Wedding Signage: {What Signs You Need For Your Wedding}

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One aspect of wedding planning which can sometimes be overlooked is your wedding signage. Signage can be used at weddings to direct guests towards different areas of the reception or inform them what food and drink are on offer. They can also act as gorgeous decorative pieces.

image reads "signage for weddings" and shows a wedding entrance table with a seating chart.

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Including signs is a personal choice, but they can be a great low-cost way to add to your theme and aesthetic. Signs can put guests at ease and help the day flow better too.

Wedding Signage You Might Need

Here are some sign ideas you may wish to include on your wedding day:


If you have allocated seating during the event, signage is a must.


Some couples choose to reserve the front seats of the ceremony for their nearest and dearest. Others choose to have a ‘Bride’s side’ and ‘Grooms side’ on either side of the aisle. Signs directing guests where to sit here ensure everyone is in the right place on time for the ceremony. These rustic wooden place cards are perfect.

Reception Signs

Most wedding receptions will have some form of seating plan for the meal, and signage is a great way to communicate this. Having a clear seating plan ensures the meal runs smoothly, and everyone is sat in the right place for the speeches.


You will have probably visited your wedding venue several times, but it will likely be entirely new for your guests. 


A welcome sign lets your guests know immediately that they are in the right place! It also sets the tone for their entrance. Depending on the size of your welcome sign, it can be a lovely keepsake of your special day. ‘Welcome to Our Beginning’ sign available from Amazon.

‘This Way’

A selection of simple signs can let your guests know where to head next or let them know where the bathrooms are.


Let guests know what to do at set moments with instructional signs.

No Phones/Photography

You may wish to ban phones, social media posts or photography at certain times during your wedding. A sign is a fun way to convey this and saves having to nag your guests! Available from Amazon; this ‘Welcome to our Unplugged Ceremony’ sign politely requests guests that they turn off any devices and enjoy the moment.

Although, you might want to see our reasons to NOT have an unplugged ceremony before jumping on this idea.


Give guests a guide with what to do with the guestbook with an instructional sign. This works particularly well if you have a non-traditional guestbook. For example, this sign lets guests know they should take a photo with an instant camera for a genuinely unique guestbook.


Gifts and cards are one of the most useful signs to have on your big day. Having a table and/or postbox with an instructional sign will prevent your guests from having to carry their gifts around with them and avoid them getting lost. This white & gold ‘Gifts & Cards’ sign from Amazon is a stunning addition to your decor.

Send Offs

It’s a good idea to let your guests know what you have planned for your send-off to help it run smoothly. For example, this sign from Etsy prompts attendee’s to throw petals as the couple leave. 


Many guests are too polite to take a favor without being asked! Let them know how grateful you are for their attendance, and they can help themselves with a cute favors sign. This one from Amazon is ideal if you are offering sweet treats.

Sequence of Events

Signs can let guests know your plan for the day, so they know exactly what to expect, which will put them at ease. This can be efficient and cost-saving in comparison to having individual orders of events printed out.

Order of Events

This Order of Events sign from Etsy will help organize your day. It informs guests what time the ceremony, drinks, food, speeches and first dance will occur. These signs are also helpful for informing guests what time the send-off is, allowing them to make arrangements for getting home.

Bar Signs

Signs around the bar can help guests with their order while adding a cool decorative edge.


If you choose not to have an open bar, displaying drink prices can help avoid any awkwardness! This sign from Etsy is a great idea.

It lets guests know which drinks are complementary and which are cash bar. 

Signature Cocktails

Some weddings have a selection or one-off signature cocktail in keeping with the theme. You can let guests know what’s on offer with a bar sign. This personalized sign from Amazon– allows you to add your special cocktails.

Opening times

Let guests know what time the bar closes so they can plan ahead.


Not all wedding signs need to communicate a specific message. You may wish to include some just because they look good!

Personalized Signs

Add a bespoke touch with a personalized sign containing the happy couple’s names. Etsy offers a great range here. We particularly love this romantic timeline which includes personalized couple milestones such as first date, the proposal, first home and first holiday. 


Neon signs are a decorative statement item. This ‘Better Together’ one from Amazon would make a gorgeous backdrop for any photos.

In Memory Of

Sadly, many people getting married have lost close ones with whom they wish they could have shared such a special day. 

Wedding signage is an easy and fun way to add a personal touch to your big day! It’s a great way to inform your guests of important details, help them navigate the venue, and set the tone for your celebration.

Whether you’re going for a rustic or modern look, there’s a wedding sign out there that will fit your style and theme.

So don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun with it!

Personalize your signage, add some humor, or use it as a way to showcase your love story.

The possibilities are endless, and your guests will appreciate the thought and effort you put into making their experience at your wedding one to remember.

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