Aquarium Date

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If you’re looking for an easy, relaxing date idea, why not head out on an aquarium date?

There’s so many reasons that the aquarium makes for a great date (we’ll dive into that soon).

image reads "aquarium date" and shows a young boy standing in front of a tank with fish at an aquarium.

Not only is it a unique and relaxing date idea, but it’s something that pretty much anyone can enjoy.

Whether you’re 19 or 79, whether you’ve been together for 20 years or it’s your first date, we love the idea of the aquarium for a date night.

Why does the Aquarium make for a great date?

It’s a Safe Spot

If this is your first date together, you might not feel comfortable meeting up somewhere private.

For safety concerns, first dates should always be somewhere public – especially if you’ve never actually met the person before.

The aquarium is a safe place to take your date where you can both feel comfortable and safe.

It Reduces First Date Awkwardness

Not all first dates run as smoothly as we like. When conversation isn’t flowing, it can lead to an awkward tension.

When this happens, the aquarium can help to fill the silence. At the aquarium, you don’t have to find conversation topics all the time. You can use the displays to fill in the gaps.  

The Fish are Cool!

There are so many unique species to learn about at the aquarium. And if you don’t love fish – don’t worry, there’s lots more too!

Jellyfish, crabs, sea lions, sharks – there’s lots of neat things to see and learn about at the aquarium. 

It’s Affordable

While it’s not the cheapest date on the dating list, the aquarium isn’t going to break the bank either.

Altogether, you should probably expect your aquarium date to cost around $100 and that’s including tickets and food.

It’s a Good Length of Time

It’ll take you a few hours to walk through the aquarium, and if you engage in some of the experiences you can make your date a full day thing.

In other words, you get good value for your money and lots of time to spend enjoying your date. 

Or you can make it a shorter date during your lunch date or if you need a quick date idea, this can still work as a fun date, you just can’t really linger too much in one spot.

Lots of Things To Do

The aquarium isn’t just about looking at fish behind glass. Many aquariums offer additional experiences that make great ideas too. Let’s take a look:

Aquarium Date Night Experiences

Behind the Scenes Experience

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the aquarium? Most aquariums offer an upgraded package option for a behind the scenes look at what goes on, well, um, behind the scenes!

See what it takes to care for the fish and species at the aquarium and even get to feed some of them yourself!

With a behind the scenes tour, you and your date can experience what it’s like to work at the aquarium for the day. 


Not quite ready for deep sea diving? Why not try your hand at aquarium diving first.

Many aquariums offer diving experiences with different species. Depending on the aquarium, you can dive with fish, sharks, manatees, sting rays, and other amazing creatures found only under the water!

Touch Tanks

Most aquariums offer some type of touch experience and they are generally free with your admission.

Ever wonder what a stingray feels like? Or wanted to pick up a starfish? The aquarium is the perfect place to find out – together. 

Overnight Sleeps

On special occasions, many aquariums offer overnight sleepovers. This makes for a great overnight date if you want to spend some more time together but aren’t quite ready to spend the night together at home.

It’s also a great date idea for families. If you have kids, an overnight sleepover at the aquarium is an amazing and exciting date for the whole family. 

What Should You Wear to Your Aquarium Date?

While some dates require you to dress to the nines, the aquarium really allows for you to dress comfortably and just be yourself.

Whether you’re most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt or a nice, flowing sundress – pretty much anything goes at the aquarium. We say stay casual and you can’t go wrong.

Of course, there are some things that we don’t recommend at the aquarium.

While you want to look nice for your date, you don’t want to overdress. Fancy dresses, suits and ties, and similar wear is going to leave you feeling very overdressed.

We also suggest avoiding anything uncomfortable. More particularly, wear comfortable shoes.

Heels will not do you justice on an aquarium date. There’s a lot of walking, and you’ll be very uncomfortable very quickly with the wrong footwear. 

You’ll also want to take into account the type of aquarium you’re going to.

Pretty much anything casual goes at an indoor aquarium where the temperature is stable and monitored.

But if you’re going to an outdoor aquarium, you’ll want to pay close attention to the weather and dress accordingly. 

What Should You Pack for Your Aquarium Date?

The good thing about the aquarium is that you can pack lightly. You might want to bring a few bottles of water and a snack, but even that’s not necessary.

Most aquariums will have small cafes that you can get a snack at during your tour. 

The only thing you really need for this date is your wallet, some money, and a camera to capture your memories!

Aquarium Dates are for the Entire Family!

The Aquarium isn’t just a great place for a first, second, or third date, it’s also a great choice for a date if you’re married with children!

If you’re looking for a date that the whole family can enjoy, the aquarium is where it’s at. The kids will love wandering through the aquarium looking at all of the different exhibits.

Plus, it’s a great learning experience for them too. If you want to extend your aquarium date, you could opt for the overnight sleepovers!

The aquarium is a great date idea for everyone. Whether it’s your first date or you’re married with littles, everyone can enjoy the excitement that the aquarium brings.

Don’t be afraid to add on some fun extras for a memorable experience that you can take with you forever. 

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