Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

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We have some fun Daddy Daughter Date Ideas for you!

There are few bonds stronger than the ones between a father and daughter. And one of the ways that you can keep those bonds strong is by dating your daughter!

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Regular dates with daddy and daughter can ensure that you have one-on-one time together to enjoy each other’s company and to keep the lines of communication strong (which is so important in a parent-child relationship).

Ideas for Daddy Daughter Date

So without further ado, here are some amazing father daughter dates you can do with your child:

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Ice Cream Date

It doesn’t matter how young or how old we are, us girls just love our ice cream! Ice cream is a date idea that never gets old.

It stands the test of time and the age of it too! So get dressed up and get ready to treat yourselves.

Head to your local ice cream parlor for some of your favorite flavors, or make an entire day of it by taking an ice cream tour from parlor to parlor. 

If you wanted to stay at home for your date, you could also make your own milkshakes. Choose your flavors, add some milk, and let your daughter choose their favorite toppings to add. 

Go to a Game

You might typically think of going to a game as a father-son date, but we’re living in 2023 baby! Girls love games too!

And we assure you, whatever sport you take interest in, your daughter will love too – just because she’s doing it with you. So whether it’s soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, or some other sport that you love, take your daughter along with you for a date.

The experience of the crowd, excitement, and bonding will be one that she will remember forever. 

Head to the City

Not every date needs to be planned. Sometimes all you need is some free time and a trip into the city.

Use the date as an opportunity to get dressed up. Head into the city and see where the day takes you. Grab some coffee and treats. Browse through the shops. Head out for a fancy dinner. Let the day be yours to discover!

Have a Yes! Day

If you haven’t heard of a Yes! Day, you’re in for a treat – and probably a lot of surprises along the way. First things first, start by watching Yes Day the movie – this will show you what it’s all about.

Essentially, it’s a day where you can’t say no (within reason of course). You and your daughter will spend the day doing anything she wants to do, as long as it’s affordable and reasonable. 

Any ideas what she will choose? You might be surprised! And who knows, you might even have fun doing something you’ve never thought of before. 

Breakfast in Bed

It doesn’t matter how old you are, we can all appreciate breakfast in bed. Wake up a little earlier than your daughter does and prepare her, her favorite breakfast to enjoy before starting her day.

The best thing about this date is that it doesn’t have to be a weekend to spoil your daughter – you can do this one any day of the week and it’s sure to make her feel special. 

Alternatively, if you have some extra time, you could take your daughter out to her favorite breakfast joint too. 

dad with his daughter cuddling in bed.

Daddy Daughter Date Ideas


Roller skating can be a great date for anyone. It’s not your everyday date, but it’s still super sweet and fun. If your daughter can skate – great!

You two can spend the day racing, skating the rink, and having daddy-daughter talks while you enjoy the ice.

If she can’t skate, this is a great opportunity to teach her! Teaching your daughter new skills is a great way to bond and make memories too. 

When you’re finished, head to your favorite cafe for some hot chocolate to warm up!
Or have an Ice Skating date!

A dad holding his daughter's hand to support her while they both skate through the park on rollerblades.

Rage Room

If you’re looking for something different and unique to do with your daughter, this is it! Unfortunately, most rage rooms won’t let younger children join, but if your daughter is 12 years or older, this can be a fun date that is sure to put you on the “cool” list. 

For those who have never heard of a Rage Room before, this is exactly what it sounds like – a room where you can go and smash things! Throw some plates, hammer a tv – let it all out! And if you’re the father of a teenage daughter – you know those hormones can rage! So let her release it!

Self-Defense Class

We wish we didn’t have to say this but we live in a scary world. Especially for young girls. It’s important that your daughter knows how to protect herself – and it’s never too early to start learning how.

A self-defense class is something that you can take together and practice together at home too. 

A dad practicing self defense moves with his daughter in their living room.

Spa Day

A Spa date isn’t just a date for Mommy’s and daughters – it’s a great date for Daddy’s and daughters too!

The spa is a great place to pamper your daughter and let her know that she is deserving of being spoiled once in a while.

Plus, the spa is a calm, quiet environment that provides the perfect opportunity to have in-depth conversations.

Let the spa be a non-judgmental space where you and your daughter can strike up open and honest communication with one another.

It will bring you closer to one another, and give you the peace of mind that your daughter will come to you if she ever needs to. 

Volunteer together

Choose a charity that you are both interested in, and then spend the day donating your time to making the world a better place. Not only will you and your daughter have a wonderful day together, but you’ll be teaching her the power of making a difference. 

These are just a few of the many things you and your daughter can do together.

Remember, it’s not about what you’re doing – it’s just about spending quality time. Put down your phone, enjoy each other’s company, and watch your relationship grow stronger than ever. 

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