20+ Fun Bachelorette Party Themes

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Looking for bachelorette party themes? Here are 20+ ideas you can use!

It can be tough trying to come up with great themes for a bachelorette party.

There are hundreds to choose from and some only work depending on the time of year and location.

image reads "fun themes for a bachelorette party" and shows a bride with her bridesmaids in robes posing on a hotel room bed.

To help sort through all of those choices, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite bachelorette party themes that are always a huge success. You can find something here that to suit every bride-to-be’s taste.

Best Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas


A Bohemian theme is all about relaxing and getting in touch with nature. Choose earthy tones and wear vintage outfits. You could even go thrift shopping together to find everyone’s dress.

Visit a winery to enjoy a wine tasting and stroll through the vineyards or go on a hike to get to a beautiful vista point.

Some other activities you could delight in are a yoga or Pilates session and floral arranging classes. Learn to arrange bouquets and make some cute flower crowns for everyone!


Nautical is a classic theme that never gets old. Spend the entire day at the beach!

You can start the morning off with some whale watching and brunch on a sailboat.

Once you get back to shore you can learn to surf or go snorkeling. Why not even rent some jet skis to have fun out on the water?

You can have a beach picnic with tons of fruit and snacks and later set up a bonfire as the sun sets. 


Plan a fiesta bachelorette party theme for the bride-to-be who loves bright colors, music, and dancing.

Tapas make a great party food since they are quick small bites.

Have a signature margarita for everyone to enjoy and later serve tacos as the entrée.

You can set up a dance platform and hire a salsa instructor to teach you all how to dance!

Set up banners, balloons, and even a pinata for a colorful event. 


Not everyone loves to go into the wild and camp—but no one can resist glamping! Rent a cute cabin or even some luxury tents to stay overnight in.

These glamping tents can be found as teepees, yurts, and even domes.

You can hold a yoga and meditation session, go for a hike, or go horseback riding through the woods.

If you are near water you could even go river rafting or water skiing.

Make some crafts out of wood like coasters or ornaments. Build a campfire and eat your body weight in s’mores!


A tropical theme is sure to excite everyone at your bachelorette party. Decorate the place with palm leaves and stuffed toys of toucans and monkeys.

Don’t forget a bright pink flamingo! Set up a tiki bar with a signature drink menu based on the bride.

Fruity and colorful cocktails are always so much fun, especially when you serve them out of a real coconut.

It would be even better if you were at a pool and had some funky themed inflatables.

Tea Party 

For the refined woman, throw her a tea party in the garden that would rival a queen’s.

You can all get dressed up and pick out derby hats to complete your look.

Serve a wide variety of tea cakes and sandwiches on a mix of vintage fine china. Offer tea (and coffee) in gorgeous teacups with a saucer and spoon.

You’ll feel like you’re in a wonderland just like Alice.

You could play games of croquet or hold flower arranging classes.

Roaring 20s

Throw a raging party in true Gatsby style!

Dress up like a flapper girl in beaded or sequined dresses and accessorize with headbands and heels.

Put on some great music and jazz and start dancing away! A must-have for any 20’s party is of course champagne boats—it just always tastes better in these glasses. Plus, they’re super cute! 

Pride and Prejudice

Every woman is just waiting for the opportunity to put on a regal ballgown. Channel your inner Pride and Prejudice and hold a ball.

Everyone can finally fulfill their fantasies! When else are you going to have the chance to wear something so outlandish? 

You can hold a dinner party before then and also serve small appetizers and finger food during the dancing. 

Harry Potter 

If your bride-to-be is a geek, you have to throw her a Harry Potter themed bachelorette party.

You can send out Hogwarts letters as invitations, serve butterbeer, and play a game of quidditch (you’ll need brooms, balls, and hula hoops on stands!). Have a feast that Hogwarts would be proud of, complete with pumpkin juice, sherbet lemons, and chocolate frogs.

You could even hold a taste test for Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans.

Why not have a divination class where you can get your fortune told or try a potions class where you learn to make a unique cocktail? You’ll never run out of Harry Potter themed ideas!

Game Night

Sometimes all you want to do is hold a game night. It can be a casual get-together where you play all the best games like Monopoly, Charades, Settlers of Catan, and Cards Against Humanity.

You could make it a bit more intense and turn it into the X-games! Release your inner kid and set up bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses.

Why not get a Slip n’ Slide too! You’ll have so much fun running around and playing just like you did when you were younger.


Haven’t we all dreamed of being a Disney princess at some point in our lives? Heck, we still dream of being Disney princesses now!

Well – now is your chance to live out your own fairy tale. After all, in just a short time, your real life fairy tale is about to come true!

