100 Funny Wedding Puns And Captions

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Ready for some funny wedding puns? Ah, weddings – the perfect occasion for love, laughter, and a plethora of terrible puns. If you’re looking to add some humor to your special day or simply in need of a good laugh, then you’ve come to the right place.

image reads "100 funny wedding puns" with groom giving a speech with his bride.

We’ve asked our stand-up comic friend Kerry to give us a list of funny wedding puns that will have your guests groaning, laughing, and rolling their eyes all at the same time.

From cheesy puns to witty one-liners, she’s got it all covered. Don’t forget to check out the funny maid of honor speech article if you’re looking for that type of pun. Unleash your inner comedian with these hilarious wedding puns.

How to Use Wedding Puns In Social Media

Using wedding puns in a social media post can be a fun and creative way to announce your engagement, celebrate your wedding day, or even thank your guests after the big day.

To start, think about the theme or tone of your post and choose a pun that fits with that. For example, if you’re announcing your engagement, you could use a pun like “he put a ring on it, and I said ‘I dew!'” or “we’re tying the knot and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.” Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with puns that are unique to your relationship. Just remember to keep it light-hearted and fun, and your followers will love it!

Using Funny Puns For Wedding Speech

Want to use funny wedding puns in a speech to entertain your audience and add some light-hearted humor to your special day? Be sure to use them appropriately and sparingly.

You don’t want to overdo it and turn your speech into a stand-up routine…(unless you’re a stand up comic and that’s what the bride and groom expect from you).

Instead, try to incorporate a couple puns sparingly.

Remember to keep your delivery natural and confident, and try to gauge your audience’s reactions to ensure your puns are landing.

With a little bit of practice and some clever wordplay, you’ll have your audience laughing and applauding in no time.

Funny Wedding Puns

And with that, we’ll turn it over to Kerry and her list of fun ending puns to get the ideas flowing…

