Fun Bachelorette Party Games The Girls Will LOVE!

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Ready for some fun Bachelorette Party Games?

Your Bachelorette Party should be one of the most exciting nights of your life! After all, not only is it a celebration of what’s to come, but it’s a celebration of your last “singles” night with your best girlfriends.

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And what would a bachelorette party be without hilarious games to get everyone in a good mood?

You can always turn these bridal shower games into a bachelorette game too, if you want more tame games as well.

Bachelorette Party Games

Here are some of our favorite Bachelorette Party Games:

The Newlywed Game

What would a bachelorette party be without a celebration of how well the bride knows her groom? For this game, you need a little preparation. Whoever is hosting the bachelorette party should email the groom a series of questions to answer before the party. (Grab this one for a pre-done version!)

Questions could be, “where was your first kiss?” or “describe your bride in one word”. Once you’ve derived the answers, you’re ready to play.

At the bachelorette party, ask the bride-to-be the questions. She should answer the questions as she thinks her groom would respond.

If her answer matches her groom’s response, everyone drinks except the bride. But if she gets the answer wrong, only the bride has to take a drink!

Mean Girls

We’ve all dreamed of being part of the Mean Girls team – and now’s your chance! This game can be purchased off of Amazon.

Playing is simple – and a great way to get the dish on each of your best friends. To play, everyone gets a page from the “burn book”.

Then, you answer a series of scandalous questions about your friends and get to guess who wrote what about who! If you want to add some spice to the game, you can take shots whenever someone gets a guess wrong. 

Scavenger Hunt

It doesn’t matter what type of party you’re having – we’re all about the scavenger hunts. But there’s something about a Bachelorette scavenger hunt that’s extra fun.

Here’s some things you can add to your bachelorette scavenger hunt to really turn up the spice:

  • A pair of men’s underwear
  • A stranger’s phone number
  • Something penis shaped
  • A condom
  • A selfie with a man in uniform

And well…you get the point!

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a hilarious game that you can play to get all of the scandalous details about your friends!

The rules are simple. The first player states something that they have never done. For example, “I have never done anything inappropriate with someone in a public washroom”. If there is anyone else who has done this, they take a shot!

Then it’s the next player’s turn. This game is a great way to get the dirty on your friends and get a little tipsy at the same time!

Bachelorette Jenga

To play this game, you’ll need a standard game of Jenga. On each block, write a spicy question or dare. For example, “run around in your birthday suit”, or “describe your worst intimate experience”.

Then, play Jenga as you normally would, except every time you remove a block you answer the question or do the dare written on it. 

Try these funny bridal shower games as well.

Photo Challenge

This game’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, except instead of bringing items back you have to bring back certain photos. For example, on your list you might have:

  • A photo with a man in uniform
  • A photo with another bride-to-be
  • A photo with someone wearing a thong
  • A photo kissing the bartender
  • A selfie with a bald man

And so on and so forth. The photos can be as simple or as outrageous as you want. Whoever brings back the most photos is the winner. 

Bachelorette Truth or Dare

A good ol’ fashion truth or dare game can be a fun activity to add to your bachelorette party. You can make it a Truth or Drink game, a Do or Drink version or do specific Bachelorette Party Dares.

Panty Party

Think you know what type of panty person your friends are? Now’s the time to find out! Before the party, ask each of your girlfriends to bring a pair of panties that best resembles them.

When you’re ready for the game, hang all of the panties in a line. Give each player a pen and paper. The goal is to guess which panties belong to which player. The girl with the most guesses correct is the winner!!

It would also be so fun to do a lingerie bridal shower.

Who Knows the Bride Best?

The “who knows the bride best” is a simple trivia game that everyone at the party can enjoy. Before the party, write up a trivia game with questions about the bachelorette. Who was the bachelorette’s first kiss?

Where does the bachelorette plan to go on her honeymoon? What is the bachelorette’s favorite food?

Questions can be anything that you want! From there, have each player fill out the answers. The player with the most correct answers is the winner.

Wedding Song Charades

We’ve all played charades before – now it’s time to play wedding song charades. Have each player write a song down on a piece of paper and toss it in a hat. Songs can be wedding songs, love songs, or sexy songs!

Then, the first player draws from the hat and tries to act out the song. Players try to guess what song they are acting out.

Whoever gets the song right, gets a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. This game is also really fun in teams!

Pin the Kiss on the Bride

This is a spin on the classic game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey – except instead of tails, you are using kisses, and instead of donkeys, you’re using the bride! Have the bride stand in one spot.

The first player up is blindfolded. There’s two ways you can play this game. In the first option, you cut out a bunch of kisses and put strong tape on the back.

The blindfolded player gets as close as they can to taping the kiss on the bride’s lips. In the alternative version, the blindfolded player puts on lipstick and has to try to kiss the bride. 

Try some of these fun, funny, and exciting games to help spice up the mood at your bachelorette party. And remember, today is all about you – so do whatever it is you want to! 

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