Fun Date Ideas

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We have a whole list of Fun Date Ideas you’ll want to add to your list!

Dating is important. Whether you and your partner are just starting to date or have been married for 20 years, you should always continue to date each other.

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Why? It’s about quality time. The more quality time you spend together, the more memories you make, and the stronger your relationship will be to withstand harder times. Plus, dating is fun!

Fun Date Ideas

Here are 100 fun date ideas for you to try:

Axe Throwing

Looking for something fun and unique to do? Try your hand at Axe throwing!

Personal Chef

Looking to stay in but don’t feel like cooking? Hire your own personal chef for a unique experience all of your friends will be jealous of. 

Dance in the Rain

Rainy day got you down? Don’t let it! Let your hair down and dance in the rain. 

Breakfast in bed

A romantic morning after the night before.

Rage Room

Feeling stressed? Let it all out at the Rage Room!

Escape Room

How well can you work as a team? Find out at an escape room.


Working out is good for the body, mind, and soul – why not do it together?


Need some down time? Connect with yourselves over a yoga date. 


Calm your minds with some group meditation together.


Nature is food for the soul. Grab some water and hiking boots and head out for some exploration. 

Paint Night

Sign up for group paint night or host your own paint night at home!

Wine and cheese

Head to the grocery store to grab some of your favorites for a DIY charcuterie board, add some of your favorite wines, and have your own wine tasting night at home. 

Wine Tour

Don’t feel like going through all of the work for your own DIY wine tasting? Head out for a winery tour of all the best wineries in your area. 

Brewery Tour

Wine not your thing? Head to your local brewery for some beer tasting instead.

Dinner and movie

Another classic!

VIP Restaurant experience

Alternatively to the option above, some high class restaurants offer VIP experiences where you can go behind the scenes and see how the cooks operate.

Cooking classes

You could also skip the chef and learn to cook yourself! Take a cooking class together and then head home to put your skills to the test. 

Nailed It

Have you ever seen the show Nailed It? It’s time for your own “Nailed it” date night. Pick out a difficult cake or dessert to make and see who can “nail it
“ better. 

Themed Dinner

Since we’re on the topic of food, you can create your own themed dinner night. Choose whatever theme speaks to your soul (ie. Hawaiian, Disney, 007 – the list goes on and on) and then theme your dinner and night around it!

Pet Cafe

Most cafes will kick you out if you bring your pet, but did you know that there are cafes specifically designed for them? If you have a furry friend, take your date to a pet cafe – doggy cafes and kitty cafes are popping up everywhere!


It’s a classic!

Shooting Range

Up for a good thrill? See who has the best shot at a local shooting range.

image shows a couple shooting a rifle toward a target.

Try a new Restaurant

So often, we go to the same restaurants over and over again. Tonight, try something new!

DIY Pizza night

Don’t order pizza – make your own. Skies the limit.

Will it be dill pickle pizza? Or caesar salad pizza? Or maybe even a cheeseburger pizza?

Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Pottery class

Ever seen the movie Ghost? Pottery can be super romantic!

Amusement park

Up for a day of thrills? Head to the Amusement Park and ride the coasters!


Are you brave enough?

Indoor Skydiving

Not brave enough for real skydiving? Try indoor diving.

Helicopter Tour

If you’re not quite up for skydiving, you can still get a great view with a helicopter tour of your city.

Spa Day

We all deserve to pamper ourselves every now again. Pamper yourselves together with a massage and spa date.


Float therapy is a new way of relaxing your body and mind. If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to relax, give the couples float experience a try!

Garage Sale-ing

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you can pull yourself out of bed early enough, yard sale-ing makes for a great date!


Since we’re on the topic of sailing.


Throw on some relaxing music and see who can catch the biggest fish.

Tea Party

Host your own tea party at home or head to a nearby tea shop for an English style tea party! Maybe the Mad Hatter will join?

Video Game Night

Stay in and enjoy a video game night together. Who will take home the status of best player?

Game Night

No video games in the house? No problem! Have a regular game night for two, or invite friends!

Puzzle Night

Find a challenging puzzle and spend the night putting it together over a glass of wine (or two). 

Online Classes

There is so much you can learn online nowadays. Pick something you both want to learn and take an online class. Remember – online dance is an option!

Yes Day

If you and your partner are married with children, this is a great date day for the entire family. Let the kids pick what to do today – you can’t say no!

Alternatively, if you have no kids, have a yes day together. You can’t say no to any invitations you get!


Spend the day exploring the zoo and animal watching. 


Already been to the zoo? Head to the aquarium to see all of the weird and wonderful things that live under the water.


You can never go wrong with a day at the beach. Swimming, volleyball, frisbee, and how can we forget ice cream!?

Ice Cream

Speaking of ice cream, you can make an entire date of it! Head to your local ice cream shop to sample some of your favorite flavors, or make a full day exploring all of the shops in your area. 


Whether it’s your backyard, in the park, or in the middle of the forest – a picnic is always a good idea!


Pick a night that the clouds are the clearest and spend your night stargazing. If you live in the country, you’ll be able to do this in your own backyard. If not, you might want to head to your closest observatory for the best views.


Campout in your backyard or rent a nearby campsite. Don’t forget marshmallows and s’mores!

