Wedding Mad Libs: For a Fun Bridal Shower Game

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Looking for Wedding Mad Libs?

“It’s a love story baby just say _______” – c’mon, we know you Taylor Swift fans sung that! But no, as much as we love her, we’re actually not talking about Taylor Swift songs today.

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We’re talking about Mad Libs! Remember, the game you used to play as a kid? Mad Libs was always one of our favorites and we’d spend hours and hours playing with our friends. Well now it’s time to bring it back – wedding style!

What is Wedding Mad Libs?

For those who are living in the twilight zone and have no idea what we’re talking about, let us tell you a little about Mad Libs.

You’ve probably played it in your childhood, but in the event that you haven’t, Mad Libs is a word game. This is a fill-in-the-blank style game that will make you and all of your guests laugh. 

The game starts with a story that has blanked out words in it. The object of the game is to fill in the blanks with your own words. There are two different ways to play this game, single person or double person. Let’s get into that:

How do you Play Wedding Mad Libs?

Before we play a game of Mad Libs, there are a few definitions that you need to know. Mad Libs is a word game that uses word categories to fill in the blanks.

We’re sure you learned these way back in elementary school, but if you’re like us, you might need a refresher. So here are some terms you’ll need to know to play this game:

  • Noun: Person, Place, or Thing
  • Adjective: Words that describe nouns (clever, smart, expensive, etc)
  • Verb: Action Word (walk, talk, run, scream, etc)
  • Pronouns: Words that take the place of nouns (he, her, she, him, they, etc.)

Got it? Perfect! 

Keep in mind that if you needed a refresher, your guests might too. So you might want to include these definitions on the back of your Mad Libs sheet for reference. 

Let’s move on to how to play:

Single Person Mad Libs

Wedding Mad Libs is a super easy game to play, and if you’re playing single player all you need is a pen and your Mad Libs sheet.

If you want to play single player Mad Libs at your wedding, hand each player/guest their own sheet to fill out. It will be a story that looks something like this:

“Hi everyone! We are so (adjective) to be spending our wedding day with you! We can’t wait to (verb)! We hope you have a (adjective) day!”

Of course, your actual story will be significantly longer, this is just a quick sample. When playing single player, the goal is to make your Mad Libs as funny as possible.

The obvious fill in the blanks would be something like, “Hi everyone! We are so excited to be spending our wedding day with you! We can’t wait to celebrate! We hope you have a wonderful day!” – but that would be boring and defeat the purpose of Mad Libs.

Instead, try to make it as funny as possible. It might read something like, “Hi everyone! We are so sad to be spending our wedding day with you! We can’t wait to leave! We hope you have a terrible day!”

Once you’ve filled out your entire sheet, read it aloud to other players at your table. The person who creates the funniest Mad Libs is the winner. 

Double Person Mad Libs

If you want to play Mad Libs with 2 players, you only need one Mad Libs sheet between them. Have one person hold the Mad Libs sheet while the other person responds to the fill-in-the-blanks answers.

Be sure that the person reading the MadLibs does not read it aloud. The person with the responses should NOT know what the Mad Libs says.

Rather, the person reading the Mad Libs should only ask the person for word classifications. In the example above, they’d say, ”name an adjective, name a verb, name another adjective”, and so on and so forth.

As they are answering, the person holding the Mad Libs will fill in the blanks with their responses. Once all the blanks are filled in, read the Mad Libs aloud for a good laugh among friends. 

Why Is Mad Libs a Great Wedding Game?

Mad Libs is a great wedding game because it’s simple, easy, and a wonderful ice breaker. Remember, not everyone at your wedding is going to know each other.

Even if they’re sitting at the same table together, they might still be strangers. Breaking out the Mad Libs is a great way for your guests to get to know each other and feel more comfortable around one another.

When Should You Play Mad Libs

You should play Mad Libs at (place).

Just kidding – we hope you didn’t respond at the altar! But all jokes aside, MadLibs is a great game to play at your wedding dinner. Just place some Mad Libs beside your dinner plates and let your guests play on their time. 

Mad Libs Sample:

When we met, it was (verb) at first (sense). We had never felt so (adjective) before.

Our (body part) touched each other and it was like a (noun) went off in each of our (body part).

We went to (place) on our first date and had (food) to eat. The conversation was (adjective). Even the waiter could tell we were in (adjective).

After our date, (groom’s name) (verb) me to our (noun). We were holding (body part) the entire way.

He wanted the date to continue, but (bride’s name) thought they should head (place)

Fireworks were still (lively verb) between us, and (groom’s name) leaned in for a kiss on the (body part). (Brides name) (verb)

And from there on in, it was game over. We (verb) together everyday thereafter and now we (verb) here today. We are so (emotion) that you were able to join us at our wedding. Thank you!

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