon making pizzas together.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try your own unique toppings – Dill pickle pizza? Yes please!

Naked in Bed 

Who said Netflix and Chill was just for bedtime?

Have a lazy morning enjoying each other’s company in bed binge watching all of your favorites. And hey, why not spend the morning naked? Then head out on a breakfast date together.

Explore a local Farmers Market

There’s no place better to get fresh food than at your local farmers market – and they’re super cute too!

So if you need to grab a few groceries, why not kill two birds with one stone and make a date out of it?

Don’t forget to try some of the fresh baked goods while you’re there!

a couple trying fruits from a fruit stand at their local farmer's market.

Day Time Date Ideas

Matinee Movie

Did you know that Matinee movies are way cheaper than going to the movies at night?

Plus, most people do go to the movies past dark, so you could end up having the entire theater to yourself – how romantic would that be for this movie date!?

Rent a Hot Tub

Did you know that you can actually rent hot tubs by the day?

Rent out a hot tub, put it in your garden, and have a Bachelor style date right in your own backyard! 

Plan a Vacation

We could all use a vacation once in a while – and even if you can’t afford it right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to it!

Plan your ideal vacation together by deciding where you will go, and then researching all of the things you’d like to see and do while there. 

Goat Yoga

Yes – this is a real thing. Imagine yoga – but with a bunch of baby goats running all over! If this isn’t the ideal date, we don’t know what is! 


There’s few better ways to spend your time together than by doing something for someone else.

Whether you’re volunteering at an animal shelter, an old age home, or elsewhere, this is one date that’s sure to bring you closer together. 


Puzzles are a great way to calm your mind together. Sip on a glass of your favorite wine, put on some slow music, and spend the day putting a puzzle together. 

This could be a new couples hobby you do often.

image shows a couple sitting at their dining room table, smiling and putting a jigsaw puzzle together.


Okay, so this one probably isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re looking for a good thrill together, skydiving is definitely a date for the daytime. 

More Daytime Dates

  1. Visit a local farmers market and pick out fresh produce to cook a meal together.
  2. Go on a museum date or art gallery and admire the exhibits.
  3. Take a scenic hike in a nearby park or nature reserve.
  4. Rent bicycles and explore a scenic route together.
  5. Have a picnic in a nearby park or beach.
  6. Attend a wine or beer tasting event.
  7. Have a zoo date or an aquarium date and learn about different animals.
  8. Have a game day at a board game cafe. Or try these couples question games!
  9. Take a pottery class and make something together.
  10. Visit a botanical garden and admire the flowers and plants.

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the view.
  2. Do a cooking class date and learn a new cuisine together.
  3. Attend a local music festival or concert.
  4. Visit an amusement park and ride the rollercoasters.
  5. Rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore a nearby body of water.
  6. Visit a nearby city and explore the local attractions.
  7. Go to a nearby beach and play in the sand and water.
  8. Attend a sporting event or game together. Or play a sport for couples!
  9. Go to a comedy club and laugh the afternoon away.
  10. Take a photography class and explore a nearby town with your cameras.

  1. Visit a nearby historical site and learn about its significance.
  2. Go to a nearby farmer’s field and pick strawberries, apples, or pumpkins.
  3. Take a yoga or fitness class together.
  4. Visit a nearby petting zoo and interact with animals.
  5. Have a book club date and read and discuss a book together.

As you can see, there’s tons of dates that you can do during the day too. So if you’re feeling a little sluggish at night, just move your date time up!

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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