Netflix and chill

A new classic!


If you and your partner enjoy reading, there’s a world to be discovered at your local library. Choose books for each other, or spend the day reading a book together. 


Once you’re done learning at the library, head to a local museum to learn more about art, history, and humankind. 

Go Dancing

When was the last time you went dancing together? Find a bar that speaks to your heart and dance the night away.

Role Playing

Being yourself is great but pretending to be someone else can be pretty fun too! Spend the night role playing together at your local bar, and then head home for some steamy role play in bed!

Adult Shop

Looking for some bedtime fun? Head to the closest adult shop to pick out some new fun toys and games.

Truth or Dare

When was the last time you played truth or dare together? Make tonight the night.


Go to the closest hotel and just spend the night away from all responsibilities. 

Be a tourist in your own town

If you weren’t from here, what would you go see and do? Do it together!

Plan a vacation

You might not be able to go right now, but who says you can’t plan ahead?

image shows a couple sitting on the floor next to a map and luggage planning out a vacation.


Find a local biking trail and spend the day biking together. If you really want to focus on being together, rent a tandem bike for the day!

Bungee Jumping

We don’t have the guts, do you?

Goat Yoga

You’ve heard of regular yoga, but have you tried yoga with goats? We promise, you won’t regret it!

Sporting Event

Basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey – what’s your sport of choice?


Going to a sporting event is fun, but playing is way better! Find some friends, choose a sport, and get your competitive gaming on.


Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, there are tons of festivals that you can spend the entire day enjoying.


Favorite band coming to town? Go check them out. Alternatively, check out someone you’ve never heard of before – you might find a new favorite!

Comedy Show

Laughter is good for the soul – and for a relationship. Spend the night at a comedy club laughing the night away together. 

Cabin in the Woods

Get away from it all – and we mean it all! Find a secluded cabin and the woods and enjoy some time away from reality. Oh – and leave the phone at home!

Coffee Shop

There are so many cute and unique coffee shops – and who doesn’t love coffee in the morning?

Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are the cutest! Not only do they make for great photo ops, but there’s so much amazing food and treats to choose from!


Who has the best shot? Place a sexy wager


Way harder than mini-golfing, but still super fun!

Go for a walk

If the connection is real, you don’t have to do anything extensive to have a good time. A walk around your neighborhood and a good chat is all it takes!

Classic Movie Marathon

Remember all of your favorites as a kid? Binge them out!

Visit a Psychic

Ever wonder what the future holds for your relationship? Visit a psychic to find out!

Go Ghost Hunting

Are you brave enough to connect with the other side?

Stay in a haunted house

Think you have what it takes to spend the entire night in a haunted house? Who will cancel out first?

Go to the Arcade

Remember all of the classics? Pac Man? Centipede? Frogger? You’ll find them all at the arcade!

Trampoline Park

Who says trampolines are just for kids? Head to a nearby trampoline park and remember how it feels to be young again!

Adult Obstacle Course

Many venues now offer adult obstacle courses, also known as Warrior Courses. Challenge yourself and each other to see who can complete the course first.

Tree Trekking

What better way to connect with nature (and each other) than climbing through the trees themselves?

Karaoke Night

Who cares if you can sing or not? Everyone can enjoy themselves at karaoke!

Bubble Bath

Spend the night at home and treat yourselves to a nice hot bubble bath. Pamper your partner in the tub with a foot massage!

Explore a local garden

There’s lots of local botanical gardens around and they are beautiful! Spend a day exploring a nearby garden. Packing a picnic can be a great idea too!

Host a Dinner Party

It’s important to have dates just the two of you, but inviting friends can be fun too. Plan a themed dinner party together and play host!

image shows a couple sitting at a dinner table hosting a dinner party while eating appetizers.

Murder Mystery

If you’re looking for a great themed dinner party – this is it! Host a murder mystery from the comfort of your own home. Who done it?

Go Apple Picking

And then maybe make some delicious pies at home?

Thrift Shopping

Okay, we know, this doesn’t sound like an ideal date. But trust us – it’s fun. Find the most bizarre outfit you can – and then rock it out in public. 

Go Karting

Ever fight about who’s the better driver? Well, it’s time to find out!

Race Tracks

Need for speed? Spend a day at the tracks!

Rent a Car

Ever dreamed of owning a Ferrari but can’t quite afford one yet? You can rent one for the day!

Drive-In Movie

Do the movies a little different tonight and head to the drive-in.

Random Road Trip

Play the left, right, or straight game to see where you will end up! At every stop, decide whether you want to go left, right, or straight.

You’ll end up somewhere new and unexpected every time. 

Horseback Riding

Because who doesn’t love horses?


Feeling lucky? Place your bets (responsibly).

Photo Tour

Dress up, take a random drive, and find all the best photo spots!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Looking to get super romantic on your date? You can’t beat a hot air balloon ride.


Ride the slides and laze in the rivers at your nearest waterpark.


Because nothing feels as good as doing good for others.

Make a Music Video

Get creative and make your own music video together. Alternatively, recreate a favorite movie together. 

Shoot pool

Simple, yet refreshing.

image shows a couple shooting pool while laughing and having a good time.

Make a Scrapbook

Take photos of all your dates above and make a scrapbook showcasing your love!

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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