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Savannah and Quinten’s Backyard Wedding in Alaska

Venue– Cordova, Alaska   Photography– Breanna Mills Photography,  DressMaggie Sottero

I will try not to ramble on as everyone’s circumstances are different. I just want to provide a few small suggestions I wish I had taken to heart before my wedding day.

1. Please, LISTEN and remind yourself often when people tell you not to stress the small things. I heard that so many times while wedding planning and I shrugged it off thinking my problems were too large, expensive and nobody else could possibly understand, yadda yadda. There is so much build up and stress while wedding planning, that on the day of your wedding just give up pleasing anyone but you and your future husband. Throw it out the window because if others aren’t making sure things run smooth for you, chances are it was suppose to be another way for a reason and you’ll have no choice but to roll with it. It is suppose to be FUN and memorable for the right reasons.

2. Be as present in the moment as possible and remind yourself that it is one day only and what matters is you are marrying YOUR person. My biggest regret is over thinking and stressing the small things that nobody even noticed! Example: I special ordered and stressed over my cake topper for months, it was an expensive custom order imported from another country, and you know what? I didn’t even give it to the baker, I completely forgot it and I never even noticed while we were cutting the cake. It wasn’t until I got my pictures back that I realized it was still in my cupboard.
Really, my cake was beautiful all by itself. WHY did I stress it and spend so much money, just silly!

3. First Look, or Not?
I always knew I would want the awe factor from my FH when I walked down the isle but after looking at first look photos for months I was temporarily swayed. Lemme tell you what, not doing a first look was ultimately THEE best wedding planning decision I ever made, hands down. The amount of build up and the look on his face was EVERYTHING and it became my favorite moment of the whole experience.

4.  Get a good photographer and make sure they have the personality to capture you and your FH’s true colors.
Spend the money. Just do it.
It’s the best party of your life and having those photos will mean more to you later than you could ever know at this time. There are so many things I saw in front of me, but didn’t get to appreciate. That alone made the photos irreplaceable to me.

5.  Breathe, dance, smile, laugh.

Enjoy and happy wedding day!!

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