How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

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Looking for tips on How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine?

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and we’re asking you if you have someone in mind?

Maybe you have a long time date that you’re now married to, or maybe you’ve been dating for a while?

Or perhaps you’ve just met someone new that you’re crushing on and you want to ask them to be your Valentine?

image reads "how to ask someone to be your valentine" and shows a man giving a woman a rose.

Unfortunately, we’re not all Don Juan, and asking someone to be our Valentine can be scary and anxiety ridden.

How do I ask them? Will I embarrass myself? What if they say no?

There’s so many things that are probably going through your head – especially if this is your first time asking them on a date.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

While we can’t take all the fears and anxieties away, we can help to reduce them by giving you some helpful hints, tricks, and methods for asking someone to be your Valentine. 

When Should You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine?

We beg you – please don’t wait until the day before Valentine’s day to ask someone to be your Valentine.

Not only is this super unromantic, but it also increases the chances that they have already been asked by (and said yes to) someone else, thereby decreasing your chances. 

Romance is in the timing. You don’t want your potential Valentine to think that they were a last minute decision or, even worse, a last choice.

Asking your date to be your Valentine well-enough in advance will make them feel special and will give time for anticipation and excitement of the date to build.

So what is “well-enough” in advance?

We suggest asking about a week in advance.

At the very least, give your date a few days before Valentine’s day.

This will give you time to talk a little bit before the date, decreasing the anxiety and increasing anticipation. 

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

There’s so many different romantic and creative ways that you can ask someone to be your Valentine. Here are 6 of our favorites:

In Person

There’s lots of different ways that you can ask someone to be your Valentine, but sometimes being straightforward and direct is the best method.

Walk up to your crush, start a conversation, and simply ask them if they will be your Valentine.

This will demonstrate confidence (which both women and men love) and will show them just how authentic and interested you are. 

Of course, we are well aware that not everyone is at a place where they feel comfortable doing this.

So here are 5 more sweet ways to ask someone to be your Valentine:


Roses are a classic and you can really never go wrong with a bouquet. You can give them the flowers yourself, or if you are too shy to ask in person, you can send them a bouquet instead.

In the bouquet, be sure to have a short note letting them know who the roses are from and asking them if they will be your Valentine. 

Hand-Written Note

Long before there were flirty text messages, there were hand-written notes. Can we please go back to these? They were sooooo much more romantic than a text message! And yes, they still are!

So if you’re interested in someone, write them a handwritten note confessing your interest and asking them to be your Valentine.

Whether you’re asking your crush or your husband/wife to be your Valentine, a hand-written note will always be welcomed as a sweet and romantic gesture.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Remember those Valentine’s Day Cards that we used to send to our crushes in elementary school?

Let’s bring back some memories from our childhood and send our crush a Valentine.

You can make your own Valentine, or even buy some of the Valentines for children at the store. This gesture is super cute, and is sure to bring up memories for your Valentine crush. 

A Small Gift

Flowers aren’t the only gift that can go a long way. When it comes to asking someone to be your Valentine, you don’t have to spend a fortune. A small gift will go very far. 

A small gift basket, chocolates, their favorite treat – it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s the thought that you put into it that matters. 

A Handmade Gift

Handmade gifts are some of the most thoughtful things that you can give – and as we all know, thoughtfulness is super romantic.

If you really want to impress someone this Valentine’s day, present them with a handmade gift. It doesn’t matter what it is – as long as it’s from the heart it will be well received. 

Can I Ask Someone to Be My Valentine through Text?

Sure, you can. But that doesn’t mean we recommend it.

Texting is super impersonal and, in our opinion, not romantic at all. There’s so many other ways that you can ask someone to be your Valentine.

So if you’re serious about them and you really like them, we suggest staying away from text.

Send them something sweet or ask them in person – you’ll get much better results. 

How Can I Ask Someone to Be My Valentine in Person?

So you’ve worked up the nerve to ask someone to be your Valentine in person – great! You’ve already increased your chances of a yes 10 fold. But how do you go about asking?

Fun and Flirty

If you are already well acquainted with the person you’d like to ask to be your date, you can be fun and flirty about it.

Smile, touch their shoulder, give them eye contact. Feel out the situation and if they’re flirting back, there’s already a good chance they’ll say yes!

So just ask, “hey, so I heard you wanna be my Valentine date?” and see how they respond. 


Valentine’s day is all about romance, so we encourage romancing your crush!

Bring them a gift or engage in a grand gesture to show them that you like them.

If you ask them to be your date in a romantic way, you might strike their interest in wondering how romantic you’d be on a real date.


Don’t ever be afraid to be cheesy – it’s cute! Cheesy puns are definitely, well, cheesy! But we love them. 

“You make me melt” (ask them over an ice cream date)

“We’re mint to be” (deliver them a bag of mints)

“Words can’t espresso how much you mean to me” (ask them over coffee)

“Don’t go bacon my heart” (make them breakfast)

“Will you bee mine?” (give them a bee stuffy)

“Please be vine?” (deliver them flowers)

The list goes on and on!

Landing the Date

The two most important things when asking someone to be your Valentine are confidence and effort.

If you can put effort into asking and do it confidently, you’re well on your way to having a date this Valentines day!.

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