  1. The gardener walked down the aisle with her spade of honor.
  2. The couple hired a vegetarian DJ so he could turnip the beets.
  3. Cakes in Florida come in crocodile tiers.
  4. When the groom proposed to his mime girlfriend, boy was she speechless.
  5. My nephew just told me they ran out of bacon-wrapped dates which makes him the ring bearer of bad news.
  1. I just know these two troublemakers will stick together through thick and sin.
  2. They chose Hawaii as their designation so they could walk down the isle. 
  3. Now that they are married, they are both footloose and fiancé free.
  4. Cabo is a great destination for a couple to vow to love, honor, and olé.
  5. It’s been years since the two chemistry teachers got married, but they still look at the wedding photos periodically.
  1. It’s usually the bride who picks the cake because girls just wanna have fondant.
  2. When Timothee Chalamet gets married, I know he’ll love his wife to the DUNE and back.
  3. I hear the star of Sex & the City had a lovely wedding Sarah-mony.
  4. The details about the bouquet toss are still up in the air.
  5. The bride took extra caution to garter upper thigh.
  1. Let’s not argue over whether it’s a cravat or a bow. Let’s just call it a tie.
  2. I hear vampire weddings really suck.
  3. The rabbi did a great job, but the reception was hora-ble.
  4. The sushi chef kept telling his bride, “You make miso happy!”
  5. When she told us her fiancé was an author, we knew she had found Mr. Write.
  1. The bridesmaids’ flowers gave them all rashes, but what can you expect from a course-age?
  2. What a good looking rabbi! Hubba chuppah!
  3. The couple liked the lack of decorations and was unwilling to altar.
  4. The word “engagement” always has a nice ring to it.
  5. Insult a bridesmaid at a country wedding, and you may end up with a case of boot-in-ear.
  1. The groom’s waste sash was rather heavy. Dressing in it was cumberbundsome.
  2. If you marry at a golf course, keep a head’s up. Before you know it, the ball is in your port.
  3. Coming up with 100 wedding jokes is easier said than pun.
  4. I know your kids will be awesome because good things come to those who mate.
  5. The bride chose a simple dress because she is not into all the hustle and bustle.
  1. There is just something about proposals that makes them quite engaging.
  2. Just heard my electrician got engaged, and I was shocked. 
  3. No one knew the bride was sleeved until she wore a strapless gown. Now that tat is out of the bag.
  4. The groom is a huge fan of jam bands from Vermont. He met his wife on Plenty of Phish.
  5. Couples who meet at the gym always work out.
  1. They served Vietnamese stew at the wedding to signify their love was pho real.
  2. Groomsmen can always be counted on to usher in a good time.
  3. Marrying in July is pretty brave, but what can you expect from these two sweathearts?
  4. Consider having someone loan you a cow for your wedding to cover something borrowed, something moo.
  5. Someone point me towards the restroom because I really need to RSVPee.
  1. He married an electronic component because he couldn’t resistor. 
  2. She made sure her fiancé’s contacts were clean because she wanted a groom with a view.
  3. There were a lot of elderly guests in attendance because every crowd has a silver lining.
  4. Larry King tied more knots than a Boy Scout.
  5. The chef didn’t have the appetizers ready because he ran out of thyme.
  1. The bride was confused about how to wear her veil. She tried to wrap her head around it.
  2. The produce manager insisted on a big wedding since he cantaloupe.
  3. The groom is a huge baseball fan who believes that all you need is glove.
  4. After a couple of beers, the happy couple decided to say “I brew”.
  5. The barista could not espresso how much she loved her groom.
  1. The groom tossed that rainbow garter with flying colors.
  2. A wedding in Hawaii? Let’s get Maui’d!
  3. When ring shopping, leave no stone unturned.
  4. The cake decorator wasn’t pleased with her work and ended up in tiers.
  5. We’re keeping the wedding casual, so consider it a lack tie affair.
  1. I married our cable guy, and the reception was fantastic. 
  2. She wasn’t in a hurry to make it to the altar. She was just briding her time.
  3. The makeup artist put so much powder on the bride that she’s now called the Flour Girl.
  4. When the Best Man gave a toast while he had laryngitis, he could not come down off his high hoarse.
  5. Instead of tossing the bouquet, the bride punted it, and everyone got a kick out of that.
  1. The merlot served at the wedding had all the guests on cloud wine.
  2. She didn’t want a dress with a flowing skirt but she gave it a whirl.
  3. When the groom lost his wedding band, he was demoted to Ring Bare.
  4. The hen met her rooster on Hatch.com
  5. You’re just here to drink beer? Guzzle Tov!
  1. The Best Man had his truck ready since he knew his best buddy was getting hitched.
  2. The venison served at the reception was nothing to fawn over.
  3. The Temple University alum told his bride, “Owl love and honor you always.”
  4. They got married on their motorcycles because they were wheely in love.
  5. When the cop pulled over his girlfriend to propose, she responded “that’s the ticket!”
  1. Listen to your jeweler. He knows a ring or two.
  2. The price of music plumets during a recessional.
  3. The bride wanted a laid-back honeymoon, so she only packed loungerie.
  4. Her dress was held together with Velcro which made it a total rip-off.
  5. When it rained on the farm, the horses enjoyed the bridle shower.
  1. The florist arranged many marriages. 
  2. Orange you glad you didn’t get a spray tan for your wedding?
  3. I promise I’ll love you and your cat meow and forever.
  4. He thought they’d just be friends, but here they are. Talk about a date and switch.
  5. Once the wedded bliss fades, there is always a fight at the end of the tunnel. 
  1. The groom met his significant otter at the aquarium.
  2. Crying during your vows will result in eye dew.
  3. Some wives end up doing so much laundry their vows should’ve said “To have and to fold.”
  4. She fought tooth and veil to get her headpiece strait. 
  5. When he married his hairdresser, he knew it was until death do they part.
  1. The dentist had strong fillings for his bride.
  2. The day the Queen got married, it reigned.
  3. I once saw a bride sprint down the aisle. She was making a beeline in her A-line.
  4. Her gown was covered in wrinkles. She was not dressed to im-press.
  5. The two circus clowns married after an in-tents love affair.
  1. The groom’s funny puns totally brought down the spouse.
  2. The mother of the bride works at a nuclear power plant which explains why she looked radiant.
  3. I heard the two singers met on Glee Harmony.
  4. If you think it’s too cold at the reception, speak now or forever hold your fleece.
  5. The guests were seated in a circle? Aisle be damned.
  1. When the two octopuses got married, their families were up in arms.
  2. As a spouse, always be ready to accept blame. Just take it with a grain of fault.
  3. His nickname for his wife was Salmon because she was quite the catch.
  4. The rancher tried to keep expenses down because he didn’t want his wedding to cost a farm and a leg.
  5. The bride’s best friend gave a boring speech as the Maid of Yawner.

And there you have it! Adding some funny (maybe cringe worthy) wedding puns to your special day can be a great way to lighten the mood, entertain your guests, and create lasting memories.

Whether you’re using puns in your wedding vows, speeches, or social media posts, the key is to keep them light-hearted and appropriate to the occasion.

With the right delivery and some clever wordplay, you can turn your wedding day into a fun-filled event that nobody will ever forget.

Sara, a seasoned expert in wedding planning and date ideas, brings a wealth of experience to our couples blog. With a background in the television industry and hands-on involvement in a dozen weddings, including working as a wedding assistant on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," Sara has an innate understanding of the magic that makes weddings truly special. Growing up with four sisters has given her unique insights into the dating world, making her a go-to source for practical and heartfelt dating advice. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her the perfect guide for couples seeking to infuse their relationships with creativity and love.

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