So why not start now and have a Disney Princess themed bachelorette party? Have all of your guests dress up as their favorite fairy tale princesses and dance the night away. 

Be the Groom Party

Ever wonder what your besties think about your groom? Well, now’s the time to find out. For this party, have all of your maid of honors give their best impression of your groom.

That means dressing from head to toe in an outfit that they feel best represents your man – and of course, offering impersonations throughout the night!

If you’re looking for a good laugh at your bachelorette, this might be the party theme for you!

The Bride’s Favorite Things

This night is all about the bride so why not make it all about the bride?

Theme your night around all of your brides favorite things.

Make her favorite foods. Serve her favorite drinks. Go to her favorite places.

If there’s something that your bride loves, make sure it’s included in her night (except her groom of course). 


Because seriously, who doesn’t love a good disco?

Bring out the strobe lights and all of the vintage clothing that we so deeply love! And let’s get ready to boo-gie!

If you and your friends love to dance, this is a great theme.

Plus, who doesn’t love Saturday Night Fever? When the night is all said and done, popcorn and a good 70s movie is a great way to end the night.

Of course, if you’re lucky, you might even have a disco-tech themed bar in your area – and that might be an even better way to end your Disco night. 


Feeling the country vibe? If you and your girls are more country than you are city, why not throw a cowgirl themed bachelorette party?

Bring out the cowboys boots and hats and get ready to ride ’em dirty – (the mechanical bulls we mean!).

If you feel like adding some daytime fun to the mix, head out for some horseback riding before a night out on the town. 


Not every bachelorette dreams of a night on the town or a night of partying. If you’re the more chilled out and relaxed type, you might just want to indulge in some self-pampering.

Head to the spa and treat yourselves to some mani-pedis or a deep massage.

Alternatively, you could have a spa night at home and treat each other! If you’re up for extending your bachelorette party, you could also go on a relaxing weekend away. Did someone say yoga retreat?

Murder Mystery

If you and your girlfriends were to take a bet, which one would be most likely to commit murder? And who would have your back if you committed a crime?

Well in this Murder Mystery themed bachelorette party, you can find out!

Host your own murder mystery at home with your own murder mystery game kit, or find a murder mystery in your area for dinner and a fun show.

When you get home, curl up with some popcorn and some good murder mystery shows to end your night.


Just as many of us dreamed of being a Disney Princess at some point in our life, we’ve surely all dreamed of being Barbie too.

But you don’t need your own Malibu Dream home to host this amazing themed party – some pink hues and rose gold decor will do the trick!

If you’re ready to get a little hot and spicy at your Barbie themed party, don’t be afraid to bring on the Ken dolls (ladies, you know what we’re talking about).

And of course, you couldn’t complete a Barbie themed party without singing and dancing your socks off to Aqua’s classic Barbie Girl song. 


We have no doubt that you’ll be glowing on your wedding day, so why not glow at your bachelorette party too?

This theme is all about the neon lights! Grab yourself some black lights and neon decor, and have a glow-in-the-dark themed bachelorette.

Don’t be afraid to go all out with some glow in the dark paint body paint too. You can paint yourself, or you and your girlfriends can paint each other. 


Friends is the television show that stands the test of time. Whether we talk to people in their 50’s, 40’s, 30’s, or 20’s – it seems that pretty much everyone has had a good laugh at the classic sitcom.

And if you’re a fan, why not have a Friends themed bachelorette party?

Pull out some Friends themed coffee mugs and add some of your favorite Baileys to spice up the night. Then, get your Phoebe on at your local Karaoke bar. Who cares what you sound like? Phoebe didn’t! 

Wine Tasting

Whisky and Vodka aren’t everyone’s drink of choice. Some of us have a more refined palette and if you’re like many women we know, you love your wine!

So wine not spend the day with your girls touring some of the best vineyards in the area? Areas that have multiple wineries often offer lots of tour options – including biking and/or limo tours.

So choose your mode of transportation and enjoy a day sampling (or maybe even making) some fine wines with your besties. 

At the Beach

If you’re a beachy girl, you might want to go all out with a beach themed bachelorette party. You could throw your bachelorette party at the beach, or keep it more private if you have a pool.

Throw on your swimwear wear, laze out in the sun, and show off your wedding day body! And don’t be afraid to show your friends your best cannonball!

There you have it! Those were our favorite 10 themes for a bachelorette party.

These themes cover a wide range of tastes, so it doesn’t matter whether your bride wants a relaxing and chill party by the poolside or intends to get all dolled up for a regal dance—we’ve got you covered!

Any of these options are sure to be a huge hit with all the girls. Have some fun when choosing your bachelorette party themes but make sure you choose something that the bride-to-be will enjoy.

Get creative and go all out to celebrate your friend getting married!

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