Winter Date Ideas

Looking for great Winter Date Ideas, but you want to stay indoors? We’ve got you covered! Need some Winter Date Night inspiration? We have some fun date ideas all ready to go. Don’t let the cold keep you locked up inside and bored out of your mind. Here are some fun winter dates you can enjoy with your sweetie!

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Winter Date Ideas- romantic dates to beat the cold. Date ideas for winter and cold weather days!


Ice Skating

Grab a thermos of hot chocolate, bundle up in your warm winter clothes and search out a great ice skating rink in your area. A lot of local hockey rinks will host ice skating days throughout the year. Sometimes there are pop up outdoor ice rinks that will open as well during the season. You don’t even have to own ice skates, you can rent them there.


Winter calls for time on the slopes! Whether you’re a snowboarder, or a skier…or even if you aren’t either…a day on the slopes can be such a fun date idea. Grab some hot cocoa in the lodge, ski down the mountain, and spend some time riding the gondolas up the mountain. It’s sure to be a day full of fun, even if you spend all day on the bunny slopes!



This has got to be one of our favorite winter activities. B introduced me to snowmobiling, and now I want to go every winter! This one is a bit expensive, as you have to rent a snowmobile, but you can rent them per day or even for the whole weekend. You’ll have loads of fun chasing the trails and enjoying the snow. 


Sledding/Snow Tubing

Have you even been on a snow tube?! It almost sounded kind of boring, but we went to an awesome snow tube park and had an absolute blast! It was fairly cheap as well. Dress warm, cause you’ll be laying almost right in the snow. Take turns racing down the lane or jump in the same tube and see how fast you go! 


Winter Fishing

Have you ever been fishing in the winter? Bundle up and hike to a river, enjoying the peace and beautiful scenery. Throw out a line and catch your dinner, or you can catch and release like B! We love any excuse to get outdoors, and if it ever involves fishing, I know I never have to convince B to go!


Explore Your City

Play tourist in your own town! There’s got to be somewhere around your town where you actually have never been. Or at least somewhere you haven’t been in a while. Check out the sites that tourists come to see, and look for new places you didn’t even know existed in your town.



Sometimes the thought of going outside in the winter doesn’t sound like a fun idea. So here are some fun indoor ideas to do during the winter, when you don’t really want to stay home.

Bar Hopping night - darts, pool

When is the last time you went to hang out at a bar to play darts or pool? What about karaoke night? Checking out your local pub or bar can be a great way to spend a winter night out. Make it a competition for whatever game you play...loser buys the next round! 

Escape Room

This is a great date no matter what the weather, but it’s nice to find a warm place to have a date night in the winter. Escape rooms are one of our favorite date ideas, and you can actually find them for really cheap. Check out your local escape rooms on Groupon and get an awesome deal. Pair it with your Ebates account, and you can even get money back! 

IMG_4562 2.jpg



A night bonfire outside during the winter is always a good time. Pair that with roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, and you have a great date night planned. Cozy up by the fire and enjoy each other’s company. Come up with some fun topics and chat the night away. If it’s too cold outside, or you live somewhere you can’t make a bonfire in the backyard, you can always use your fireplace instead. Lay out lots of blankets and pillows and enjoy. 


Pajama Party with Blanket Forts

Make it a pajama party night! Each of you hop into your most cozy pjs and grab all the pillows and blankets you can find in the house. Make a fun blanket fort and grab your laptop to watch a movie inside.

Spa Night

This one doesn’t have to be girlie either. You can take turns giving each other massages, Jumping in the jacuzzi, or doing foot scrubs. (Trust us, he needs one too!) Light some candles, grab some good smelling lotions, and make it a spa night at home. Face masks and nail polish is always a plus.

Movie Night

Take turns picking out your favorite movies and hosting a movie marathon. Grab your favorite snacks and blankets and cozy up while you watch your favorite movies. 

Binge a Show

You probably have your favorite shows that you watch every week as a couple. But for this date night, pick a new show that you both might like and start binge watching. Order a pizza, make sure you pick up your favorite treats, and turn your phone off. Enjoy the night in with no distractions. 


Popsicle Date Idea Night

One date night that has been on our list for a long time is the popsicle date night. For this date night, you’re going to bring out your creativity together and make every other date night so much easier. Grab lots of popsicle sticks from the store, or here, and a jar, and start listing out great date ideas you’d love to do.

Then, next time it’s date night and you have to say “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” You can head straight for the popsicle stick jar and let that decide what to do that day. Come up with great themes for each one, and you can color code it, so you know what to pull on certain date.


Budget Dates- Green

Dinner Date Night- Red

Adventure Dates-Blue

and so on.

Don’t let winter hold you inside with nothing to do. Put these dates on your list, and start checking them off. Grab some pictures for each one that will be memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy your cozy winters together!