Easy Date Ideas

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Looking for some easy date ideas?

Dates that require extra thought, time, and effort are super romantic. But let’s be realistic – we don’t always have the extra time to put into those dates. Life is busy, and sometimes we just want a date to be quick and easy. And that’s okay!

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The fact that you’re putting time into a date is enough. As long as you’re getting quality time together, it doesn’t matter how long it took to plan or think out, your relationship will still reap the benefits.

Easy Date Ideas

So for nights that you simply don’t have time to put a lot into a date, or you want a cute spontaneous date, here are some of our favorite quick and easy date ideas:

Restaurant Tour

If you make yourself breakfast, you have to prepare, cook, and clean. If you make yourself lunch it’s prepare, cook, and clean. And dinner? Well, you get the point.

So if you’re looking for something that’s really easy on you, why not spoil yourselves all day? 

Do a full day restaurant tour where you treat yourself to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert all at different restaurants that you’ve never tried before.

Not only will you get to experience new tastes and foods, but you don’t have to prep, cook, or clean! Now that’s an easy date! 

Ice Cream

While we’re on the topic of foods and desserts, who doesn’t love ice cream? Ice cream is a trifecta of perfection.

Ice Cream is an easy date, it’s a cute and flirty date, and it’s an affordable date! Anyone can enjoy ice cream and you can enjoy it anytime of year.

Plus, it takes no thought or preparation – you can decide to go for ice cream as last minute as you want and still make a date out of it.

There’s so many different ways that you can enjoy this date idea.

Do an ice cream shop tour and sample different flavors around the city.

Grab some ice cream and take a romantic stroll along the pier or beach. Have a flirty ice cream photoshoot.

Or sample the grossest ice cream flavors you can find (yes, lobster flavored ice cream is a real thing!).

Drive-in Movie

Looking for a last minute date that’s quick and easy? Most drive-in movie theaters typically run double features (2 movies per night).

That means that they’re on super late. So even if you miss the first movie, you can still make it for the second. 

Plus, drive-in movies are a super easy date. All you need is yourselves and a vehicle. You can even stay in your pajamas and no one will look at you twice! 

Of course, if you want to put a little more effort into the date, you could set up a cosy bed in the back of your truck or SUV, and snuggle up with popcorn and a feature film under the stars. Romantic and easy!

Random Drive

The best thing about a random drive is that it’s completely random. No planning or preparation needed.

Just hop in the car for this date and see where you end up! See how far you can drive down one road.

Play the left, right, or straight game. Or just head wherever your heart leads you.

You never know where you’ll end up.

And, since you don’t have any plans or itineraries, you can stop wherever you want.

See a cute ice cream shop? Grab a bite.

See a nice overlook? Stop for a photo.

Cute shops along the route? The day is open and yours to explore!

Try our road trip questions for couples while you’re out.

Date Night in a Box

Want to score points for effort and thoughtfulness but don’t actually have the time to put in effort and thoughtfulness?

Let others do the thinking for you and order a date-in-a-box!

Boxed dates are exactly what they sound like – super romantic and cute dates that have already been planned out for you! 

Amazon has lots of boxed dates to choose from – from pizza dates, to adventure dates, to mystery dates – there’s a date out there for every preference.

If you want, you could even buy a book or box that offers a full year’s worth of date ideas and challenges to keep you and your partner intimate.

Feed Ducks at Your Local Park

We all have a local park nearby, and chances are that your local park has ducks!

A park makes for a great date!

All you need is some bread and each other – just head to the park and duck watch!

Of course, there’s lots of other opportunities that come along with this date too.

Enjoy some ice cream in the park.

Pack a quick picnic and enjoy lunch while you feed the ducks.

Or take a walk through the trails to enjoy some local scenery. 

Alternatively, you could just watch people!

There’s lots of people that go through the park on any given day.

Lay down a blanket and become a person analyst for the day (is that a real thing, or did we just make it up?)

Tour Homes

Looking for a Sunday Funday date idea? Most real estate agents host open houses on Sundays – and this can make for a great date idea!

Even if you’re not in the market of buying a home, looking at them can still be super fun!

Scope out all of the open houses in your neighborhood and pretend that you’re looking for a new home! 

You’ll get to see all of the different designs and houses, and it could even give you some inspiration for your own home (or own future home). 

This is a great idea for a free date!

Fun at the Splash Pad

Who said you have to act like adults on your date?

Some of the best times spent together are the ones where we remember to be kids again. And where better to do that than at the splash pad? 

As adults, we’re almost conditioned to hate getting wet. But it’s time to leave those adult worries behind.

We don’t care if you have a swimsuit or are fully clothed – get in the water!

Head to your local splash pad and remember what it’s like to be carefree and worry-free again.

Alternatively, if it’s raining, you don’t even need a splash pad – go outside and dance together in the rain!

Your clothes will dry and your memories will last forever!

Beach Date

A beach date is a great and easy idea for a romantic outing. It requires minimal planning, and you can enjoy a day of sun, sand, and surf with your significant other.

All you need is a beach blanket, some sunscreen, and a few snacks, and you’re ready to go.

You can enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore, play in the waves, or simply relax and soak up the sun.

And when you’re ready to take a break, you can enjoy a picnic lunch or snack on the beach.

A beach date offers a beautiful backdrop for a memorable and enjoyable time, without any complicated planning or expensive reservations.

A Classic Picnic

A picnic date is a simple and enjoyable way to spend some quality time with your loved one.

With minimal planning, you can create a lovely and romantic atmosphere that feels special and personal.

All you need is a cozy blanket, some tasty snacks, and a beautiful outdoor location.

You can pack a delicious picnic basket filled with sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and wine, or opt for some simple finger foods like hummus, crackers, and veggies.

Find a beautiful spot in a local park, beach or garden and set up your blanket to enjoy your meal together.

You can take in the beautiful scenery, people watch, and enjoy some quality conversation with your partner.

A picnic date is a low-key and intimate way to connect with your loved one, and can be easily adapted to suit your tastes and preferences. It’s a simple yet beautiful way to enjoy each other’s company while enjoying a beautiful outdoor date.

More Easy Date Night Ideas

  • Cook dinner together and enjoy a candlelit meal at home.
  • Have a game night with friends or family members.
  • Visit a local frozen yogurt shop for a sweet treat.
  • Go for a bike ride on a local bike trail.
  • Take a yoga or fitness class together.
  • Attend a live music event or concert in your area.
  • Go to a local comedy club for a night of laughs.
  • Volunteer together at a local charity or non-profit organization.
  • Attend a sporting event or game in your area.

  • Have a spa night at home with massages and facials.
  • Take a photography class and go on a photo shoot together.
  • Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows in your backyard.

It’s important to remember that the effort put into a date is what truly matters, not the extravagance or grandness of it.

Simple, quick and easy date ideas can be just as impactful and memorable as more elaborate dates, as long as they provide quality time for partners to connect and strengthen their bond.

So, whether you’re short on time or just want a more relaxed and stress-free date, don’t hesitate to opt for a low-key and easy option.

Just remember, what’s most important is the time and attention you give each other.

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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