Up Close & Personal at the Bassmaster Classic: Boat Marshal Experience

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The Bassmaster Classic is the Super Bowl of Bass Fishing, and we had an opportunity to be thrown right in the middle of it! Tell me what other sport is there that you can sign up to be involved in the biggest games/tournaments of the season?!

If you’re a lover of fishing, and can’t get enough of the sport, we’re here to share one of the most bucket list worthy experiences of your life! 

Bassmaster Marshal Program -Plus Bassmaster Classic Experience!

If I told you, you can hang out with one of the top competitors of your favorite sport while watching them compete…which sport would I be talking about?!

None other than Bass Fishing! You can actually ride along in a professional Fisherman’s boat during the championship tournament of the year! 

This opportunity comes with being a Boat Marshal, and every tournament of the B.A.S.S. series has an opportunity for you to join in. Now hows that for bucket list?! 

Room of people sitting around tables

As a Boat Marshal, you’re there to ride along and watch the professional angler fish the tournament and be sure the rules are being followed. But you’re also there to update Bass Track Live with weights and how many fish are caught.  You may even be called upon to record an interview live while the tournament is going on. A Marshal is basically a judge, or eyes and ears of the competition, as well as a live media partner. 

Boat Marshals have a very important job to help keep the show running and folks at home updated as well. It’s an experience of a lifetime for a passionate bass fisherman. 

bass boat driving on the water

Our Experience

B had the most awesome opportunity to be at the Bassmaster Classic live, and in the boat of 4 different anglers on tournament weekend.

Heading to the Bassmaster Classic in itself is such an awesome experience. But to be there in the thick of it all is something only Boat Marshals get to experience. 

fisherman with a hook set

First, there’s a meeting you attend to get all the rules and learn about what is expected of you in this position. Ours just so happened to be on Media Day, so marshals were allowed to tour around with the media and say hi and ask questions to any angler of their choosing. 

Sometimes there’s an opportunity to go out on the water with a pro during official practice day, but if not, you’ll be going out on day one with a pro that was selected for you.

bass boat on the lake

You’ll be given a log-in for Basstrack, and will be with your angler from take-off till weigh-in.

Getting a personal and up close experience to watch them fish, see how they think, what they do, and how they react is something you have to experience for yourself. 

Chris Zaldain and Bart Stanisz

We loved the article “From Marshal to Elite Series pro” about Carl Jocumsen and how he believes the opportunity to be a boat marshal was an extremely valuable thing, and we couldn’t agree more. 

When else are you going to have the opportunity to ride along with some of your favorite anglers you watch on tv? 

There is a cost to being a boat marshal, but it is a whole lot less than you would imagine, and a lot cheaper than going out with a guide. You can sign up for any tournament they have on the schedule. 

The Bassmaster Classic is a bit more than a regular season tournament, but we think it’s totally worth it to be there with the best of the best. 

B missed out on the practice day, but we headed out on the water to get some photos of the anglers fishing. The next day, we headed to media day and were able to meet and talk with several of our favorite anglers. 

Darold Gleason and Bart Stanisz

Day 1 of the Classic Tournament

B was paired with Keith Combs who had an awesome comeback in Day 2 of the tournament and ended in 14th place!

Keith Combs and Bart Stanisz

Day 2 on the Water- Cut Day

He rode along with John Cox  who ended up in 21st place of the whole tournament.  

John Cox and Bart Stanisz

Day 3- Championship Sunday (only 25 anglers fish)

B went with Hunter Shryock who ended in 25th place.

Hunter Shyrock and Bart Stanisz

As luck would have it, B ended up fishing with 3 anglers who made it to the final day. Talk about not being sure who to root for in the finals. 

While he was out on the water all day with the anglers, I was able to check out the HUGE Fishing Expo that took two days to go through…but also because I wanted to be back at the live weigh-ins so I didn’t miss a thing. And what a wild ride that weekend was. 

The energy, the crowds, the emotions, it’s all so exciting and you can feel it in the air. 

If you don’t live where the Bassmaster Classic is being held, you’ll have an opportunity to be a boat marshal for any of the regular season tournaments. It’s on a bit of a smaller scale, but we’re sure the excitement and experience is just as awesome. In fact, B is already signed up for 2 more tournaments this season as well! 
If you’re looking for the best gift you can get your passionate angler, this would be it!

Sign up to be a boat marshal on the B.A.S.S. website here.

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