Bachelorette Party Dares

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Looking for Bachelorette Party Dares?

Planning a Bachelorette Party? Or maybe it IS your Bachelorette Party? Either way, a bachelorette party is a BIG deal! This means that someone is getting married soon. And THAT means it’s time to par-tay!

image reads "bachelorette party dares" and shows a soon-to-be price posing with her bridesmaids.

And let’s be honest, how can you throw a real party without hosting at least one game of truth or dare? You can’t! 

How to Play Bachelorette Party Dares

Okay, so it seems pretty straightforward – and it is – but for the sake of those who don’t know how to play, here’s the rules. Someone dares you to do something – and you have to do it! It’s that simple. 

Of course, there will be some people that don’t feel comfortable participating in certain dares. Not everyone, for example, may feel comfortable asking a man for his boxers.

No problem! In this case, they can do a shot instead! Alternatively, you could “pass along” a dare to another lady in the group in return for taking a shot. 

Is Anything Off Limits?

Well, we guess that’s up to you! Of course, this is a bachelorette party, which means someone is getting married.

So we probably don’t suggest daring the bachelorette to do anything that would harm her engagement.

But so long as everyone is comfortable and safe – nothing is off limits. 

Oh – also, we recommend nothing illegal or dangerous! We don’t want the party to end in jail or at the hospital. Other than that – game on!

Bachelorette Dares List

Here are some of our favorite bachelorette dares:

  1. Stand up on the bar and shout “I’m getting married!!” at the top of your lungs.
  2. Take a selfie with 5 men that you don’t know.
  3. Give a random girl a lap dance.
  4. Take a shot.
  5. Persuade a stranger to buy you a free drink.
  6. Do a body shot off of the person of your choice.
  7. Serenade a stranger.
  8. Play a game of “the Floor is Lava” wherever you are.
  9. Post a selfie karaoke session on your Instagram story.
  10. Choreograph a dance with your friends and then perform it.

  1. Request the Macarena and get as many people as you can to dance.
  2. Perform an embarrassing dance
  3. Speak in a foreign accent to everyone you meet for the next 30 minutes. Take a shot if you break character.
  4. Wear your socks on your hands and speak to a stranger using your new sock puppets.
  5. Ask as many people as you can for marriage advice. 
  6. Do the chicken dance on the bar
  7. Tie a cherry stem with your tongue
  8. Ask a random stranger to give you a piggyback ride.
  9. Color your two front teeth black and share a selfie.
  10. Go up to a random stranger and act like you have known them your entire life.

  1. Let one of your bridesmaids go through your browser history
  2. Ask the DJ to play the Hokey Pokey and dance to it
  3. Photobomb at least 3 strangers taking pictures.
  4. Call an ex and tell them you’re getting married.
  5. Convince a guy to take his shirt off in front of the crowd.
  6. Find a man with a hairy chest and snap a photo for evidence
  7. Compete for who can make the best dress out of a toilet paper roll
  8. See how many phone numbers you can get in 30 minutes
  9. See how many body signatures you can get in 30 minutes
  10. Kiss your best friend.

  1. Convince a random stranger that you are a celebrity and that they should take a photo with you
  2. For the next 30 minutes, sing everything you say.
  3. Take a sexy photo in front of a nice car.
  4. Pretend you’re staring in the movie Coyote Ugly and perform your best moves on the bar
  5. Find a police officer and ask if you can take a photo wearing his hat
  6. Let your party write a naughty message to your fiancé and hit send! Show his response!
  7. Take a shot of Tabasco
  8. Find a group of men who will walk you around the bar holding you above their heads like a Queen.
  9. Find a married couple and ask for their best marriage advice.
  10. If there are any children around, ask them for their best marriage advice.

  1. Recite the alphabet backwards. If you can’t do it, take a shot
  2. Let someone draw a mustache on your face and wear it for the next hour.
  3. Prank call someone random and pretend that they are your husband.
  4. Be a yes woman for the next hour.
  5. For the rest of the night, only refer to yourself in 3rd person.
  6. Twerk on a stranger
  7. Make up your own language and start speaking to a stranger in it.
  8. Tell someone your dad is Brad Pitt
  9. Find a man and exchange a piece of clothing
  10. Set an embarrassing photo as your profile picture

  1. Imitate the bride to be
  2. Let a friend do your makeup blindfolded
  3. Collect a pair of man’s boxers
  4. Ask someone to talk dirty to you
  5. Fake an orgasm
  6. Read the last 5 messages from your significant other out loud
  7. Belly dance to the next song that comes on
  8. Ask a stranger to smell their armpit
  9. Demonstrate your best “technique” using your fingers
  10. Serenade the bride-to-be

Bachelorette Party Truth or Dare

Some bachelorettes just want to go wild and crazy with a good game of dare. But some might want to play truth or dare too!

This is the perfect chance to get raw and real with all of your closest girlfriends. Here are some questions to get down to the nitty gritty:

  • Have you ever cheated on your partner?
  • What’s your biggest fantasy?
  • What’s the craziest thing you and your partner have ever done together?
  • What was the last lie you told your partner?
  • If you could be a man for an hour, what would you do?
  • What’s in your web history? 
  • What’s the grossest thing that’s ever happened to you while being intimate?
  • If you had to choose a friend to have do it with, who would you choose?
  • Describe your last dirty dream
  • What the most embarrassing story you can tell us?

Use these truths and dares to get you started and then come up with some of your own. Most importantly, this is a huge night – so just have fun!

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